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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:18 am  Post subject: Crypt Of Terror : Horror From South Of The Border Vol.1
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Vacation Of Terror


Plot:A family buys a summer house in the Mexican countryside... but this dream home is not what it seems. The youngest daughter finds a diabolical doll, possessed by a witch, who takes control of her and Supernatrually attempts to kill the rest of the family.

Vacation Of Terror 2


Plot:The diabolical doll and Pedro Fernandez return for this sequel the the original film. julio is invited to a birthday party for a little girl on halloween in a close movie studio. At the party, he notices she has a doll that resembles the one that his little sister had. This is one party you'll be dying to leave.

Hell's Trap


Plot:A group of hunters are searching for a bear... but what they find is a maniacal vietnam vet defending his land by planting deadly booby traps for the group. The hunters become the hunted.

Don't panic


Plot:On his 17th birthday, michael is given a Ouija board as a gift from his best friend tony. During their first attempt to use the board, they unlock an evil force within the board, an evil spirit named virgil. Soon, there is a wave of violent deaths around town and michael appears to be the suspect having been a witness to the killings via premonitions.

Cemetery Of Terror


Plot:A group of medical students steal the deceased boy of satanic serial killer Devlon from the morgue to play a Halloween prank. The students perform a black mass in a attempt to raise devlon from the dead with the help of his satanic book. When nothing happens, but a bad rainstorm, the students flee to a nearby empty house to party. Little do they know the mass worked and devlon is looking to crash their party. Agroup of young trick-or-treaters also arrive at the house, but theres no treats at this house

Grave Robbers


Plot:Four teenagers on a camping trip decide to rob a nearby graveyard. They stumble across an ornate grave and tomb housing the corpse of an executed satanist from the days of the inquisition. The tomb was used for sanatic rituals inquisition torture and it's full of gold and jewelry. Our teens believe they struck it rich... or so they think. Soon the deceased satanist zombie, armed with massive battle axes, rise from the grave to claim his treasure.

bonus movie

The demon rat


Plot:In a bleak near future the world has really gone to seed due to severe pollution. Toxic smog, acid rain, and grotesquely mutated animals are all direct results of this environmental decay. Ruthless industrialist Roberto Cervantes makes matters worse by illegally dumping plutonium. School teacher Irina and professor Axel try to stop Cervantes. Moreover, a giant lethal humanoid rat runs amok in Irina's house


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