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Author:  Slayer [ Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:35 pm ]
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Girl House - more thriller than horror, this film packs a big anti-porn message, so if moralistic layers in films offend you, skip this one. The story is about a student, Kylie Atkins, whose father has passed away and now her mother can't pay for college anymore. So she decides to join Girl House, a website which specialises in "new porn", where customers get to see every move you make in the house and therefore "get to know you". Followed by hundreds of cameras and thousands of viewers, Kylie now makes the money she needs and befriends the other inhabitants of the house rather quickly. After she has had a private chat with a customer, things go wrong and he comes to the house in order to get his revenge for the unjustice done to him. Soon all the girls are in danger. Although the story is very moralistic, the film itself is not all that bad to look at: the actresses are beautiful (main character Ali Cobrin and her student friend Erin Agostino especially) and the gore is nice. So I did have some fun, but since there are so many films like this out there, I'd rather pick one without the cheesy morale lessons.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat May 05, 2018 4:56 pm ]
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It was time for another movienight with friends, and we watched these:

Lethal Hunter - like Final Score (see review of October 2015), this movie had never been released on DVD and I participated in the crowdfunding campaign for it. It's also an Arizal film, and again Chris Mitchum is the lead actor. In the story, several guys are chasing after a microfilm, and to get it they are willing to pay millions of dollas, and/or kill many, many opponents. The film starts out with a jeep driving off a skyscraper, through the window into another skyscraper and it sets the tone nicely. A myriad of shootouts, explosions, helicopter- and other chases follow. The dialogue is cheesy, the effects are pretty visible and the final scenes are predictable. Open some beers, invite your friends and have a good laugh at this pearl of bad movies. Highly recommended for bad moviefans.

Fungicide - the last film of the Drenched in Blood box that I hadn't seen yet. Some people, among which a wrestler, a real estate agent and a mad scientist, spend the weekend in a cabin in the woods. The scientist invented a formula which of course gets spilled over the porch and drips on the mushrooms growing below it. Now the mushrooms grow and not only become larger, but also smarter: they learn everything from their victims after they ate them. So sit back and enjoyu the various froms of mushrooms passing along your screen in this flick: badly drawn cgi, sock puppet and guy in sheets, you will see them all. This low budget flick entertains in it's stupidity and was almost entirely made by one family who took on most of the roles and crew functions. The birthdays must have been fun in that family for sure. Recommended for bad moviefans.

Star Worms II: attack of the pleasure pods - what this was, not sure actually. We have watched a group of prisoners on a distant planet trying to find purple flake, a mineral that you can mine from rivers. Also in the rivers are deadly worms, and various groups of prisoners compete for the best outcomes of the harvest, so they might get rewarded byu the warden, who is a vixen in some strangely shaped room where she keeps calling in men from the different gangs of prisoners to have sex and stuff. Lots of talking, some boom mic appearances, a few fake monsters and a superb vacuumcleaner gun complete this nonsensical ride. A review (actually the only imdb review) stated that this was an experience rather than a movie and I can see that. But it's pretty weird, and unless it is very late and you are with friends, this might be a waste of your time. So, recommended for bad moviefans, yes, but keep in mind that you have to create the circumstances for it.

Author:  bag woman [ Thu May 24, 2018 3:34 am ]
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Ummm, I may have watched The Exorcist again. I can't help it, it's my favourite. Hi guys, hope you're all ok? :rock:

Author:  Slayer [ Mon May 28, 2018 9:07 pm ]
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Yeah, but I'm on a documentary roll now, whenever I get back to horror you'll see me here again, promised!

Author:  bag woman [ Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:04 am ]
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I like a good documentary Slayer, especially the adult ones. Not being pervy, but I've always been fascintated by the porn industry. I've seen a few, and I've found them very interesting, lol :rock:

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:02 pm ]
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After yet another break from horror I picked it up again last night, with:

Slaughterhouse Rock - Alex, a student, is having nightmares about him being mutilated by some demons, and after consulting a teacher (the foxy Donna Denton) they set out with a group of friends to Alcatraz, from where th demon is trying to possess Alex, or something. Of course they go in the middle of the night because there is "no time to lose" and upon arrival, Alex' brother Richard gets posessed by a demon and turns into something yellow-eyed and sharp-teethed. He then sets off to kill every one of his friends, while Alex gets help from the ghost of the lead singer of a rockband who died at the hands of the demon before the group of friends arrived on the island. With some weak effects, mediocre at best acting but loads of 80-s atmopshere this was a nice return to the genre for me. It was lacking a bit in the gore department, but I had a good time watching this. For 80s fans especially.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:19 pm ]
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Mad Dog Killer - aka La belva col mitra aka Ferocious. Helmut Berger plays Nanni Vitali, a dangerous criminal who breaks out of jail and escapes with four mates. He hunts down Barbareschi, the man who put him behind bars as a witness, while he himself is being hunted down by inspector Santini. Soon, Santini has to protect the girlfriend of Barbareschi, who is being used as a remote hostage by Vitali. In a string of violent events the confrontation between Vitali and Santini develops into a climax. Nice poliziottesco with a lot of violence (not exactly "the most violent film you ever saw" like the cover claims, but still quite some), nice music and a good amount of Italo character. This is the movie they are watching in Jackie Brown, by the way ("Isn't that Rutger Hauer?" No, it's Helmut Berger"). I had good fun, for Italo fans this is guaranteed succcess.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:45 pm ]
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Arcade - aka Cyber World, a Charles Band flick about a VR computergame which is actually killing/capturing people. With a young Seth Green and John de Lancie (already known by Q-fame), this film tries to convince us that there is a hypermodern (for 1993 standards of course) VR game with amazing graphics (again, 1993...) which will be the future of gaming and De Lancie is the guy who has to market it among the youth. When her boyfriend disapears inside the "cockpit" of the game, Alex Manning (Megan Ward) is setting out to get him back, because she would "have nobody left" without him: mother committed suicide and father doesn't care whether she lives or dies. De Lancie is responsible for more disappearaces as he hands out portable versions of Arcade which swallow all Alex' friends like it's nothing. Together with a friend who is a fanatic gamer she goes inside Arcade to find them all back. You will want to watch this film for the "amazing graphics" but unfortunately you get dooped a bit in that department. The first level simply sucks to look at and for over an hour it's the only part of the fantastic game that you will be able to see. In the last 20 minutes Alex is really getting into it and then she starts to finish levels pretty quickly in succession. Very useful for her is that apparently there is no level 4, she just skips from 3 to 5, just by riding a boat across a lake after answering a riddle (which is a rather cliche one). The last level also never appears, and the "evil spirit" of the game grants her a free life, pretty weird if you a re after killing everyone imo. That last part is the most fun, especially if you like bad movies. So if you are short on time I suggest you fast forward the first hour and enjoy the ride in the game for the last 25 minutes.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:27 pm ]
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Botched - Stephen Dorff is a criminal who is the only survivor of a heist went awry, and his crimeboss gives him one more chance to redeem himself: he must steal an orthodox cross from a wealthy family in a penthouse in Moscow. After he and the two Russians who got assigned to him grabbed the cross, they get stuck on the 13th floor of the building, the one that officially doesn't even exist. Soon they find out why they are there: they, and their group of hostages, are mice and a game of cat and mouse with disturbed twins who think they are the embodiment of tsar Ivan the Terrible. One by one they will meet their fate, but is that as a sacrifice to the Almighty or as a lucky survivor? This is a horror/comedy and while there actually is no real horror (people like that ca really exist), there are bukcetloads of gore to make up for the lack of the supernatural. The comedy part doesn't come off that great, there are some jokes which made me smile, but most of the time it is not tat funny. All the cast (from the UK mostly) speaking with a Russian accent doesn't help with that either. I did have fun, but that was more because of the gore than because of the humour. The final scene wih the copymachine is fantastic though, that makes it really worth it. So if you are looking for a gory film with a handful of laughs, then you can pick this one.

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:13 pm ]
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De Poel - aka The Pool. Dutch horror about a family going on a campingtrip in the wild together with a friend of the father and his daughter. They set up their tents next to a pond (the pool from the title) and all is pretty OK although the majority of the group would rather spend their holidays in a luxurious resort. Lennaert, the father of the family, enjoys it thoroughly though: he pushes the others to live off of nature like he would love to do. Before long, they actually have to, because all their food they brought with them is spoiled: the flesh is rotten, cans are broken, etc. More strange things happen since Lennaert and his son Jan have seen a strange appearance of a woman in the water, and the trip slowly but steadily turns into a nightmare. Although this is not particularly original, I enjoyed watching this. Having seen most Dutch horrorfilms, this one is quite good compated to others. Especially location and atmosphere (mostly created with sound) is good, I had several moments which had the wtf-factor and I felt a growing despair towards the end of the film, almost Lovecraftian. It's only 75 minutes long, so if you are short on time but want to see something a lithle unsettling, this is a nice pick.

Forbidden Zone - What. The. Fuck. Wtf did I just watch. I wrote that The Pool had some wtf moments, but this film is one, 70 minute long, wtf "moment". Made by the Elfman brothers (direction, music and some roles played by them), this black and white trip is something you can't really explain. The story is about a parallel world, the sixth dimension aka the forbidden zone. In this world, a dwarf king and his busty queen reign over an empire full of captive women driven along by the halfnaked princess. When a girl from the surface (= earth) comes inside the zone, the king falls in love with her and the queen gets jealous so she takes her prisoner. The family seeks to rescue her, but in the zone nothing is the same. One of the weirdest films I have seen for sure. Feels like a trip, even if you'd stay sober. Recommended for fans of the bizarre.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:05 pm ]
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Until Death - aka Per Sempre. This is the last of the Brivido Giallo episodes by Lamberto Bava that I hadn't seen. The others (Dinner with the Vampire, The Ogre and Graveyard Disturbance) are a bit easier to come by but this one is quite rare among second hand sellers (at least in my experience). Maybe it is because this is also the one which has the highest ratings ;) The story is about a couple of lovers, Linda and Carlo, who murder the husband of Linda (Luca) while she is about to have his baby. After the murder, they get away and open a hotel-restaurant and fishing boat rental place. They live there with Linda's now 8-year old son until one day a stranger comes by the hotel who reminds Linda a lot of Luca. Because there is a thunderstorm going on, she lets him stay over and eventually hires him as a help in the kitchen. He seems to know a lot about their past and also has a number of habits that Luca had before. Carlo in the meantime is going crazy about being discovered after a policeman casually asked a few questions about Luca the other day. Tensions rise: is this actually Luca in a new body, or is it all just a coincidence? Giallo-esque film, not about who did it but who is that guy: Luca or just a regular stranger? This mystery is the centerpiece of the plot and everything around it adds up to it pretty nicely. The stress about being discovered is well done, the changes in the relationship between Carlo and Linda are also portrayed nicely. Nice little film, not a must see but still quite a good effort by Bava. The ending is somewhat ridiculous, but you shouldn't be surprised as it is Italian cinema. Recommended, especially for Italo fans.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:48 pm ]
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The Bat People - while on their honeymoon, Dr. John Beck and his wife Cathy visit a cave and wandering off of the tourgroup they fall into a hole. While down there, John gets bitten by a bat, and soon after he is getting attacks and seizures. His wife urges him to get treatment, but he is an immunologist specialzed in rabies, so he takes it easy, considering the incubation time of the disease. The attacks become wilder, and he starts transforming into a man-bat, going outdoor at night to kill and satisfy his bloodlust. Hot on his heels is the local sheriff, who has a hard time keeping track of the doctor and convincing the wife that what he does is best for all. Now the hunt s on, both by the man-bat and the sheriff. Pretty bad film, with some strange dialogue, sparse transformation scenes and illogical actions by the characters. The kills are not very spectacular (and mostly offscreen), but towards the end things get a bit more spectacular. Good fun for bad mviefans, others better pick something else for their pleasure.

Don't Answer the Phone - this film makes the impression that it's a slasher in the line of When A Stranger Calls, but it's not as slasher-like as it may seem. The killer is a disturbed Vietnbam vet always wearing he same outfit and showing a variety of emotions that you usually don't see in killers like this: he laughs maniacally (OK, that one is pretty common) but he is also sobbing and crying like a little kid. The title is a bit weird, as the killer only uses the phone twice in a murder, while you would expect him to make it his trademark. What does do with the phone, is call a radio shrink to scare her and tell her about his activities. The police hunting him down apparently thought he was not as dangerous, because they picked a couple of pretty dumb detectives (they search the house next to him instead of his home *sigh*) to apprehend him. Everything in this film seems to just miss the point a bit, it looks OK-ish but turns out to be a tad disappointing. So no real recommendation from me, bad moviefans might have fun but are better off with much funnier bad slashers (of which there are plenty).

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:24 pm ]
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Raving Maniacs - a bit of a strange movie which takes quite long to make it's point. In the opening scene we see a dialogue between a drugdealer and a possible client and this last guy kills the dealer. Then we switch to some students who are gonna attend a rave which is being organised by a guy who has to deliver with this party or he will lose his job at the club he is working at. The new drug in town (the one which was stolen by the guy who killed the dealer) is a glowing capsule and of course many of the students take one. During the rave we see some dialogue which is not very relevant, we see a lot of dancing and we see a couple having sex while they are at the rave on the dancefloor (maybe I'm getting old but that looked a bit exaggerated to me). The drugs turn out to infect everyone and they become some sort of demons/zombies/infected. This part, the last 20 minutes, is the best because it has plenty of gore and action. The hour before is a bit boring, except if you want to see sex. Mediocre, bad moviefans might have some fun with this.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:21 pm ]
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Fanatic - aka The Last Horror Film aka Love to Kill. Joe Spinell (the maniac in Maniac) plays Vinny, a NY cabdriver with big dreams about making it as a horror director. In his dreams he wins an Oscar and he receives it from his favourite star Jana Bates (Caroline Munro), who was also the lead in his winning movie (all in his dreams of course). To realise his dreams he goes to Cannes Film Festival, but when he gets rejected everywhere, he goes to extreme measures to get what he wants. So one by one the people around Bates disappear, murdered or otherwise. When Vinny enters Bates' apartment, she flees from it screaming her lungs out, just to realise that everyone thinks it is a publicity stunt for her next movie. So now it's up to her to stop the stalker herself. I had great fun watching this, as I'm a fan of both Spinell and Munro, and they did a good job in this film, which got released by Troma on DVD after the film only got to VHS tape in the 80s (and never in the theaters). A classic slasher in many ways, this tingles all your 80s horror vibes and some more ;) Acting is good/great and the gore is satisfactory. Recommended, not just for bad moviefans.

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:49 pm ]
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Screaming in High Heels - nice and funny documentary about three of the most well known scream queens of he 80s: Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. It's about the origins of the scream queen, about the low budget filmmaking in those days and the developments in filmmaking in general (from drive-in to videotape). Interviews mainly with the three women plus directors who worked with tem (often) like David DeCoteau and Fred Olen Ray. Some funny stories and a huge amount of clips from films the queens starred in and talkshows and conventions where they were invited. Good fun, recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:06 pm ]
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X-Ray - Barbi Benton plays Susan, a woman who goes for a simple medical checkup because she has a new insurance. Assumig that it will only take a few minutes, her boyfriend stays outside in the car waiting for her, but after a while Susan's results seem to be a tad strange. So she is being kept for observation while strange things are happening around her in the hospital and soon she finds out she is the target of a serial killing madman. OK, so I visit a hospital every once in a while, but I certainly hope I never run into the stuff which Susan encounters: this hospital has doctors who don't tell you what is wrong with you but keep being very secretive about it; they tie you to your bed; they have drunk patients wandering around in the building; they examine you while you are naked and everyone who passes by can see it; they put you in a ward with mentally ill people in the same room; they pass by people obviously being very ill in the hallway without anyone looking after them; there is a floor in the building which is completely unused and it's very damp in there (can't imagine that its very healthy) and of course there is this killer walking around. All this is aptly named "Hospital", but I wouldn't call it exactly that ;) The kills are nice and the flashback is cool, the final fight between Susan and the killer is very predictable (as is the killer himself: I guessed him right before half of the movie was over)
as soon as you see her pour flammable lquid over the killer, you know she is gonna use the lighter she had earlier, even though she doesn't have any pockets in the hospital clothing she is wearing andd she didn't hold it in her hands: it just suddenly appears when she needs it
Recommended for bad moviefans especially!

Gnaw: Food of the Gods part 2 - having seen Food of the Gods and remembering it was wildly crazy, I was looking forward to this one and it did deliver! While tgis film only has big rats and not big other animals, it's still a B-movie fest which will please any bad moviefan because there are so many mistakes in this film to spot: there is the inevitable boom mic, both visible in the top of the screen and as a reflection in a cupboard window. There is a guy squirting white juice through some tubes (it was really looking weird: I wondered what those hands in the lower left corer were doing until I saw that it was someone making sfx, lol) and the "big" rats are obviously normal sized rats when you loo at the guy in the "swimming pool" who is making waves with his hands. Lots to laugh at and then there is the story too, so 85 minutes of good fun. Highly recommended for bad moviefans!

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:09 pm ]
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Neon Maniacs - a group of teenagers partying in a park at night gets brutally wiped out by a gang of strange creatures, only one girl survives the slaughter. When she tells her story to the police they don't believe her, but a younger girl who is into horrormovies does. They eventually team up with a guy who is in love with the older girl and together they forge a plan to eradicate the ghouls. Nice monsterflick, without any explanation as to why these creatures are there, but that doesn't mean that this film isn't fun to watch because it is. Acting is mediocre, but gore is great: lots of goo and other slimy stuff to enjoy. Recommended, especially for bad moviefans.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:38 pm ]
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Schizoid - Klaus Kinski is a therapist who has a group of mostly women which does talking sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. One of the group's members, a columnist who gives personal advice, is getting threatening letters in her mailbox and soon after the other members of the group get killed one by one. She realizes that the threats might be real and gets more scared everyday: who is the sender of the mysterious letters, and is he the killer too? Nice whodunnit slasher and the killer is cool too: he has a large hat and a pair of scissors. Unfortunately you can identify the killer rather easily by paying attention
to the numberplates on the cars
but still this is a nice and bloody film. If you like slashers, especially from the 80s then this is a good pick.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:01 pm ]
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The Beast Within - early 80s film which looks like it was somewhat inspired by American Werewolf in London. After a young couple has had the bad luck of getting stranded and the wife being raped by a violent creature in the woods, we see them bring their son to the doctor 17 years later. He is having seizures and aggressive outbreaks of some disease of which they don't know what it is. It makes them go back to the place where they had their unfortunate encounter with the creature in the past, but the son being near that location, makes the attacks grow more aggressive and more frequent too. When he escapes from the hospital one night, the police finds a dead body the next morning. What happened to the son? Nice story, but it takes very long to get to the climax. Acting is OK, but the whole thing is rather dull and boring without much gore. If you do manage to wait for the climax, you will get rewarded though: the transformation of the son into the monster is hilarious! One of the cheesiest monster things I have seen in the recent past. Recommended for bad moviefans!

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:41 pm ]
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Gingerdeadman 2: the passion of the crust - I was a bit short on time, so I put this disc in the DVD player because I really needed to watch a horror again. And this turned out to be a great guilty pleasure! The Gingerdeadman film (part one) was cheap, but this one is even cheaper: rerunning most of the minutes with Gary Busey in them from the first film, and after some 5-10 minutes the actual second part starts. Not as much screentime for the Gingerdeadman this time, the focus is more on Cheatam Studios, a movie production company which struggles to stay alive. It produces the kind of film that Charles Band and David DeCoteau make, and the hilarious thing of course is that this film itself is a Band-film, and DeCoteau has a cool cameo as a director ("Mr DeCoteau, was I good?" -"Was it in focus? Then you were brilliant!"). So more than a slasher, this is a spoof of it's own genre, quite nice. It has gore, overacting and Michelle Bauer, so enough for B-moviefans to go on. If you have 70 minutes to kill and wanna have some brainless fun then pick this. Recommended for bad moviefans.

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