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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:05 am  Post subject: Regarding the "Inside" directors departure from Hellraiser.

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Well, I just read something in french and I'll transcript a bit that might shine a little light on what's going on with Dimension, the french duo and the Hellraiser remake. I'm writing this topic for several reasons... Basically I care for those guys, I didn't want them to be another example of hollywood buying talent and wasting it on a lame remake... their first movie was acclaimed as the best of 2007 by lots of websites and horror publications, all I wanted was for them to follow that with a sophomore effort that would be a creation of their own. Then they signed to do the Hellraiser remake, both as writers and directors. Good thing that Clive Barker himself said their idea was fu**ing great and so on, but a few months later they delivered the final script to dimension only to get it turned down rightaway... "ohh Dimension is really concerned about this remake, they want to do it RIGHT, they weren't happy with the script so they're hiring another writer" really? they're trying to do it right huh? from day one I thought "sure, those guys must've written something very subversive, violent, up to date and adult... meaning not very multiplex friendly". Anyway, and now they just took off of the project altogether, dimension is currently searching for a new director.

So that's it, here's what's basically they had to say about Hellraiser in february, when I believe it was all a question mark for them and Dimension: At the moment nothing is 100% signed as far as the Hellraiser remake is concerned. We accepted to be involved in the project because we had a strong vision of how it should be done, and now everything's a little unclear because we know exactly the film we want, it's a vision that Cliver Barker supports enormously, and that's why we decided to keep this going... so from day one we knew that if, for whatever reason, we were to be forced to do another film or change the script we had 100% planned in our minds, we'd just move away to another project. Our goal isn't to make the film at all costs. (...) Though graphic violence is abundant in the script, it's nothing unbearable... but there are certain elements like mutilated making love while their flesh keeps getting ripped by the chains, and stuff like that, that we're not sure yet the Weinstein would be game for.

That's it, they also went on to name a few of the scripts they received... tons of asian remakes, Dracula Year Zero, Malefique (yep, they asked two french directors to remake the work of another french director)... and even some crazy titles like Croc Vs. Shark and Killer Kart. They also clearly state that their goal is to keep doing projects in France and help the growth of the Horror scene there, while obviously eventually taking their chances at an american project.

So folks, I wrote this for the unconformists...if you were following the ridiculous build up on the hellraiser situation and were also hoping that in fact those guys got tired of Dimension's stupidity and took off, hope you liked those words, and let's hope the best for those guys in the future, we can only hope another follow their example and don't sell out so easy.


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