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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 6:48 am  Post subject: Dr. Strange V1 (1968) #169-183 (CC)
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Description: Dr. Strange V1 (1968) - 169 - 183 - (CC)
Pack-Type: CC-Release
Pack-Creator: Simon616
Scanned by: Several
Sources: 1 (Simon)

Publisher: Marvel
Writer(s): Roy Thomas (except for #179 - Steve Ditko & Stan Lee)
Cover Artist(s): Dan Adkins (#169-171, 173), Gene Colan (#172, 174-178, 180, 182, 183), Barry Windsor-Smith (#179) and Frank Brunner (#181)
Penciler(s): Dan Adkins (#169-170), Tom Palmer (#170), Gene Colan (#172-178, 180-183) and Steve Ditko (#179)
Inker(s): Dan Adkins (#169-171), Tom Palmer (#172-178, 180-183) and Steve Ditko (#179)
Letterer(s): Art Simek (#169, 171, 173, 174), Irving Watanabe (#170, 172), Sam Rosen (#175, 179, 180), Herb Cooper (#176-178) and Jean Izzo (#181-183)
Colorist(s): Unknown (Marvel almost never credited them back then)
Date: 1968-1969 (June-November)
Issues: 169-183 (Complete)

Link: ed2k: Dr..Strange.(1968).-.169.-.183.-.(CC).rar  [99.51 Mb] [Stats]

Synopsis: Stephen Strange, a world famous surgeon, cared only about money (1st) and fame (2nd), until a car accident inadvertadly damaged the nerves in his hands. After spending all his fortune in a futile search of the cure, he took one last chance and embarked on a perilous journey to the Himalayas in hope of finding the legendary healer known only as the Ancient One... Even though he found him, he didn't find the cure. What he found however, was a salvation - and a new goal in life. Now, after long studies of magic, he is Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, and as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth (616), protects his world from the nightmarish, Lovecraftian nightmares and sinister shadows lurking behind the fragile border between nightmare and reality, as well as against power-crazed mystics and regular super-villains or the more mundane threats like burglars or pickpockets!

Guest Stars: Black Knight, Spider-Man & Juggernaut. No Wolverine however, because he hasn't been invented yet. Note also that Thomas's version of Juggernaut doesn't wear pants and casts spells [sic!].

Yesterday: Dr. Strange first appeared (as "Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic") in the anthology book titled Strange Tales (Volume 1) in #110 (July 1963), in which he became a regular character until #168 (May 1968).
Today: Strange Tales became Dr. Strange with #169 in June 1968 (with the cover saying "Doctor Strange" until #176 (January 1969)). All issues were written by Roy Thomas, with the exception of #179 (April 1969), which was a reprint of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual 02 (1965) guest-starring Doc, and was written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko. According to the Mighty Marvel itself, the fill-in was published, because... Gene Colan had a flu that month! On a side note, Marvel resumed both the Strange Tales V1 and its numbering (with #169) in September 1973. Note also that in this volume Dr. Strange isn't called "Sorcerer Supreme" yet, as the Ancient One is still alive.
Tomorrow: Dr. Strange Volume 1 ended with #183 (November 1969), making this the complete V1. The story from the last issue was continued in the Sub-Mariner #22 (February 1970) and Dr. Strange went on to star in Marvel Feature #01 (December 1971), which introduced the Defenders. He put together probably the most powerful team in the history of the Marvel Universe (and starred in the book, of course!) and later yet had three more solo books, some annuals, tons of one-shots and so on... But, as they say, that is another story!

Notes on the release:
There are at least two versions of Dr. Strange V1 pack already floating around ed2k, not even counting single files. Therefore for those preferring to have the CC pack, please unshare/delete any of the old ones you might have - you won't need them anymore anyway. Thanks!

PS. Whew, that was the full breakdown of the creators - the first and probably the last one I'll ever do for a series of more than 6 issues!

I am The Changer of Ways!

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