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PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 5:36 pm  Post subject: Call of Cthulu rpg books

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cant say ive ever played a non computer rpg, but i was reading a few of these pdf's, and some are quite interesting. most of the ones with titles are very small, like 20k. these arent stories, but the pen and paper dungeons and dragons stuff. got some when i was looking for horror comics, the call of cthulu graphic novels.


ed2k: Call.Of.Cthulu.-.Temple.In.The.Ice.pdf  [73.8 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.pdf  [58.2 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.Of.Cthulu.-.Old.Blood.pdf  [142.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Finger.Biter.pdf  [39.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Fungus.pdf  [33.9 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: (Call.of.Cthulu).Chaosium.-.3302.-.Dreamlands.pdf  [52.87 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.d20.pdf  [132.82 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Deities.&.Demigods-Cthulu.&.Elric.Mythos.pdf  [12.36 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.D20.pdf  [133.50 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: AD&D_Cthulu.Mythos.pdf  [606.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: d20.-.Call.of.Cthulu.Supplement.Hellraiser.pdf  [1.83 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Return.to.the.Monolith.pdf  [35.1 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.The.Drooler.in.the.Dark.-.The.Dog.That.Shou.pdf  [23.2 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Pines.and.Sunshine.pdf  [75.8 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.My.Aunt's.House.pdf  [68.1 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.The.Black.Stone.pdf  [65.1 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.War.Buddy.pdf  [77.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.The.Wrong.pdf  [68.7 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Swamp.Bones.pdf  [181.1 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Out.of.the.Depths.pdf  [41.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.-.Rest.Stops.pdf  [30.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Call.of.Cthulu.Roleplaying.Game.pdf  [132.82 Mb] [Stats]

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