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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2002 8:10 pm  Post subject: Forum Rules [Update 23/01/04]
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User & Forum Rules

First rule of Fight Club
  • The moderator's of the given section are there to keep things neat and tidy.
    They have the right to move posts, as well as edit or delete them as they see fit, and in accordance to the rules and guidelines.  The MODs job is to keep their given section neat and tidy and to moderate their forum as [i]they[/i] see fit.  Don't get into an arguement with them about moving, editing or deleting because that's what they are here to do.  Flaming, or editing out Mods edits will most likely result in ban and deletion.  It's best just to follow what they say, remember they are board users just like you.
  • If you think you have been treated unfairly by a moderator, please pm me immediately
Flaming Users/Individuals/Groups
  • This kind of action will not be tolerated. Blatant flames will be immediately deleted, we don't need that crap here please.
    Watch your language or tone when discussing issues because if your not careful you'll be caught in the middle of a flame war, and that can result in warnings and/or bans.  Be careful about starting political or religious threads because most flamewars start off with one of these topics (ie. US foreign Policy).  Religious or racial intolerance is not allowed (keep it to yourself please).
  • Do not post any ip address of anyone.
  • Post count does not mean experience or respect. Treat users equally or based on what they post, not how many times they post.
  • Absolutely no 'he's a leech' threads are allowed.
    This is just paranoia and it's infectious for those that are new to edonkey/don't understand how it works.  You will be warned and the topic locked/deleted.

When Posting
  • Always post in the correct forum.
    DVD-rips are .avi/.ogm or other extensions (not VCDS).  The reason VCDs don't go in this section is because many people don't like watching movies on their computer and prefer to watch VCDs in their dvd player.  Similary is the fact that many people want ace quality on a small amount of discs, which divx more often provides.
    DVDR --> Verified DVDR Releases only
    DVD-rips ---> Verified DVD rip section
    VHS/CAM --> Verified VHS/CAM section
    Unverified/Screeners/TS --> Unverified and Screener section
    VCD/SVCD/xVCD --> VCD Section
    MOVIE REQUESTS --> Request Movie Section
    MOVIE RESHARES ---> Reshare Movie Request Section
    Anyone interested in... / Spread Check --> Interest posts or spread checks

    Any form of help requestion --> help section
    Disccusions about films/games/literature --> cabal
    Hardware and Software discussions --> Hardware/Software Section
  • Do NOT put REQ: or REL: in the title, or anything excessive / off topic
    They are simply not needed, as I have spent time organising a structure so all requests go in a specific board, and all releases go in another.  If you put REL: or REQ:, your post will be edited or deleted (not if it's a release of course :) ).  If you post a request with REQ: in the title and find it's gone, you know why.  Please try to stick to only putting the name fo the film your after in the title if you are doing a request,  don't put any stupid crap in the title please, like "I am looking for".  People will tend to ignore it.
  • Do not put anything stupid in your topic title. The best topics are those of the syntax "Title (Year)"
    If your posting in the help section, "help" is a very stupid topic and will waste everyone time.  Put something that sums up your question/problem, eg. "Can't get AC3 sound to work".  If you are wanting a reshare, do not type "can someone reshare", etc.  Simply put the filename in the title, ie. "Evil Dead Trap 2".  In the message body, always post your link and tell the people how much you've got... it will ensure the right file is reshared.  If you are requesting a movie, series or game, please put an <a href="http://www.imdb.com">IMDB</a> link in the message body to ensure that people know what your after, and if your after a particular version mention that too.  In the topic title, put the name of the film, and maybe the year in which it was made.  Any info provided helps people know what film your talking about.
  • Before requesting, try the search option at the top of these boards.
  • If you are releasing, it is very helpful if you include the following information
    File specs --> use gspot to get them if you don't know
    <a href="http://www.imdb.com">IMDB link</a>
    where your sharing/server,
    and you must include your edonkey link
    Pictures also help people a lot, not essential, but these are just nice to include (best way to do screenshots is to load up a paint app, load up virtual dub-->open your file and then "copy source frame to clipboard" at random points in your rip, simply pasting your shots into your paint app each time).  Ensure that your website supports remote linking though (see avatar section)
  • To post a link, simply post the link exactly as edonkey gives it to you.
    The link will be clickable. If it isn't you most likely have HTML disabled in your profile or post. Enable it, and it will work.

    You can also now post ed2k:// links and they will work:

    ed2k: angel.s04e02.ground.state-ftv.mpg  [424.84 Mb] [Stats]
  • Always include ed2k:// links, do not simply post links to topics on other sites.
    Please include the link, because if that site goes down or alters it's format it renders your post useless, not to mention many sites are incredibly slow.  Posts that do not include ed2k links will be deleted or edited.
  • Remember that the native language of this board is English, so try to post in English. This is curtesy rather than a rule.
  • The general board is not a personal message board, if you need to contact another member, do so by PM or instant messager
Not allowed:
  • Trading (please share, do not trade or negotiate trades on these boards)
  • Racial abuse or personal attacks
  • Advertising. Do not advertise your website on these boards. You may put your website in your signature, but that is the limit. Your post will be deleted and you may get a ban if you start threads about your site.
  • Please do not insert links to cracking, hacking or porn websites. Any illegal direct links are not allowed, simply because this is an edonkey board. Porn is not allowed because this board has nothing to do with it and that is off-topic and not allowed (even in the general board)
  • Cross posting. Do not cross post. Your topic belongs in one section only and that's where it should be.
  • Repeated bumping of topics. Don't do it.
  • Direct Linking. Ed2k links only please. http:// and ftp:// links will be removed and you will be either warned or banned.
  • Force clicks, or release topics without ed2k links
  • Duplicate accounts

Summary of prohibited content
ed2k is legal in most countries due to the fact it is MD4 hash pointing to something that may or may not be illegal, that may or may not be there and is not available to download directly from any server. We're sticking with that :)

Might as well take this point to clarify what is and isn't allowed :) This board is an edonkey2000 board, meaning that releases must be shared on this network. BT works in the same way, thusly it is allowed to be posted here, but as this is primarily an ed2k board, BT must be in support of the ed2k link.

If a topic does not contain a ed2k:// link, it is not allowed in a release section.

IRC rooms are legal, therefore they are allowed to be talked about, so too are binaries. However, posts to IRC bots or direct downloads via ftp, http or links to sites offering warez over ftp, http are illegal and thusly is not allowed.

So to summrise, every release should include a ed2k:// . Until I discover otherwise and based on legality.

  • Edonkey2000/Emule links: ed2k://
  • Bit Torrent: http:// * .torrent
  • http:// to warez or illegal material
  • ftp:// to warez or illegal material
Not Wanted:
  • Kazaa: sig2dat :matrix:
  • http:// to corporate / anti-piracy sites

Talking about any of those is fine, although warez sites are strictly forbidden and 'recruiting' (or any other such activities) to any warez communities is not allowed. As primarily an ed2k site, please do not post excessively about other mediums.

Remote Linking and Avatars
  • If you are wanting an avatar or would like to post pictures, ensure that your webhost supports remote linking.
    If you pay for webspace or use the space your isp provided, this feature is almost cetainly supported.  However, for free websites this is a different matter and many will no longer support this ie. geocities.  Anyone with broken avatars will have them removed if they aren't sorted out, because it isn't fair on everyone who see's a grotesque red x (IE users).  If your looking for a place to store images, banners or avatars, try www.lycos.co.uk , the uk version allows remote linking

    Polityk wrote:
    Due to the excessive amount of bandwidth used (we're popular! :lol: ), the existing single site has been replaced by smaller mirrors:

    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahfiles (retired now, you can no longer write)
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahavatars (avatars for this site only)
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahscreens (screenshots for this site only)
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahscreens2 (screenshots for this site only - option 2, use it every so often, should reduce bandwidth if you alternate)
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahmisc (misc. pictures)
    http://members.lycos.co.uk/hhahpublic (public image dump)

    hhahavatars is for your avatars, and for this site only please
    hhahscreens is the first mirror for screenshots, please alternate
    hhahscreens2 is the second mirror for screenshots, please alternate
    hhahmisc is for misc pictures ie. collections or general images
    hhahpublic are for images you intend to use on multiple sites (ie. upload your avatar to hhahavatars and hhahpublic)

  • Keep your sig small!
    Any huge pics will be deleted or resized, plain and simple.  If people abuse this feature, it [b]will[/b] be removed.  Always think of those on worse connections than you, if your on a crap connection you should already know better.  The current board setting does not allow avatars larger than 150x150 pixels

* = Updated

[ Add all 4 links to your ed2k client ]

Mouse nipple for the win! Trackpoint or death!

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Board rules can now be found here:

Mouse nipple for the win! Trackpoint or death!

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