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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 7:11 pm  Post subject: [Comic] Vertigo titles
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The Heart of the Beast (1994)
Writer: Dean Motter and Judith Dupre
Artist: Sean Phillips
SC: Obi
Synopsis: A gothic horror story set in the modern day New York singles scene, about love, commerce, art and architecture

The House on the Borderland (2000)
Writer: Simon Revelstroke and Richard Corben
Artist: Richard Corben
Scanner: Pudgy
Synopsis: A 1908 horror classis by William Hope Hodgson.

I Die at Midnight (2000)
Writer: Kyle Baker
Artist: Kyle Baker
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Larry takes poison because his girl friend left him. Then she comes back. Now he needs an antidote.

In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe (2002)
Writer: Scott Fuqua
Artist: Stephen John Phillips and Steven Parke
Synopsis: It´s a precariously balanced walk down the thin line between genius and insanity.

Menz Insana (1997)
Writer: Christopher Fowler
Artist: John Bolton
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Meet Menz and Jaz. He´s part Mad Hatter and part Mary Poppins. She´s part Barbarella and part Vargas girl.

Orbiter (2003)
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Colleen Doran
Synopsis: In the early 21st century the space shuttle Venture has suddenly returned to Earth after disappearing ten years ago.

Rogan Gosh (1994)
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Brendan McCarthy
Scanner: Treebeard
Synopsis: Two young men search for enlightenment within the spicy pages of an Indian menu.

Tainted # 1 (1995)
Writer: Jamie Delano
Artist: Al Davison
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: George Palmer is a normal man isn't he? So why is he suddenly feeling these long-repressed urges?

Toxic Gumbo # 1 (1998)
Writer: Lydia Lunch
Artist: Ted McKeever
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: An outcast Cajun woman adept in the dark art of "swamp magic" travels into the toxic stew of the
Louisiana Bayou, searching for adventure, wisdom and a safe haven. But her hallucinatory voyage of self discovery
yields a gruesome truth: in a poisoned world, purity isn't necessarily a virtue


Battleaxes # 1-4, (2000)
Writer: Terry Laban
Artist: Alex Horley
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: A group of warrior women fight their way into the employ of a barbarian emperor.

Blood and Water # 1-5 (2003)
Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Tomm Coker
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: An intriguing modern vampire tale, Blood and Water uses emotional storytelling and dark humor to explore the human issues of death and desperation.

Brave Old World # 1-4 (2000)
Writer: William Messner-Loebs
Artist: Guy Davis
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: What happens if, instead of jumping to a New Millenium, time slips backwards to 1900 again instead.

Cruel and Unusual # 1-4 (1999)
Writer: Jaime Delano and Tom Peyer
Artist: John McCrea
Scanner: Hans Dampf
Synopsis: Bobbie Flint is a TV executive put in charge of a prison.

Enigma # 1-8 (1993)
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Duncan Fegredo
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Michael Smith is searching for the Enigma, a comic book hero come to life.

The Extremist # 1-4 (1993)
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Ted McKeever
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: It is the story of its eponymous protagonist: an enforcer/assassin for a shadowy secret
society and the people who take on its role.

Faith # 1-5 (1999-2000)
Writer: Ted McKeever
Artist: Ted McKeever
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Written and drawn by Ted McKeever, the bizarre land of Murr is somewhere between Heaven and Hell,
where even being dead can't protect you.

Faultlines # 1-6 (1997)
Writer: Lee Marrs
Artist: Bill Koeb
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: A disturbing look at the relationship between ESP and mental illness.

Finals # 1-4 (1999)
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Jill Thompson
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Follow two college students through their death-defying senior year.

Gangland # 1-4 (1998)
Writer: Brian Azzarello, Dave Gibbons, Jamie Delano, Ed Brubaker, Joe R. Lansdale, Several
Artist: Tim Bradstreet, Dave Gibbons, Richard Corben, Mark Chiarello, Several
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: Anthology of stories about crime.

Ghostdancing # 1-6 (1995)
Writer: Jamie Delano
Artist: Richard Case
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: Native American power beings attempt to use their shamanistic rituals and a new drug to force the world back into harmony with nature.

Gifts of the Night # 1-4,Preview (1999)
Writer: Paul Chadwick
Artist: John Bolton
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: A fantasy set in the middle ages.

Girl # 1-3 (1996)
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Duncan Fegredo
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: 15 year old Simone feels like a misfit in her working class family. She escapes into a world of daydreams.

Grip - The Strange World of Men # 1-5 (2002)
Writer: Gilbert Hernandez
Artist: Gilbert Hernandez
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: A sci-fi, horror, romance thriller.

Happydale - Devils in the Desert # 1-2 (1999)
Writer: Andrew Dabb
Artist: Seth Fisher
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: It´s a town where mad is sane. It´s a town where freaks are normal. It´s a town where you are the oddity.

Heartthrobs # 1-4 (1999)
Writer: Several
Artist: Several
Scanner: Obi
Synopsis: Romance anthology

Industrial Gothic # 1-5 (1995-1996)
Writer: Ted McKeever
Artist: Ted McKeever
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: A weird apocalyptic future where everyone must be beautiful.

Junk Culture # 1-2 (1997)
Writer: Ted McKeever
Artist: Ted McKeever
Scanner: Several
Synopsis: Junk Culture by Ted McKeever is a punk romance/teen comic, Vertigo style.

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