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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:27 pm  Post subject: Satan Returns, (1996) ((666 mo gui fu huo))
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Anybody interested in getting their mits on this?...


I just dug it outta my 'lost' box o DVDs! Its with Eng subs, in widescreen, and top quality too! :D

Thing is, (uh-oh...), Ive been trying all day to rip this, using GKnot, but I cant wrap my pea-like brain around it! I could really do with a 'step-by-step' guide as this will be my first ever rip, (assuming, of course, that anybody actually wants it! :wacky: ).
Ive tried following Spuds guide, as well as the Doom9 one, and its still no go! :oops:
So please help! I would love to give a little back to you guys, as Ive taken so much from you! :D
The film is good, fair bit of gore, some nudity, ( :P ), and even a touch of the John Woo's about it!
Ive checked the mule, as well as this site, and cant find it anywhere, (please feel free to ruin my day and tell me its available for dload!).
Anyhoo; let me know!
Cheers all!


PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:49 pm  Post subject:
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i've never done a guide to gknot since its so simple i don't think there's even a point, that i recall, that's merely advise on choosing what to avoid doing. Doom9s is a step by step as in a do what they say.

Basic process. Load gknot, on the first tab, click dvddecrypter, extract to a directory on your hdd in IFO mode ~(it tells you how to do that next to the dvddecrypter button), you then load up the DGindex or whatever its called, hit F5 for a preview, when the text appears in the box, you then press escape.

If its NTSC and > FILM 95%, you activate FORCE FILM, it tells you this in the text next to the button. If you don't you will need to IVTC later. If its PAL, do not worry about either. It tells you what to do in the text next to the button.

You open the the file you create with that with open. in the new window, you go to view and make sure its checked that your displaying the resized version

You go to the next tab, you click 1 cd, xvid, 128 vbr for the first audio, you select one audio track, you uncheck the overhead box, you make sure the drop down box says mp3 vbr.

You click the next tab, you select ntsc, 16:9 for anamorphic else 4:3 for letter box. You go to cropping. You hit smart autocrop all and then check smart autocrop all. you then check carefully in your preview window you can't see any black boarders, you can tweak single pixel cropping back on the cropping part of the 3rd tab.

You now look at the resolution, your more than likely going to have to resize down. So drag the slider down to a low 600x??? value.

You now go to the preview window, this is important. Get to a scene with motion, now advance one frame at a time... if you see any interlacing problems, you will need to apply a deinterlacing filter on the next option. Kernal deinterlace is a popular one. If you have NTSC, and you didn't FORCE FILM, check for this sequence: normal, normal, normal, INTERLACE, INTERLACE. If you get that, then you need to IVTC on the next window, not deinterlace.

If you don't know what interlace means, check the sticky in the higher quality section.

hit save and encode. if you need to deinterlace or IVTC, find the options and enable the one you want

You now look at the bit that says compressability test. You enable it. Then you hit the compressability test button.

You now make a drink and come back.

In the main gui, at the bottom under neath where you cropped and selected a resolution, you'll have a box with some numbers and a percentage in. If its a reasonable number. Drag the slider for choosing the resolution until you get a decent value, about 90% is great. DO NOT go below 512x resolution though, if its trying to get you to do that don't. Keep it at 512x minimum, and never go above 700~ (where you have a zoom of above 100%).

Once you do that, go to your preview window (if its not there, go to open and open your file again). Hit save and encode. Apply any deinterlacing or IVTC you need. Then hit save and encode again.

You will come up with another window. Here, go to first audio, select your AC3 file that you demuxed right at the begining. Then choose the option that has a re-encode to vbr mp3 kind of feel. I think its the third option down. Go back to the first tab, check the options, then hit the buttton that has a "okay we're about finished" kind of feel to it. It will ask you if you want to encode. and you do, so your done.

Doom9's guide covers all of that, more coherantly and with diagrams. It cant be that hard because i've written this entire post from memory and I don't use gknot that much ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:54 pm  Post subject:
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I used this guide just make sure you follow the instructions for XViD. I think they have it for download as a PDF file as well.

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