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PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:00 pm  Post subject: Up the Junction (1965) (Drama) (DVDRip)
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Up the Junction
Ken Loach, 1965



Director: Ken Loach
Writer: Nell Dunn
Film Editor: Roy Watts
Cinematographer: Tony Imi
Original Music: Paul Jones
Producer: James MacTaggart
Production Company: BBC
Country & Year: UK, 1965
Runtime: 70 min
Language: English

Cast: Geraldine Sherman; Carol White; Vickery Turner; Michael Standing; Tony Selby; Ray Barron; Rita Webb.

Rube, Sylvie and Eileen are three Clapham factory girls up for a good time: flirting with the lads in the pub, practicing the twist and swapping tales with the other women at work. But will the misfortunes and tragedies that befall them break their seemingly irrepressible spirit?

This ground-breaking drama saw Loach take the filming out of the studio and onto the very streets depicted in the story. With an immediacy only ever seen in current affairs programmes, the portrayal of ordinary people's lives had an authenticity seldom witnessed in television drama.


The film has a liveliness and lyricism of style, partly arising from its use of '60s pop music and its fragmentary structure. Editing to music was then a fairly new approach, and it gave the drama an immediacy and raucousness. Though the production has a pick-up-your-camera-and-go feel, in fact it is technical accomplishment that is largely responsible for its sense of spontaneity. As one reviewer wrote: "It was written and filmed with remarkable technical brilliance - to give viewers the impression that they had been set down in the middle of it all, the streets, dance hall, laundries, factories, teeming with people and noise. I don't remember a television play that created such a vivid sense of participation and made one feel so physically close to the characters." (BFI)

caps gallery

DVDRip by Haller @ RM | DVD Source: BBC/2entertain
MKV | 1.54 GB | 70 min | 3 streams (a/v/subs:en)
H.264 | 704x576 | 4:3 dar | 25 fps | 3004 kbps | crf 20
AAC | 2 ch | 48 KHz | 160 kbps CBR | En

ed2k: Ken.Loach.At.The.BBC.[D4.3].Up.The.Junction.(1965).DVDRip.H264.AAC-[Halle...ldeMule.org].mkv  [1.55 Gb] [Stats]

English subtitles (vobsub) muxed into mkv container;
also available as a srt file: English (srt)



Today Ken Loach is an internationally feted filmmaker. But he was also once a prophet in his own country. Working with a generation of radicals, he excelled at what became known as the drama-documentary - a TV genre that was socially engaged, aesthetically experimental and politically influential. It made working class people the subject of public service broadcasting. This essential collection has many of the key works which now deserve the widest rescreening for their enduring relevance and artistic courage. [socialistreview.org.uk]

Ken Loach At The BBC: 6xDVD9 | 45.5 GB => 15 mkv | 17.8 GB

[D1.1] The Big Flame (1969)
[D1.2] 3 Clear Sundays (1965)
[D2.1] Days Of Hope, Part 1 (1975)
[D2.2] Days Of Hope, Part 2 (1975)
[D3.1] Days Of Hope, Part 3 (1975)
[D3.2] Days Of Hope, Part 4 (1975)

[D4.1] The End Of Arthur's Marriage (1965)
[D4.2] In Two Minds (1967)
[D4.3] Up The Junction (1965)
[D5.1] The Price Of Coal, Part 1 (1977)
[D5.2] The Price Of Coal, Part 2 (1977)
[D6.1] Cathy Come Home (1966)
[D6.2] The Rank And File (1971)
[D6.3] Extra: Housing Problems (Short Doc.)
[D6.4] Extra: Interview With Ken Loach

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