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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:08 pm  Post subject: Rondellus - Sabbatum (A Medieval Tribute To Black Sabbath)
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Sabbatum (A Medieval Tribute To Black Sabbath)

Year - 2003

Genre - Classical / Ambient / Medieval

Label - The Music Cartel

Bitrate - 320 kbps MP3

01 - Verres militares - war pigs
02 - Oculi filioli - junior's eyes
03 - Funambulus domesticus - a national acrobat
04 - Symptoma mundi - symptom of the universe
05 - Post murum somnii - behind the wall of sleep
06 - Post aeternitatem - after forever
07 - Magus - the wizard
08 - Solitudo - solitude
09 - Rotae confusionis - wheels of confusion
10 - Planetarum vagatio - planet caravan
11 - Via gravis - a hard road
12 - Architectus urbis caelestis - spiral architect

Sabbatum is a tribute album like no other 12 Black Sabbath classic songs played by early music band Rondellus and sung in Latin language.
Can You imagine what Black Sabbath would have sounded like if Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward would have formed the band in the 14th century? Would War Pigs or The Wizard have been as powerful if played on medieval instruments like lute, fiddle and harp?
Curious? So was Rondellus, the renowned Estonian medieval music band. They took 12 Black Sabbath classics and turned them into something totally unheard.
You don't have to take history lessons to get the feeling. It's all on the new CD Rondellus recorded Sabbatum. An amazing collection of Black Sabbath tunes played on medieval instruments and sung in Latin language.

Sabbatum the most unique sounding Black Sabbath tribute album.
You've probably heard all the Black Sabbath cover albums. Perhaps both Nativity in Black compilations are in Your CD box right now. Great records, aren't they?
But Sabbatum takes a closer look at all these classic Black Sabbath songs in a way its never been done before. The angle is so differrent that You better prepare Yourself for a big surprise, a positively shocking one.
Sabbatum takes You on a trip. It acts like a time machine. In a single moment You will find Yourself attending a Black Sabbath show during the 14th century. You will be in a medieval cathedral where time stands still. Just You and thousands of fellow kings and queens, knights and ladies. And the tunes that made heavy metal classic songs by Black Sabbath.

ed2k: Rondellus%20-%20Sabbatum%20(A%20Medieval%20Tribute%20To%20Black%20Sabbath)%20(320kbs)%20(Eldin).rar  [117.45 Mb] [Stats]

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:47 pm  Post subject: Re: Rondellus - Sabbatum (A Medieval Tribute To Black Sabbat
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