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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:05 am  Post subject: Scifi Channels Original Movies (now upto 74 still ongoing)
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scifi movies

Collection of Sci-Fi Channels Original Movies

blue = available & verified
red = not yet available
light blue = unverified

  1. A.I. Assault (2006)
  2. Abominable (2006)
  3. Absolon (2003)
  4. Alien Apocalypse (2005)
  5. Alien Express (2005)
  6. Alien Hunter (2003)
  7. Alien Lockdown aka Alien Blood (2004)
  8. Alien Siege aka Alien Blood (2005)
  9. Android Apocalypse (2006)
  10. Anonymous Rex (2004)
  11. Antibody (2002)
  12. Attack Of The Sabretooth (2005)
  13. Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006)
  14. Bloodsuckers (2005)
  15. Boa vs. Python (2004)
  16. Bone Snatcher (2003)
  17. Bugs (2003)
  18. Caved In (2006)
  19. Cerberus (2005)
  20. Chupacabra Terror (2005)
  21. Control Factor (2003)
  22. Crimson Force (2005)
  23. Darklight (2004)
  24. Dead And Deader (2006)
  25. Deadly Swarm (2003)
  26. Deathlands (2003)
  27. Decoys
  28. Deep Shock (2003)
  29. Descent (2005)
  30. Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York (2006)
  31. Do or Die (2003)
  32. Dominator (2003)
  33. Dragon Dynasty (2007)
  34. Dragon Fighter (2003)
  35. Dragon Storm (2004)
  36. Dragon Sword aka George and the Dragon (2006)
  37. Earthstorm (2006)
  38. Encrypt (2003)

A.I. Assault (2006)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/aiassault/

Directed by Jim Wynorski - When a plane carrying a pair of top secret military robots crashes on a deserted Pacific island, a team of Navy seals must find them and turn them off as soon as possible for the longer they are activated, the smarter they become.

Abominable (2006)
ed2k: Abominable[2006]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/abominable/

Directed by Ryan Schifrin - A man, crippled in an accident, returns to the woods after rehabilitation, certain that he'll not see Bigfoot again.

Absolon (2003)
ed2k: Absolon%202003%20DVDrip.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/absolon/
Other rips: Absolon-%20(Sci-Fi)%20-%20(2003)-%20Christopher%20Lambert,Lou.avi

Directed by David Barto - In the near future, a virus has infected everyone on the planet, and Absolon is a drug that everyone must take to stay alive. One corporation controls the drug. Murchison (Ron Perlman) is the leader of this firm. A scientist who was researching the virus is found murdered, and Norman Scott ('Christopher Lambert') is the policeman who investigates the crime. Soon Norman realizes that he's in over his head, as hitmen are gunning for him.

Alien Apocalypse (2005)
ed2k: Alien.Express.2005.SciFi.Original.Xvid-SER.[OsloNet.net].avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/alienexpress/

Directed by Josh Becker - Originally called "Human in Chains", this Josh Becker and Robert Tapert written work has an astronaut doctor Ivan Hood (Bruce Campbell) and his fellow astronaut Kelly (Renee O'Connor) returning from their mission in space, to find the world has been taken over by Aliens. Now Dr.Ivan Hood and Kelly must lead a revolution to free the human slaves from their Alien masters.

Alien Express (2005)
ed2k: Alien.Express.2005.SciFi.Original.Xvid-SER.[OsloNet.net].avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/alienexpress/

Directed by Turi Meyer - A new super train is built when a meteorite crashes near by, releasing a tiny creature. Once it kills and consumes everyone on board the train, it begins to grow and multiply into hordes of different creatures.

Alien Hunter (2003)
ed2k: Alien.Hunter.SPECIAL.EDITION.2003.DVDRip.DivX-CFE.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/alienhunter/

Directed by Ron Krauss - An alien black box is found in the South Pole, where a government agency is conducting botanical experiments.

Alien Lockdown aka Alien Blood (2004)
ed2k: Alien.Lockdown.2004.DVDRip.XviD-FiNaLe.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/alienlockdown/

Directed by Tim Cox - After an experiment to make the ultiment weapon goes wrong, a team of commandoes is sent into a genetic research lab and end up getting stalked by a creature that looks alot like the Predator.

Alien Siege aka Alien Blood (2005)
ed2k: Alien%20Siege%20-%20Alien%20Blood%20(2005).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/aliensiege/

Directed by Robert Stadd - Earth is attacked by the Kulkus, a hostile alien breed infected by a lethal virus and needing human blood to develop an antidote

Android Apocalypse (2006)
ed2k: Android%20Apocalypse%202006%20Dvdrip%20Xvid-Vomit.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/androidapocalypse/

Directed by Paul Ziller - Yesterday, they wanted each other dead. Today, they need each other to survive.

Anonymous Rex (2004)
ed2k: Anonymous%20Rex.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/anonymousrex/
Other rips: french - Anonymous.Rex.French.DVDrip.HappySpanky.Marathonix.avi

Directed by Julian Jarrold - The dinosaurs didn't go completely extinct when the asteroids hit 65 million years ago. Today, every ten thousandth person in the country is a dinosaur, evolved to be human-sized, wearing sophisticated solid-light holographic disguises to maintain the facade, getting stoned off regular cooking herbs like basil, rosemary and tarragon, and living by their own shadow government's laws; any human who stumbles upon them is to be immediately executed. Two dino private investigators, velociraptor Vincent Rubio and triceratops Ernie Watson, are hired by one of Ernie's old girlfriends to find out why her younger brother committed suicide, and discover a dino cult called Voice Of Progress that wants dinokind to come out of the closet and reclaim the planet.

Antibody (2002)
ed2k: AntiBody%20-%202002.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/antibody/

Directed by Christian McIntire - Lance Hendrickson (Aliens, Pumpkinhead, sasquatch) stars as a CIA agent who attempts to stop a terrorist who has a microscopic bomb in his blood stream.

Attack Of The Sabretooth (2005)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/sabretooth/
Other rips: Attack%20of%20the%20Sabretooth%20(2005).avi not eng

Directed by George Miller - As the owner of the Valalola Park, Niles, (Nicholas Bell) prepares for the arrival of his brother-in-law, Grant (Robert Carradine) he gives the facility the last overview. His security team, Savannah (Stacy Heiduk) assures him that a re-occurring power malfunction is of no concern, just as Niles welcomes a small group of college students into his resort on the island. The winners comprise of Kirk, (Billy Aaron Brown) the jock, Alaina, (Amanda Stephens) the brainy chick, Alys, (Cleopatra Coleman) the Goth chick, Robbie, (Parry Shen) the token Asian, and Collette (Natalie Avital) the other brainy woman. A small glitch in the fences around the park allows a carnivorous Sabretooth Tiger to escape the park. The college students are unaware of this, and continue on a scavenger hunt. When Savannah informs Niles of the creatures' escape, he doesn't do anything about it, claiming that it would ruin the park's future. As the college students scour around, they end up disabling the entire security measures for the park. This lets the cats in to the park, where they prey upon the park's visitors and the college students.

Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006)
ed2k: Basilisk.The.Serpent.King%20-%20[2006-eng].avi|733081600
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/basilisk/

Directed by Louie Myman - Basilisk: The Serpent King is an incredibly enjoyable Sci-Fi Channel original creature feature.

Bloodsuckers (2005)
ed2k: Bloodsuckers.(2005).DVDRip.DivX5-aXXo.[sharethefiles.com].avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/bloodsuckers/
Other rips: [FILME]%20Bloodsuckers.2005.STV.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE.avi

Directed by Matthew Hastings - The year is 2210. The universe is overrun with hundreds of vampire species that prey upon humans in brutal, surprise attacks. That's when intergalactic Vampire Sanitation teams are called upon to lay waste to these vile predators. V-SAN crews, who've come to know their line of work as "the toughest job you'll ever hate," are comprised of rough and rugged men, women-and in the case of the Heironymous crew-a half human-half vampiress named Quintana (Natassia Malthe), who draws upon her psychic prowess to help the V-SANs track their quarry. Led by Captain Nicholas Churchill (Joe Lando) and second-in-command Damian Underwood (Dominic Zamprogna), the Heironymous team becomes the target of a deadly trap that has a much deeper and darker purpose. Directed by their vile leader Muco (Michael Ironside), the vampires have no plans of living peaceably with humans...they want to rule the universe.

Boa vs. Python (2004)
ed2k: Boa.Vs.Python.2004.STV.DVDRip.XviD-WRD.par.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/boavspython/

Directed by David Flores - After an overly ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the United States, the beast escapes and starts to leave behind a trail

Bone Snatcher (2003)
ed2k: The.Bone.Snatcher.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/bonesnatcher/

Directed by Jason Wulfsohn - After three of its employees have been reported missing in the Southern African Namib desert, the Eland Mining exploration company mounts

Bugs (2003)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/bugs/
Other rips: Bugs.avi very much doubt this is it

Directed by Joseph Conti - When a new underground railtrack is built through the heart of a mountain there is a consequence undreamed off by the builders -the tunnellling awakens a horde of prehistoric giant insects akin to the scorpion.

Caved In (2006)
ed2k: [%E6%8A%95%E9%99%8D].Caved.In.2006.DVDrip.XviD-LPD.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/cavedin/

Directed by Richard Pepin - Disguised as extreme adventurers, a group of high profile thieves unknowingly lead a group of wealthy tourists on an expedition through an abandoned salt mine that is guarded by ancient creatures.

Cerberus (2005)
ed2k: Cerberus.2005.TV.DVDRip.XviD-SAPHiRE.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/cerberus/
Other rips: Cerberus.The.Guardian.Of.Hell.2005.WS.DVDrip.DivX-aMs.avi

Directed by John Terlesky - Routine creature feature this time with a three headed dog.

Chupacabra Terror (2005)
ed2k: Chupacabra.Terror.2005.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-ShitBusters.ShareConnector.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/chupacabra/
Other rips: Chupacabra%20-%20Dark%20Seas.avi

Directed by John Shepphird - Cryptozoologist Doctor Peña (Giancarlo Esposito) traps the legendary Chupacabra on a remote Caribbean Island to make his name in the scientific community. When he smuggles it aboard the cruise ship Regent Queen, commanded by Captain Randolph, (John Rhys-Davies), the monster breaks out of the cargo hold and makes a smorgasbord out of the passengers and crew. Navy SEALs are called in to evacuate the ship and battle the monster, but it ultimately comes down to Captain Randolph, his daughter Jenny (Chelan Simmons), and Federal Marshall Lance Thompson ('Dylan Neal') to save the day.

Control Factor (2003)
ed2k: [%E6%AE%BA%E4%BA%BA%E9%A0%BB%E9%81%93].Control.Factor.2003.dvdrip.xvid.SAPHiRE.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/controlfactor/

Directed by Nelson McCormick - An average everyman discovers he's the unwitting target of an ultra secret domestic black-op centering on mind control.

Crimson Force (2005)
ed2k: Crimson%20Force%20(2005).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/crimsonforce/

Directed by David Flores - The crew of the first manned mission to Mars crash land on the surface in search of a clean everlasting power source they believe to be hidden somewhere beneath the ground. However, the crew find themselves in the middle of a civil war between the High Priest of Mars' royal guards and the High Priestess' warriors. The crew is divided with one half deciding to help the High Priest make peace with Earth and the other side with the High Priestess who is secretly plotting to kill her husband and invade Earth.

Darklight (2004)
ed2k: Darklight%20(English%20-%20Shiri%20Appleby).avi

Directed by Bill Platt - Inspired by an ancient myth, Darklight stars Shiri Appleby as the immortal Lilith, long hunted by a secret society known as the Faith. Her true nature concealed by a powerful spell, Lilith lives as a 24-year-old woman with no memory of her ageless past. Now, the Faith's chief agent, William Shaw, must recruit Lilith and train her to use her mystical power, known as Darklight, for the good of humanity. So begins Lilith's heroic journey; to slay a deadly demon and come to terms with her own dark past.

Dead And Deader (2006)
ed2k: Dead.And.Deader.2006.DVDRip.XviD-TFE.ShareHeaven.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/deadanddeader/

Directed by Patrick Dinhut - After he's bitten by a beetle carrying a zombie virus, a tough soldier survives the infection, becoming only half zombie. Once back in the US, he finds himself fighting his former comrades in arms, all of whom are turning into zombies!

Deadly Swarm (2003)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/deadlyswarm/

Directed by Paul Andresen - A cargo truck crashes outside a small town in Mexico. The first officer is found stung to death. A scientist (Brolly) finds out that a deadly swarm of wasps(bees?) has made a hive nearby and tries to warn the town. But the mayor refuses to cancel the upcoming festival. Meanwhile, a military outfit appears and takes great interest in the attacks. But are their concerns for the people or for the insects themselves?

Deathlands (2003)
ed2k: Deathlands.2003.Dvdrip.Xvid-Fico.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/deathlands/
Other rips: Deathlands%20-%20Fr%20Science%20Fiction.avi french dub

Directed by Joshua Butler - The world has gone to hell... A nuclear war has left the Earth as a wasteland where the skies are red and ravaged by chemical mists. The United States of America along with the rest of the world has become "The Deathlands" where red-eyed mutants roam the lands and evil tyrants rules communities called "Viles". Ryan Cawdor is the one-eyed leader of a band of desert scavengers who have been living in "The Deathlands" for many years, as Ryan and his group scavenge what they can find and try to rebuild civilization along with the rest of the world. Ryan and his band returns to the vile "Front Royale", only to find "Front Royale" is ruled by his evil brother Harvey and stepmother Rachel who 20 years earlier murdered Ryan's father and wounded Ryan so they could rule the vile for themselves. With help of companions, Weapons expert JB Dix, Ryan's girlfriend Krysty Worth and teenage mutant Jak Laurent, Ryan sets out to avenge his past and put a end to Harvey and Rachel's reign of evil.

ed2k: Decoys.2004.DVDRip.XviD.iNT-TLF.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/decoys/

Directed by Mathew Hastings - Luke and Roger are just another couple of college guys trying to lose their virginity. But when Luke sees something unusual, he begins to suspect that the girls on campus aren't exactly...human.

Deep Shock (2003)
ed2k: Deep.Shock.2003.DVDRip.XviD-TheWretched.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/deepshock/

Directed by - When an unknown underwater object disables an American nuclear-powered submarine and attacks a submerged Arctic research complex, a scientific expedition flies to the North Pole to investigate these incidents as well as the sudden, inexplicable rise in temperature that threatens to melt the ice cap and flood the surface of the world.

Descent (2005)
ed2k: Descent.DVDRip.XviD-FiCO.Shareheaven.net.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/descent/

Directed by Terry Cunningham - When the Ring of Fire starts heating up with an unprecedented amount of volcanic activity a team of scientists are gathered to prevent a global catastrophe. But one of the scientists realizes early on that the cause of volcanic reactions is most likely due to a secret government operation investigating alternative energy resources from deep within the Earth's mantel. So even though the mission is designed to save the planet, someone has to make sure the government's involvement remains a secret.

Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York (2006)
ed2k: Disaster.Zone.Volcano.in.New.York.(2006).DVDRip.XviD-BeStDivX.[wnet.co.il].avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/disasterzoneny/

Directed by Robert Lee - A volcano beneath New York City seems unlikely...yet nothing else can explain the bizarre tremors and terrifying explosions wreaking havoc on the city. Tunnel digger Matt MacLachlan (Costas Mandylor) and his team of "Sandhogs" have witnessed lava seeping into the city's aqueduct system and know the unimaginable truth. A scientist's (Michael Ironside) secret, geo-thermal experiment has triggered the volcanic activity; and now Matt, his geologist ex-wife (Alexandra Paul), and a team of unlikely heroes have only a few sticks of dynamite and a prayer to rescue the city from volcanic apocalypse.

Do or Die (2003)
ed2k: Do.or.Die.2003.DVDRip.XviD-VH-PROD.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/doordie/
Other rips: Do%20Or%20Die.avi

Directed by David Jackson - A virus causes people to age rapidly. There is an antidote, but it has to be taken daily and is under control of a single company. A woman who is not infected carries an infected child, and seeks for it to be cured. This quest leads her to the blue lands, where most of the infected live.

Dominator (2003)

Directed by Tony Luke - After a civil war in Hell, Lucifer has been defeated and the Key to Hell is in Lord Desecrater's grasp. However, the rebellious Dominator has his own thoughts and keeps the Key to Hell away from Lord Desecrater and is forced to fight off his forces including three other demons - Decimator, Extricator and Lady Violator. While on Earth, undertaker and exocrist Dr. Payne is in charge of London's dead. His three daughters who play in their own rockband called Crowcut, accidentally open a gateway to Hell by invoking black magi-ck into their music via the Lost Chord and unleash Dominator. Luckily for humanity, Dominator is willing to defend mankind, even if he is only interested in Dr. Payne's eldest daughter, Tara. When Desecrater learns of what has happened on Earth, he seeks out help using his new human agent - the corrupt politician Bishop, to carry out the rest of his deeds.

Dragon Dynasty (2007)
ed2k: Dragon%20Dynasty%20Scifi%20Original.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/dragondynasty/
Other rips: Dragon.Dynasty.2006.SCREENER.XviD-JJxvid.avi

Directed by Matt Codd - He was the first European explorer to reach China. And if two dragons have their way, he'll be the last.

Dragon Fighter (2003)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/dragonfighter/
Other rips: [%E9%AD%94%E9%BE%99%E5%A4%A7%E6%B5%A9%E5%8A%AB].Dragon.Fighter.DVDRip.DivX-XPD.avi

Directed by Phillip J. Roth - The remains of a dragon has been discovered deep with a undiscovered cave somewhere in England. A group of Soldiers and scientists have arrived to clone the dragon for unknown reasons. But the fire breathing menace has escaped and is running amok within the cavern base and it's up to a army Captain and a Doctor to send it back to history.

Dragon Storm (2004)
ed2k: Dragon%20Storm%20-%20Scifi%20Original%20Movie%20-%202004.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/dragonstorm/

Directed by Stephen Furst - Rival kings in the dark ages attempt to unite and defeat an alien dragon menace.

Dragon Sword aka George and the Dragon (2006)
ed2k: George%20And%20The%20Dragon%202004%20Dvdrip%20Ac3%20Xvid-Shitbusters.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/dragonsword/
Other rips: Dragon.Sword..avi

Directed by Tom Reeve - The first crusade to free the Holy Land has ended. A mass of weary knights, squires, soldiers of fortune and priests are making their way home across a Europe that has changed forever. George, a handsome English knight, unsettled by the horrendous bloodletting he witnessed in Palestine, desires to hang up his sword and settle down to a quiet, peaceful life. On returning to England, George heads north where he's heard the land is good and the population sparse and of a kindly King named Edgaar. He finds King Edgaar in a terrible state. His beautiful daughter, Lunna has recently disappeared. In return for a small plot of land, George agrees to search for Princess Lunna. With Edgaar's faithful servant, Elmendorf, George sets out. George discovers both the princess and the truth behind her strange disappearance. The quest now set before them ends in a love, a lie and a legend that has lasted a thousand years.

Earthstorm (2006)
ed2k: Earthstorm.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/earthstorm/

Directed by Terry Cunninghame - A massive asteroid impact on the moon begins causing storms on earth due to the sudden changes in ocean tides. But when further examination is conducted it's discovered that the moon's structure is now entirely unstable -- threatening all life on earth. With time running out, a team of scientists turn to one man, demolitions expert John Redding, in effort to find a solution and secure the moon.

Encrypt (2003)
ed2k: Encrypt%202003%20DVDrip%20XVID-Tml%20(Osloskop%20Net).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/encrypt/
Other rips: Encrypt.avi not verified

Directed by Oscar L. Costo - By the year 2068, the Earth's ozone is gone, violent and uncontrollable storms are razing it's surface as a result. A small group of military survivors are the defenders of the last of human kind and when Captain John Garth is approached to do a job by a former brother-in-arms Lapierre, who is now employed by Reich, an eco-profiteer, in order to save his father & a few other survivors Garth agrees. He & a small group of mercenaries are to break into the near-impenetrable Vincent Estate & retrieve priceless works of "art" that were stored there before the apocalypse. But there is a deadly computer controlled defense system called "Encrypt" that they must circumvent, along with a killer robot called the Rook & the human-like holographic security chief Diana, who holds the key to Earth's total destruction---or it's complete salvation.

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  1. Epoch (2000)
  2. Epoch: Evolution (2003)
  3. Fire Serpent (2007)
  4. Frankenfish (2004)
  5. Gargoyles Wings Of Darkness (2004)
  6. Grendel (2007)
  7. Gryphon (2007)
  8. Hammerhead Shark Frenzy (2005)
  9. Harpies (2007)
  10. Haunted Prison aka Death Row (2006)
  11. House Of The Dead 2 (2005)
  12. Ice Spiders (2007)
  13. Kaw (2007)
  14. Lake Placid 2 (2007)
  15. Larva (2005)
  16. Locusts: The 8th Plague (2005)
  17. Magma: Volcanic Disaster (2005)
  18. Man-Thing (2005)
  19. Mansquito (2005)
  20. Mega Snake (2007)
  21. Minotaur (2006)
  22. Path Of Destruction (2005)
  23. Post Impact (2004)
  24. Pumpkinhead Ashes To Ashes (2006)
  25. Pumpkinhead Blood Feud (2006)
  26. Python (2000)
  27. Python 2
  28. Reign of the Gargoyles (2007)
  29. Return of the living dead 4 Necropolis (2005)
  30. Return of the living dead 5 Rave to the grave (2005)
  31. Sabretooth (2002)
  32. Snakehead Terror (2004)
  33. The Black Hole (2006)
  34. The Fallen Ones (2005)
  35. The Snake King (2005)
  36. Webs (2003)

Epoch (2000)
ed2k: Epoch.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/epoch/

Directed by Matt Codd - Disaster strikes as a specialised team of investigators struggle to find out the truth about a strange monolith which sends out an intercontinental signal.

Epoch: Evolution (2003)
ed2k: Epoch%202%20-%20Evolution%20(2003)%20DivX.avi

Directed by Ian Watson - 10 years since the the first Alien object called Torus arose, two more have risen. The first torus changed the worlds view dramatically not just political but even on a religious basis. DR. Mason Rand is on the run from religious zealots, Genesis Coalition, who fear the epidemic ramifications that will be brought on because of what DR. Rand knows. Dr. Rand has everything to loose he's already lost his wife and now his son's life is at risk.

Fire Serpent (2007)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/fireserpent/
Other rips: Fire%20Serpent%202007.avi

Directed by John Terlesky Alien creatures emerge from the sun and attack Earth.

Frankenfish (2004)
ed2k: Frankenfish.(2004).STV.DVDRip.XViD-ASE.SVCDPlaza.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/frankenfish/

Directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé A series of brutal attacks in the Louisiana swamps leave the local police mystified. Sending in a coroner originally from the area and a biologist to investigate, they learn that a group of genetically engineered Chinese snakeheads are responsible. The fish chase the investigators upstream, where the fish trap them on a houseboat with several other locals. Meanwhile, a group of big-game hunters track down the fish. It all boils down to a fight for survival with the voracious predators slowly picking off the humans.

Gargoyles Wings Of Darkness (2004)
ed2k: Gargoyles%20-%20Wings%20of%20Darkness%20[2004]%20(divx).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/gargoyles/
Other rips: Gargoyles%20-%20Revenge.(2004)%20Film.avi

Directed by Jim Wynorski - Two CIA agents are sent to Bucharest, Romania to solve a high profile kidnapping. But what they discover is something inexplicable. An evil gargoyle, once thought dead and banished forever, has returned with a vengeance.

Grendel (2007)
ed2k: Grendel.SciFi.Original.Movie.2007.Xvid-SER.avi|734097408
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/grendel/

Directed by Nick Lyon An Unstoppable Monster Held A Kingdom Hostage. A Hero Set it Free.

Gryphon (2007)
ed2k: Gryphon.2007.DVDRip.XviD-ESPiSE.(osloskop.net).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/gryphon/
Other rips: Gryphon.2007.DVDSCR.STV.XviD.RUSTLERS.avi

Directed by Andrew Prowsei - In a far-away mystical land, two kingdoms, the Delphi and the Lockland, have been raging a civil war for nearly 300 years. With the death of his only son in battle, King Philip of Lockland has his daughter Amelia take over command of the Lockland armies against the invading Delphi, led by Prince Seth. In desperation, Philip turns to the warlock Armand to summoned the Gryphon, a giant flying lizard/lion hybrid to destroy the Delphi armies. But Armand has other plans and plots to take over both Delphi and Lockland kingdoms for himself and his two evil brides. Amelia is forced to team up with Seth to search for a mystical weapon that can kill the Gryphon, leading to the two enemy groups on a odyssey quest to find the weapon, called the Drakonian Pike, before Armand finds it to use for his own evil schemes.

Hammerhead Shark Frenzy (2005)
ed2k: Hammerhead-Shark.Frenzy.2005.DVDRip.XViD-GoDSMaCK.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/hammerhead/

Directed by Michael Oblowitz - When he began fusing human and shark DNA, his colleagues laughed at him. Now his creation is taking his revenge, and they aren't laughing anymore.

Harpies (2007)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/harpies/
Other rips: Stan.Lees.Harpies.2007.WS.DSRip.XviD-aAF via torrents http://www.torrentspy.com/torrent/16284 ... p_XviD_aAF

Directed by Josh Becker - Some security guards sleep on the job, this one fights wizards and monsters.

Haunted Prison aka Death Row (2006)
ed2k: Death.Row.2007.STV.DVDRip.XviD-RUSTLERS.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/hauntedprison/
Other rips: Haunted%20Prison%20Sci-Fi%20Rip%20By%20Horror.avi

Directed by Kevin VanHook - A horrifying live action film based on the short story by Kevin VanHook-takes place at Isla de la Roca Penitentiary. Rumor has it the Devil himself spat up the place out of the depths of hell, and man turned it into a prison for the most dangerous prisoners in the South. The monstrous building is steeped in the evil created by centuries of murder and injustice and is haunted by vengeful ghosts. Isla de la Roca was abandoned after being soaked in blood by a horrific massacre of inmates and guards. A gang of fugitives from a cop-killing robbery seek refuge within the razor wire of the prison walls at the same time as a documentary film crew arrives to tell the story of the penitentiary. When these groups cross paths within the cruel walls of Isla de la Roca, will anyone get out alive?

House Of The Dead 2 (2005)
ed2k: [%E6%AD%BB%E4%BA%A1%E9%AC%BC%E5%B1%8B2].House.Of.The.Dead.2.2006.DVDSCR.XViD-FUCT.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/housedead2/

Directed by Michael Hurst - In Guesta Verde University, the deranged Professor Curien is trying to bring back the dead, killing students for the experiment. There is an outbreak of zombies in the campus, and the government sends a NSA medical research team, formed by Dr. Alexandra Morgan a.k.a. Nightingale and lieutenant Ellis, with a special force leaded by lieutenant Dalton, trying to get the zero sample from the first generation zombie. The team has a very short time to accomplish their mission and leave the place before missiles are sent to destroy the area. However, the place is crowded of hyper sapiens and the group has to fight to survive.

Ice Spiders (2007)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/icespiders/
Other rips: Ice%20Spiders.avi wasn't complete source as of posting, maybe u/l will return

Directed by Tibor Takács They thought Melrose Place had vicious backbiting. They haven't seen anything yet.

Kaw (2007)
ed2k: Kaw.2007.STV.PL.DVDRip.XviD-CiNE0S.[eMulek.com.pl].avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/kaw/
Other rips: Kaw.(2007).STV.DVDRip.XviD-DvF.[OsloNet.Net].avi

Directed by Sheldon Wilson Fun homage/ripoff of Hitchcocks The Birds. From the director of Shallow Ground.

Lake Placid 2 (2007)
ed2k: Lake.Placid.2.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/lakeplacid2/

Directed by David Flores A sequel to horror movie Lake Placid.

Larva (2005)
ed2k: Larva.2005.DVDRiP.XViD-TDL.SVCDPlaza.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/larva/

Directed by Tim Cox They eat you from the inside out!

Locusts: The 8th Plague (2005)
ed2k: [%E8%9D%97%E8%99%AB%E8%BF%87%E5%A2%83].Locusts.2005.DVDRip.XviD-BEYOND.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/locusts/

Directed by Ian Gilmour A group of scientists try to stop a swarm of flesh-eating locusts that escape from a top secret government lab in the USA Midwest.

Magma: Volcanic Disaster (2005)
ed2k: Magma.Volcanic.Disaster.2006.DVDRip.XviD-FiCO.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/magma/

Directed by Ian Gilmore Volcanology professor John Shepherd comes to realize that recent unexplainable volcanic activity the world over is the start of a coming global catastrophe which could lead to mankind's extinction. Assisted by several of his students and a wheelchair-bound colleague, the professor sets out to gather the evidence needed to convince government officials that a worst case scenario is unfolding. Can he convince the Powers That Be that the end is near, devise a plan to potentially prevent Armageddon, and save his own troubled marriage before time runs out?

Man-Thing (2005)
ed2k: Man-Thing.(2005).STV.DVDRip.XviD-WS-SAPHiRE.(osloskop.net).avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/manthing/
Other rips: Man%20Thing.avi

Directed by Brett Leonard Agents of an oil tycoon vanish while exploring a swamp marked for drilling. The local sheriff investigates and faces a Seminole legend come to life: Man-Thing, a shambling swamp-monster whose touch burns those who feel fear.

Mansquito (2005)
ed2k: Mansquito.2005.STV.DVDRip.READ.NFO.XviD-iMMORTALs.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/mansquito/

Directed by Tibor Takacs A scientist and her subject turn into mutant insects.

Mega Snake (2007)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/megasnake/
Other rips: coming soon

Directed by Tibor Takács - Better than average Sci-Fi Channel movie.

Minotaur (2006)
ed2k: Minotaur.2006.DVDRip.XviD-BeStDivX.ShareHeaven.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/minotaur/

Directed by Jonathan English Long ago in the Iron Age a shadow loomed over a lonely village. For generations the village youths are stolen from their families and delivered as sacrifice to a mythical beast - the Minotaur, that dwells beneath a great palace. Theo, haunted by the loss of his love in an earlier sacrifice is convinced that the beast isn't real and that his girl still lives as a slave within the palace. His father Cyrnan, the village leader, tries to reason with Theo not to go but Theo is driven by blind rage. He devises a plan and is taken with the other youths who are dragged screaming from their families.

Path Of Destruction (2005)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/pathofdestruction/
Other rips: Path.of.Destruction.RSVCD.DVD.-.Rip.by.D.R.C..mpg maybe ?

Directed by Stephen Furst The movie opens with a faulty nanotechnology experiment that results in a massive, deadly explosion. The company's CEO manages to sidestep blame by framing a meddling young reporter (Katherine), who now holds the only surviving evidence needed to expose the truth. All the while, the dangerous nanoparticles - having escaped from the explosion into the stratosphere - threaten to destroy nearby cities with wildly destructive weather patterns. Among the chaos of the storms, and on the run from the authorities, Katherine must - with the help of a young scientist - get the evidence to the government to enlist their help before it's too late...and the deadly disaster turns worldwide.

Post Impact (2004)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/postimpact/

Directed by Christoph Schrewe When a comet unexpectedly alters course and strikes Earth, the Northern Hemisphere is struck by a new Ice Age. American Embassy Security Man Tom Parker had to leave behind his wife and daughter in Berlin and has been looking for a way back to find them. His chance comes when a secret military microwave satellite comes to life again, destroying a plane, and research states that this could only have been an action controlled from the frozen former capital of Germany.

Pumpkinhead Ashes To Ashes (2006)
ed2k: Pumpkinhead.Ashes.To.Ashes.STV.DVDRip.XviD-ANXiETY.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/pumpkinhead/

Directed by Jake West He threw their loved ones into a swamp. Now they want revenge... But when a demon does their dirty work, it comes at a price.

Pumpkinhead Blood Feud (2006)
ed2k: Pumpkinhead%204%20Blood%20Feud%20Sci-fi%20Rip%20By%20HORROR.avi">Pumpkinhead 4 Blood Feud Sci-fi Rip By HORROR.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/pumpkinhead4/

Directed by Michael Hurst Another sequel.

Python (2000)
ed2k: Python.2000.DVDRip.AC3.XviD.ShitBusters.avi

Directed by Richard Clabaugh Sixty Feet of Pure Terror!

Python 2
ed2k: Python.2.2002.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-ShitBusters.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/pythons2/

Directed by L.A. McConnell The beast is back.

Reign of the Gargoyles (2007)
ed2k: Reign%20of%20the%20Gargoyles.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0969322/

Directed by Ayton Davis During World War 2 a group of brave US Airmen a downed in Nazi controlled Europe, after their aircraft is attacked by a Nazi-controlled mythological Gargoyles.

Return of the living dead 4 Necropolis (2005)
ed2k: [%E6%B4%BB%E6%AD%BB%E4%BA%BA%E5%BD%92%E6%9D%A54%EF%BC%9A%E5%A2%93%E5%9C%B0].Return.Of.The.Living.Dead.Necropolis.4.Necropolis.2005.WS.DVDRip.XviD-ESPiSE.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/returnofthelivingdead/
Other rips: Return.Of.The.Living.Dead.4.Necropolis.2005.DVDRiP.XViD-TDL.[Tugamania.com].avi

Directed by Ellory Elkayem The scientist of the powerful and evil corporation Hybra-Tech Charles goes to Chernobyl to buy some gallons of toxic waste to perform experiments with zombies. When a teenager has an accident with his motorcycle and vanishes, his teenager's friends, leaded by Charles' nephew, find that he was moved to Hybra-Tech. They break in the facility trying to find their friend and accidentally release a group of zombies starving for brains.

Return of the living dead 5 Rave to the grave (2005)
ed2k: Return.Of.The.Living.Dead.Rave.To.The.Grave.2005.UNCUT.DVDRip.XviD-FiCO.avi

Directed by Ellory Elkayem Julian and his few friends that actually managed to escape Necropolis have all enrolled in college and are trying to put their experiences with Hybratech behind them forever. Soon after, Jenny and Julian find a strange chemical container in a hidden room. In an effort to find out what this chemical, labeled as Trioxyin-5 is, they take it to their friend Cody for screening. However, Cody soon finds a way to make party drugs from it and try to earn some quick cash. Cody then makes a huge quantity of a drug called 'Z' that he begins to sell to the college kids. Soon, Halloween approaches, and almost all of the college kids have already taken 'Z'. After the drug takes effect and turns the kids into zombies, the Halloween costumes everyone is wearing make it hard to distinguish the living from the undead.

Sabretooth (2002)
ed2k: Movie.2002.-.Sabretooth.DVDRip.-.Xvid.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/onair/scifipictures/sabretooth/

Directed by James D.R. Hickox Using fossilized DNA, a scientist resurrects one of nature's most fearsome predators, a sabretooth tiger. Scientific ambition turns deadly, however, when the creature escapes and begins savagely stalking its prey - the human race.

Snakehead Terror (2004)
ed2k: Snakehead_Terror_2004_DVDRIP_eng.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/snakehead/
Other rips: alt link - SNAKEHEAD%20TERROR.avi

Directed by Paul Ziller A small town, desperate to recover from hard economic times, is under threat when voracious Snakehead fish mutate and survive previous lake chemical poisonings. The fish transform from pests to predators when human growth hormones are dumped into the local lake in the hopes of reviving the local fishing industry. Thriving on the hormones, the Snakehead fish grow to monstrous proportions, devouring everything within reach. Capable of moving and eating on land, they are forced to leave the now barren lake in a desperate search for food - animal, vegetable or human.

The Black Hole (2006)
ed2k: The.Black.Hole.2006.TV.DVDRip.XviD-iMMORTALs.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/blackhole/

Directed by Tibor Takács - An atomic research experiment goes awry in St. Louis, Missouri unleashing not only a big black hole, but also a creature from beyond that feeds on electricity through the streets of this Midwest city.

The Fallen Ones (2005)
ed2k: [%E5%A0%95%E8%90%BD%E8%80%85].The.Fallen.Ones.2005.DVDRip.XviD-WRD.avi
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/fallenones/

Directed by Kevin VanHook Archaeologist Matt Fletcher uncovers a hidden tomb containing the mummy of a giant that's been buried since the time of the great flood in the Bible. Now, Matt has to stop a Fallen Angel who has come to earth to revive the giant and bring about a new age of these terrible creatures!

The Snake King (2005)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/snakeking/

Directed by Allan A. Goldstein Anthropologists deep in the Amazon uncover the remains of a man they come to determine was approximately 300-years old when he died. This leads to a second expedition to discover the reason behind his longevity, but there's a major problem in the form of an Amazonian tribe that guards the proverbial fountain of youth and the giant, five-headed snake they worship.

Webs (2003)
Sci-Fi Channel Link:http://www.scifi.com/webs/

Directed by David Wu -

[ Add all 39 links to your ed2k client ]


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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 11:59 pm  Post subject:

Buried In The Backyard
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Attack Of The Sabretooth (2005) is dubbed. Original audio is backround, but can´t understand anything :(

Anyway, good start for collection. Lots of titles I haven´t seen yet :beerchug:

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 9:35 am  Post subject:
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neat idea for a collection :)

Mouse nipple for the win! Trackpoint or death!

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 2:57 pm  Post subject:
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In Hell I Burn
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Yeah i'll get back onto it this week for sure, lots to add and sort out even 2 new films due in May as well.

cheers for headsup on the Attack Of The Sabretooth audio glitch, I know there's alot of shit here,but some really good films among the turkeys, I loved Alien Hunter such a fun The Thing style film.


PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2007 5:22 am  Post subject:

Buried In The Backyard
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theNomad wrote:
I know there's alot of shit here,but some really good films among the turkeys, I loved Alien Hunter such a fun The Thing style film.

I agree... there is many shitty movies in Sci-Fi´s collection, but still they are good some weird way. I just love these "low-budget" alien/monster movies!!

Alien Hunter ***** and Minotaur**** are very well made... I also liked that desert horror, Bone Snatcher ****, a lot... idea of that creature was excelent.

Last one I watched from this collection was:
Kaw ***
Cerberus **
Sabretooth ***
Lake Placid 2 ***
Grendel ***
Bloodsuckers **

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:03 pm  Post subject:
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Had to split it up into 2 threads due to it not showing proper, sorry been a while in updating but had the kids off school and holidays and things. Added a good few titles gone from 63 to 74 newly added ones include Dragon Dynasty, Gryphon and Harpies sadly can only find a torrent for that yet, also there's a home made dvd version of Mega Snake on usenet ' http://www.binsearch.info/?b=MEGASNAKE& ... 29&max=250 ' so hopefully won't be long till a rip filters down. Least four more new ones due in September as well Maneater,Final Movie,Highlander The Source and Grizzly Rage so will try keep updated better.


PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:39 pm  Post subject:

Buried In The Backyard
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please reshare megasnake...


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