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Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:30 pm ]
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Underworld: Blood Wars - I'm kind of ambiguous on this one. Is that war between vampire and lycans still going on? Yes. Is there still an overdose of drama? Yes. Is it still more an actionflick than a horror? Yes. Is it getting a it repetitive and toresome? Yes. And this time, it gets even more "special": there are vampires who look like they live in a Tolkien world. Their castle is in the north, so you take a train first, and then ride over ice on horseback (huh? yes, I was wondering the same thing). And finally, the impregnable fortress is just something you can walk into by simply blasting the door. Ridiculous. BUT...... Is Kate Beckinsale still smoking hot? YES!! Does she look extremely sexy in the tight leather outfits she is wearing all the time? YES!! Is she still kicking ass and showing off her nice ass while doing so? YES!! So, just endulge in this guilty pleasure and think of it as some kind of established horror softporn, and all will be well. This one was a tad better than part 4 imo, but just a tad. I heard a sixth film is coming out, and I guess I will sit down and watch it the same way as I did this one. With pleasure, and a tiny bit of guilt.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:17 pm ]
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Life - the 2017 scifi. A great film! I sat back and watched this, at first because I felt a bit tired and had read some reviews that stated that it was slow, so I thought it would fit my condition. But while watching, my interest grew almost immediately and the film never lost me: it was indeed a tad slow, but overall it grabbed me and kept me on the edge of my seat with a brilliant (albeit a little bit predictable) ending. The story is about a crew on the ISS, grabbing a research pod coming from Mars with samples, important for science. They find some cells, and after some experiments they get it to react: confirmed life from Mars. The new Martian is called Calvin, and it becomes the new pet of the main scientist working on it. However, after a while the pet wants out and it turns out that the crew is no longer safe now, especially when it escapes the lab. Now the crew must find a way to destroy it, or, at least, prevent it from getting to earth. Atmosphere is a bit claustrophobic, and tension rises from time to time when the crew is engaging Calvin. Calvin is very intelligent and is usually one step ahead of the humans, so they must be on their toes all the time and ever lose focus. The interaction between the crewmembers is the most interesting in the first part of the film, when they have conflicts between them about how to handle the problems. Most crewmembers are portrayed as real people with a life back home, especially the Japanese man who is witnessing the birth of his child through a video connection. Sound is useful and sometimes pretty frightening, the creature is cgi but of the good kind. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, I had my doubts when I saw this coming by, as this type of film can easily become very boring, but I'm glad I watched it. This is one of the best scifis I have seen in a long time, highly recommended!

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:55 pm ]
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Red Mist - aka Freakdog. I was curious about this film for a while but had my doubts whether it would be good or not. I could pick it up very cheap, so I gave it a chance. It's not great. It's a medical thriller/horror with med students partying and then a freak who works in the hospital gets pranked and goes in a coma. The students decide to dump him so their future careers won't get harmed, but Catherine (Arielle Kebbel) is ridden with guilt and tries to make up for their mistake by nursing him. After a while, the students start to die one by one, but it can't be the coma patient doing it, now can it? Kebbel is looking lovely once more (spotted her in The Uninvited before), but although she tries really hard, she can't actually carry this film and that is indeed what the script wants. Overall acting is OK-ish, but the meanest med student is totaly unfit for being a doctor with an attitude towards humans like that, so that was kind of exaggerated and out of place. The story reminded me of Patrick (the 70s film), which also wasn't very good. I wasn't annoyed really, but I won't remember this film much I guess.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:17 pm ]
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The Evil Within - a mentally challenged man called Dennis lives with his brother John who gets Dennis a present: a big mirror. Dennis meets his reflection, who turns out to be a demonic creature. He tells Dennis he can become smart if he kills a cat. Because Dennis is frustrated by the fact he is mentally handicapped, and is afraid that John will place him in a hospital (not without any reason, btw), he follows the instructions of his demonic counterpart. After killing several animals, Dennis now has to kill a child. While he gets more and more extreme assignments, his brother John is struggling with his relationship with both Dennis and his girlfriend Lydia, who wants John to live a life of his own instead of taking care of Dennis 24/7. But John carries a secret that causes him to feel guilty about his brother's state, which forces him to keep taking care of Dennis. When will John's care and Dennis's violence collide? OK film with a pretty original start and a good cast with some famous names like Sean Patrick Flanery and Dina Meyer. It sometimes drags a bit but overall quite ok. Unfortunately all kills are off screen so this one stays just a bit under average for me.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:45 pm ]
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Special movienight because a friend came over from Berlin. He started to do bad movienights over there with his colleagues too :)

Iron Master - the stone age according to Umberto Lenzi. George Eastman is Vood, an aggressive caveman who plans on taking over leadership of the tribe, but he is expelled after it turns out he killed the previous leader. He discovers iron when he is on the slopes of a volcano and with this newly found invention he creates primitive looking swords (the development of metallurgy goes amazingly fast) and then he plans on taking over the world. Together with a bunch of other cavemen he conquers one tribe after the other, killing all who oppose him. Ela, Vood's previous rival for the role of chief, escaped the conquering cavemen and now plans on fighting Vood and taking him out. Very Italian film, with the cavemen all looking alike except for Ela the hero: his chest keeps shining throughout the film. He is also the only one not having any facial hair. The animals in this film, lions, boar, bisons and mammoths, make up for some weird natural environment. The mammoths are incredibly fake, the lions and boar both get killed and it's always a question in Italo whether those animals were killed for real or not (my guess is the boar was killed and the lion wasn't). Making the iron looks incredibly strange too: not only fo the cavemen develop very quickly, at first they grab the seering hot iron after beating it twice with a rock. So apart from the setting there is a lot to enjoy for Italo and bad moviefans. Highly recommended for them!

Mandroid - in early 90s Romania, a couple of scientists have invented Supercon, a raw material which is won from a rare mushroom and can be used as fuel for a robot they also developed. One of them wants to sell their invention to the US, but Drago, the other one doesn't want to. So Drago plans on stealing the robot (the mandroid) and take control over it. Together with a CIA agent and some random American guy, the scientist and his daughter are trying to stop Drago before it's too late. Lots of fun to be had for bad moviefans with the mandroid, and also with the process to make the Supercon: the mushrooms grow inside cavewalls! So they have to break through rock to get to them, hilarious. Funny to notice that each AK47 had it's own sound, and that the chief of police changes uniform depending on daylight. Again, recommended for bad moviefans.

Flesh Eating Mothers - didn't watch this film entirely because it was getting late, but I saw enough to write something about it. There was some kind of venereal disease possessing mothers who then started to eat human flesh. They got sharp teeth, wild eyes and a humongous appetite. They start attacking their husbands and eating their children: in one scene a baby is devoured. A cop whose wife also became cannibalistic, first gets arrested for murder, and to redeem himself he starts hunting the other mothers with help of a midget coroner and a bunch of adolescents on the run for their mothers. Bad dialogue galore and gore splashing around in this third bad movie of the evening: what I saw was amazingly bad and made me laugh. So here is another recommendation for bad moviefans!

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:47 pm ]
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Oh, I forgot some old reviews, they were still waiting for me to post them, oops

Hide and Go Shriek - one of the few classic slashers that I hadn't seen until now. I must say, it's place among the classics is justified: it has all contents which you want in a slasher. A special location, a group of teens, a maniacal killer and a usual suspect. A group of eight friends (all couples, or soon to be couples) plan on an evening of partying in the deserted furniture store of the father of one of the guys. While playing hide and seek (hence the title), one of them goes missing. Soon after, a second follows and the remaining friends try to search for them, look for help and stay alive at the same time. Not an easy task with a killer on your tail. Story is simple but effective. Acting is sometimes a bit overdone, like the curly girl panicking, it was a tad over the top. Some of the kills are pretty standard, some others are a bit more creative. Gore is not plenty, but good enough. I enjoyed watching this, I even felt a bit nostalgic. Recommended.

Monster in the Closet - a Troma monsterflick for laughs, spoofing several movies on the way. Duncan Clark works at a newspaper, handling the obituaries. The interesting stories are always handled or hijacked by a colleague aptly named Scoop. When a monster is in town, killing a few people, Duncan gets his chance to write a good story. On his road to fame he encounters not only the monster, but also a professor, a whizzkid and his mother, and last but not least, his nemesis Scoop. Movies which get spoofed are, among others, Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and War of the Worlds. I had good fun watching this, the monster looks cool and although the storyline is a bit superficial, it made me laugh repeatedly. Recommended, not just for bad moviefans ;)

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Wake Up and Die - aka Volver a Morir. This is Ground Hog Day slasherstyle. A woman wakes up next to a man she doesn't recognise. They chat a bit and after a while the man kills her. The screen goes dark, and when it lights up again, we are back at the beginning: the woman waking up next to the same man. She is killed again, so the next time she wakes up she tries to escape, but fails. Every time she wakes up now, she tries to find a different way to prevent the man from killing her. While the bgeining is a bit boring and the film gets repetitive (duh, that was to be expected, but it still annoyed me) in the middle part, towards the ending it redeems itself a bit. Acting is pretty good, after all this film is carried by just two actors. The whole rewinding thing is a bit stupid imo, and it also takes away some of the suspense as it announces some events way ahead of time. The actress is very nice to look at as she has a killer body, and the way she tries to find means to bend her fate is resourceful. This isn't a masterpiece, but the ratings I have seen on imdb and the like are lower than they should be imo. This film tries to be original, succeeds in that part but fails to be an interesting movie at the same time. One to watch once, but not again I guess.

Godzilla King of the Monsters! - the 1956 US remake of Gojira (1954), with a new main character (Steve Martin, an American journalist played by Raymond Burr). This journalist is on his way to Cairo when he makes a stop in Tokyo and then learns about the missing ships south of Japan. Together with some Japanese friends he witnesses the developments around Godzilla. Although the scenes with Burr are the only ones not from the originial film, I was surprised how much the film changed because of this: I didn't have the feeling that I was watching a movie that I already knew (except of couse when I saw the same footage). Atmosphere was different, but it didn't get any better imo. So if you have a choice, watch the 1954 original.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:46 pm ]
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The Belko Experiment - yet another variant on Das Experiment, this time in a company located in Bogota, on the outskirts of town. One day, all local employees are being sent home and after a short while the remaining employees (all foreigners) hear the intercom cracking and a voice telling them that they now are part of a game. Within 30 minutes they have to kill two people amongst them, or they will face repercussions. After the 30 minutes are over, some of the employees fall down dead on the ground, their heads look like they exploded. Now everyone knows it is serious business, and they have to find a way to survive all this. Next assignment: kill 30 people within two hours, or 60 people will be killed remotely by exploding their heads. What develops, is pretty predictable, especially if you have seen "social experiment" films like this before. Acting was nice, and atmosphere was tense, that was good, But overall the storyline was lacking a bit imo, too little originality when it comes to the subject. An OK watch, and you might enjoy it more if you haven't seen films such as Das Experiment, or The Wave before.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Small Town Folk - the next addition in the long, sad line of failed UK horror. This film has one thing going for it and that's the poster. It looks cool, like you're gonna watch a classic slasher. Downside is that it makes the desillusion even greater. Everything else of this film, and I literally mean everything, is bad. None of the actors can't act, save Warwick Davis who gets a minimal role. Three of them have nice looks, two girls and a guy, but that's it. They read their lines like they are children reading a poem which they learned in kindergarten to their grandmas. The background is really sad and desolate: it is actually a green screen I guess, or everything is filmed inside at least. The sky looks fake, the "mansion" is cgi (and bad cgi at that), the sign looks cartoonish. The props are real I guess, and so are some of the blood effects, but 95% of the kills are offscreen and none of them are innovative or thoughtful. The story is almost non-existent, we just see some events happening in chronological order, but there is no buildup, no development and no real plot (or you must be of the opinion that killing off everyone is a real plot). Please don't let yourself be fooled by the poster/cover art: this movie is not even funny for those who like bad movies. Don't watch it!

Author:  johnathome [ Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:30 pm ]
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Watched 'I am a Hero' yesterday, great Japanese zombie flick. The last stand scene was excellent :)

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:23 pm ]
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Hercules in the Haunted World - bought this one because it was a Mario Bava film. Also, peplum usually gives me great laughs, so why not? Well, this is unuausl: it is both unusual for Bava and it is also an unusual peplum. There is no horror, so that's what makes this an atypical Bava film, although you can spot some scenes in which you can see his hand. In the peplum department this one is atypical because it is not as ridiculous as most others I have seen. Yes, we see Hercules toss around featherweight rocks, and yes, there is an ugly looking man-in-a-monstersuit. But the storyline and the dialogue are not that bad and there are not so many bad effects. There is even some good acting, especially by Christopher Lee as the bad guy. Downside of all this is that it made this film a bit boring, so I can't really recommend this to bad moviefans. People interested in peplum or early Bava can give it a go, though.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:23 pm ]
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Twilight Zone: the movie - I haven't seen the TV series, so I didn't know what I was in for, but it turned out to be quite nice. It is a double bill hosted by James Earl Jones, and the first story is about a woman who has a relationship with the forgetful doctor James who wants to marry her but keeps forgetting dates with her. Therefore she is holding him off for the moment, and she goes to a theater to see His Girl Friday. While watching the film, she suddenly sees herself on the big screen having a conversation with James, just as she had right before going to the theater. Later she visits the theater again and starts seeing more of her life andd also what is to come. This scares her shitless and when she tells James he tries to help her but can't really. OK story, but the ending was a bit abrupt imo. The second story is set in Boston 1868, where a doctor at the university gets to operate on a man who should have been dead already, according to the wounds inflicted on his skull. He traces the man back to Shadow Island, off the coast of a village where everyone is afraid of the island and it's inhabitants. When the doctor investigates, he finds out why they are so afraid, and also why the man wasn't dead when he should have been. Very atmospheric tale, very Lovecraftian and I love that. The plot has some very predictable things in it, but overall I really liked this one, better than the first story. Fortunately, this one is the longer of the two. Recommended, for the second story.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:12 pm ]
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Talos the Mummy - gave this one a chance because it had been quite some time since I had seen a mummy movie, and some of the reviews were not that negative. Unfortunately, I am not very positive about this. First, there is Christopher Lee on the poster/DVD cover and he is in it for maybe 10 minutes. Then, a way too long film starts (I watched the international version which runs for 115 minutes) and it doesn't succeed in keeping me on the edge of my seat. The story is about Talos, a black magician who liked to torture people back in ancient Egypt, and his tomb was opened in 1948. Everyone present (including C. Lee) died, and in the present day, a new team (including a granddaughter of Lee's character) tries to discover what happened. When they take the mummy of Talos to expose it in the British Museum, a killing spree starts in London. The police, helped by an American cop called Riley, has to find out who the serial iller is but of course they don't believe in a curse by Talos. What follows is very predictable, although Sean pertwee's role as the guy who lost it was a nice change of pace in this story. Effects are bad: ugly, prehistoric cgi makes you cringe in your seat, some of the scenes have '50s style fake backgrounds and the wrappings of Talos flying around look stupid instead of scary. Characters also make weird decisions, and the plot twist falls flat as it isn't developed enough. I consider this a waste of two hours, so I'd advise against watching this yourself.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:03 pm ]
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Kong: Skull Island - cgi infested mega blockbuster, with mega being multi-interpretable. In this version of the King Kong story, the writers take their time to explain why an expedition is planned to Skull Island, Kong's habitat. Almost half an hour into the movie we get to see the first shots of the island itself, and that time is used to build up probability and a start is made with a little character development. The island is beautiful, but unfortunately, from this moment on 90% of what you see will be cgi and you know it. It doesn't even look all that bad, but sometimes side effects are missing by which you can see it is all fake: no shadow is cast, or while wading through water an animal doesn't make a sternwave. This makes the entire experience uninvolving, and therefore it takes away most of the fun for me. Is it all bad? No, it isn't. The fact that the story is being implanted in history by attaching it to the end of the Vietnam War is a nice move. This also has consequences for some character's behaviour, which is quite nice. The ambivalent role of Kong is put forward in a nice way and the human interaction (especially civilian vs military) is thought through. But still this film didn't grab me, also because when coming closer to the end the improbabilities amount to serious levels, culminating in the very cheesy way the survivors promise not to tell anyone about this paradise on earth. Bucket, please? The small sideplot in the end credits is moving, though. Watch this with your brain shut off and you will have fun.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:53 pm ]
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Paramedics - movie about two brothers who pose as paramedics and then sedate their patients and sell their organs. One day they catch a young woman who is in medschool, and somehow they can't do the same to her, so they decide to keep her captive. She overcomes the situation bit by bit and then starts taking control. Now the brothers are not the hunters anymore, they will become the prey. Nice premise, a bit like a rape revenge with a tad more gore. Sadly the film is only entertaining the first and the last ten minutes of it. In the middle there is a really boring and dragging piece in which the brothers and the woman juist have dialogue ver an dover again with nothing acgtually happening. That killed the film for me. So skip this, OR watch only the first and last few scenes to not waste any of your time.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:47 pm ]
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The Doll Squad - Ted V. Mikels actionflick about a team of agile women fighting against crime, in this case a secret agent gone bad. Classic stuff all over: psychedelic use of colours, typical music and a wide array of inventive devices. The huge machinery in the "comupter room" is the coolest, as it can think by itself (at least that's what it looks like). Special effects are ridiculous, the "explosions" look like kid's paint on the screen and after the explosion there is no debris whatsoever. This goes for both exploding rocketships and for exploding humans. So yes, there are exploding humans in this one (caused by one of the inventive devices carried by the female agents). This has all you want in an actionflick: fistfights, chases, firefights, explosions (or what they are trying to convey as an explosion), brutal violence and beautiful women. The doublecrossers are clear from the start and of course the good guys win in the end. Watch with friends, smoke some of the good stuff and enjoy this trip back in time.

Island of the Living Dead - the last Bruno Mattei film, made together with Zombies: The Beginning. As Vincent Dawn, one of his most used pseudonyms, Bruno made this zombieflick which is a real treat for bad moviefans. Filmed on the Philippines for financial reasons, this film is about a group of treasurehunters whose ship gets stranded and then wrecked: now they are trapped on an island which is cursed. The inhabitants of the island are undead, they are are all played by locals with some make up smacked on, and they also have some vampire properties sometimes (like biting necks with fangs). One of them can even dance flamenco! There is a legend about a ship La Natividad which carried gold and the shipmates were all mudered. That is why the island is cursed, and thus all treasurehunters are in danger. The acting is ludicrous, the dubbing is superbly bad. You could play a drinking game by choosing a swearword beforehand and then drink everytime it is being said on screen. The people who will choose "Shit" or "Son of a bitch" will be drunk by the end of the movie. There is some stock footage to add to the charm and the ending is super predictable. We had a lot of fun watching this one, highly recommended for bad moviefans!

Shocking Asia - I had seen parts 2 and 3 already, but not his one which I heard contained a sexchange operation. It starts out as all mondo films, with some shots of scenery and a voice over telling us how mysterious Asia and it's people are. Then we get various scenes of religious rituals, poor beggars on the streets, prostitution, etc. There is plenty of unnecessary animal cruelty, with snakes and bats being skinned alive and a turtle being smacked to death with clubs. The sex change operation was on the edge: I'm still not sure if this was real, but it looked pretty gross and I wonder why anyone would let him- or herself being filmed like this. Not for the fainthearted, this one belongs in the row of infamous mondo films you might already know. Graphic and weird, only for fans of the genre I guess.

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:30 pm ]
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Star Raiders: The Adventures Of Saber Raine - a bit childish and overloaded with toyish looking spaceships and buildings (all cheap cgi of course), this flick which is putting Casper van Dien in yet another ill fated hero role. He sports onelineers which are a bit uncool, he fights all kinds of aliens on a planet named Gorgos and the assignment for today is to rescue two royal heirs to the throne of Ares, yet another planet. Aresians have red contacts so they look alien, Casper just looks like Casper. Other aliens wear masks and one of them has an extended mask going over her chest as well. The story is a bit like a kid's adventure, the effects are ridculous, although the opening scene wasn't that extremely bad. The ending was quite open, so I sincerely hope this is not planned to be a first in a films eries, or worse: a pilot for a TV series. Only for bad moviefans in their right mindset.

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:21 pm ]
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Tonight She Comes - mailman James and his friend Pete drive to a remote house to deliver a letter to Kristy, but when James gets to the house nobody is there. He wakes up when Kristy's friends Ashley and Lyndsey show up and he notices that he has a small wound on his arm. Kristy is still lost and she doesn't pick up her phone, so the friends just decide to start the party without her. Because is Pete is lost too, James sticks around and after first getting a call by Pete on Kristy's phone and then hearing a loud scream from the woods, they see Kristy emerge from the forest: she is naked and covered in blood. Now the party really starts, as Kristy is possessed or anything and kills everyone in her sight like she is a mindless monster. While in the fight, a brother Phillip and a sister Felicity show up, and the remaining friends get refuge inside the house. The question is if they are safer now, or in more danger. Acting is OK-ish, some a bit over the top, but acceptable enough. There is some humour in the film, like when Pete finds Kristy's body and it starts moving, he pulls off his jacket and his shirt underneath says "Things just got weird", which made me laugh. There are also other attempts at humour and some of them are quite good and others fall flat hard. Overall this isn't comedy enough to be called horrorcomedy, and therefore you are left with the question what this movie wanted to be. But the final scenes are pretty cool and the gore is great. I had enough fun, but it didn't blow me away really. Not a complete waste of time if you ask me, just don't expect anything original or well thought through.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:47 pm ]
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Viral - a family of three (father and two daughters Emma and Stacey) which has moved recently to start over find themselves in the middle of an epidemic of an unknown disease, quickly called "worm flu" by the media. After one of her classmates became the first known victim in their community, Emma needs to combine a bunch of problems: the loss of friends, the reason (unknown to her) why they moved out without her mother and her upcoming love for Evan who lives practically next door. In the beginning of the outbreak, father goes to the ariport to pick up mother, so when the town is being quarantined by the army, Emma and Stacey must fend ffor themselves. They hode themselves for the soldiers after they have seen what happens to their neighbours and things get a lot more complicated when Emma finds out that Stacey is infected. Acting is nice, many jobs well done. Story is also not as unbelievable as a lot of other virus movies, the role of the media and the actions by the government come across as likely to happen in a real outbreak. I think this is quite a nice film, a good change of pace from those movies in which the infected run after you in masses, like they are the new zombies. Don't look for too much gore in this, because this is more about how people handle multiple crises at the same time. Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:30 am ]
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Shin Gojira - aka Shin Godzilla. Usually I watch films and then I assume it's gonna be relaxing and entertainng. Well, watching this film was not very relaxing: every person, his/her function was subtitled. Then also the location where the meeting was held was subtitled. So in a scene where the government was debating about what to do when a gian creature showed up had 25 titles being screened plus the location. Before that, we had all locations where something was happening being shown on screen in writing. When the military came into action, every weapon or weaponsystem was written on screen and subtitled, from the types of tanks to the types of shells they fired. It was maddening and made it very hard to follow what everyone was saying. This happened thorughout the film, but was the worst in the first 40 minutes because most people were introduced then. Aside from this tiring concept, the film itself was quite OK, with a clear hint at Japanese bureaucracy and dependence on America (and also at US agression). Godzilla came out of the water as a fishlike creature which was cool for a change and it evolved over time, becoming more and more the familiar reptile. The energy thing was cool and the damage done by Godzilla looked enormous, much heavier than in the older movies because this looked more real (even though it was cgi f course, but it was very good cgi). I had fun but I was tired of reading at the end.

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