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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:48 pm  Post subject: Misty Mundae
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Misty Mundae

Being one of the most underrated character-actresses of the last years, Misty Mundae has still been able to perform in a remarkable number of fine movies.
Born in Illinois and raised in New Jersey, the cute brunette has appeared in films since the age of 18 when she began her career with the underground film company, Factory 2000. Her natural talent soon landed the actress with supporting roles in several Seduction Cinema productions including her first "break-out" role, the year 2000 spoof Erotic Survivor. Fans immediately and overwhelmingly responded to Misty's unique combination of doe-eyed innocence and girl-next-door beauty. In fact the only slutty thing about Misty is her older sister Chelsea who co-starred in some of her movies. Despite her rather flat chest her excellent performances quickly lead to larger and more challenging starring roles in key productions. Several of them even have been banned in various countries of this world.

At last count, Misty has appeared in over 50 films of which many have gone on to become home video [sic], cable TV [sic!], pay-per-view [sic!!] and international hits [hick!] including 'Play-mate of the Apes', 'Gladiator Eroticvs', 'SpiderBabe', 'Screaming Dead' and last but not least 'Lord of the G-strings', which is still regarded as the interpretation of Tolkiens work that is most faithful to the authors intentions, putting a strong emphasis on the string underlying homosexual undertones in the epic novel.

Not only Movie-industry insiders expect the first nominations for the Academy awards rather sooner than later, be it as an actress or as director. As some of her famous award winning colleagues, Misty has started to direct by herself.

blue = available & verified
red = not yet available
light blue = unverified

  1. 11:11 (2006)
  2. An erotic vampire in Paris (2002)
  3. An erotic werewolf in London (2002)
  4. Bikini girls on dinosaur planet (2004)
  5. Bite Me! (2004)
  6. Chantal (2003)
  7. Confessions of a natural girl (2003)
  8. Dead girls don't say goodbye (2000)
  9. Dead students society (1998)
  10. Dinner (Cannibal doctor) (1999)
  11. Dinner for two (2000)
  12. Dr Jekyll & MIstress Hyde (2003)
  13. Duck! The Carbine High massacre (2000)
  14. Electric Cord Strangler 2:I strangle the Body electric (2000)
  15. Electric Cord strangler (1999)
  16. Erotic Time machine (2002)
  17. Erotic survivor (2001)
  18. Flesh for Olivia (2005)
  19. Girl Zombie (2001)
  20. Girl seduction (2002)
  21. Gladiator Eroticvs - the lesbian warriors (2001)
  22. Going under (1998)
  23. I, Asphyxia: The electric cord strangler III (2000)
  24. Infamous bondage murders (1998)
  25. Infamous bondage murders 2 (1998)
  26. International Necktie Strangler (2000)
  27. Lesbos Slaughter (1998)
  28. Lesbos Slaughter 2 (1999)
  29. Lord of the G-Strings (2002)
  30. Lust for Dracula (2004)
  31. Lust in the Mummy's Tomb (2002)
  32. Lustful Addiction (2003)
  33. Misty's secret (2000)
  34. Mummy Raider (2002)
  35. My vampire lover (2002)
  36. Naked Cooking (2003)
  37. Peeping in a girl's dormitory (2000)
  38. Playmate of the apes (2002)
  39. Purgatory Blues (2001)
  40. Roxanna (2002)
  41. Satan's school for lust (2002)
  42. Screaming Dead (2003)
  43. Sexy american idle (2003)
  44. Shock-O-Rama (2005)
  45. Shoot the girls (2001)
  46. Silk stocking strangler (2002)
  47. Silver Mummy (1999)
  48. Sin Sisters (2003)
  49. Sinful Wives (2005)
  50. Skin Crawl (2003)
  51. Snuff Strangler (2001)
  52. Sour Milk (2003)
  53. Spiderbabe (2003)
  54. That 70's Girl (2003)
  55. The Lost (2005)
  56. The erotic diary of Misty Mundae (2004)
  57. The erotic mirror (2002)
  58. The girl who shagged me (2005)
  59. The seduction of Misty Mundae (2004)
  60. The vibrating maid (1998)
  61. Titanic 2000 (1999)
  62. Vampire Strangler (1999)
  63. Vampire Vixens (2003)
  64. Velvetine vampire (2000)
  65. Voodoun Blues (2004)
  66. Witchbabe: Erotic witch project 3 (2001)

11:11 (2006)
Additional Information:filming in process

An erotic vampire in Paris (2002)
ed2k: An.Erotic.Vampire.in.Paris.2002.DVDRip.Xvid-LiNE.avi
Review: When a young, virginal American girl (Misty Mundae) learns of her mother’s death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Sad and alone, she wanders the exotic city in search of answers, finality, and peace of mind. When she is befriended by a mysterious and voluptuous woman (Tina Krause), little does she realize that this luscious Parisian beauty is a modern-day vampire looking for vulnerable victims. Her innocent girlish charms and sensual young body arouse this predatory creature of the night, and the two of them begin a torrid affair that pushes the bounds of female lust and eroticism to new heights. As their lesbian relationship intensifies, The mystery woman is able to conceal her vampire identity and unquenchable thirst for blood from the girl. But soon her true animal nature can no longer be hidden, and the virginal beauty must face the horrifying reality of her fanged lover. Will they remain eternal bedmates, or will predator devour prey?

An erotic werewolf in London (2002)
Additional Information:In production

Bikini girls on dinosaur planet (2004)
ed2k: Bikini.Girls.on.Dinosaur.Planet.2004.DVDRip.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: When a pair of time-traveling alien beauties stumble across Earth as it was one million years ago, they are confronted by a ménage-a-trois of sex-crazed cave-girls (Misty Mundae, Ruby LaRocca, Lily Tiger) and a land populated by rumbling dinosaurs. It's not before long that the fur-clad lesbian cave-babes get down to some serious grunting and groaning and teach the curious space visitors a thing or two about juicy Jurassic love.

Bite Me! (2004)
ed2k: Bite.Me.2004.DVDRiP.XViD-MDP.avi
Review: When a hybrid strain of bio-engineered marijuana is delivered to a secluded strip club, it brings with it a monstrous army of insect creatures and a renegade U.S. federal agent with a big chip on his shoulder. Soon the stealthy, fist-sized bugs are busily engorging themselves on human blood, their bite effecting a particularly potent narcotic reaction in those attacked. An exterminator is brought in to halt the infestation, but he is helpless against the eight-legged onslaught, so everyone becomes a potential meal. And if the trapped victims don't think their situation could get any worse, wait until the federal agent turns into the biggest, baddest bug ever to walk on two legs.

Chantal (2003)
Movieinfo:in production

Confessions of a natural girl (2003)
Additional Information:in production

Dead girls don't say goodbye (2000)
Review: Two college girls(Misty Mundae, Esmarelda Delarocca) in a drunken fit of ecstasy find an intense passion for each other and define the meaning of lust for one another. While sober, the sexual experimentation doesn’t rest so easy with one of the young girls as she struggles with the temptation of a possible second night of unbridled passion.

Dead students society (1998)
Review: Hulking, slow-witted Nikko (Joseph Anthony) and drop-dead-gorgeous Nora (Roxanne Michaels) do not share a typical sibling relationship...the result of a traumatic childhood experience. She is a calculating, cold-blooded serial killer and he is her voyeuristic accomplice. Posing as a professor of literature, Nora tempts young students (Tina Krause, Misty Mundae) into her lair, seducing them with sensual and erotic poetry, sexually-charged flirtation, and a ripe and luscious body barely contained by her conservative college attire. But this extra-curricular poetic society quickly turns into a black pit of death for each student as Nora's initiations of wild sexual pleasure climax instead with gruesome acts of torture and murder. As the brother/sister duo continue in their homicidal ways, one student who suspects the grisly goings-on must put an end to the terrifying madness or fall victim to Nora's hot and poisonous charms.

Dinner (Cannibal doctor) (1999)

Dinner for two (2000)

Dr Jekyll & MIstress Hyde (2003)
Review: Dr. Jackie Stevenson (Julian Wells) is a controversial therapist who believes the female psyche consists of the 'pure' and the 'lustful,' and she has developed an experimental serum that will separate the two halves, thus freeing women from psychological and sexual inhibitions. Jackie tests the drug on a depressed young woman (Misty Mundae) who immediately becomes a maniacal love machine that ravishes Jackie in her office. Turned on by the encounter, Jackie decides to experience the effects of the drug firsthand, and it transforms her from a plain and mousy doctor into a stunning and sensuous vixen who craves endless erotic satisfaction. Stalking the streets at night as her predatory alter ego, Jackie indulges all her deepest lesbian fantasies. A smouldering one-night-stand with a hooker leads to further steamy seductions, menacing menages-a-trois, and a wild encounter with Jackie's own house maid (Ruby LaRocca) who fails to even recognize her. As Jackie becomes more and more addicted to the drug and the carnal pleasures it promises, she begins to lose all control…and who knows how far she will go to satisfy her 'other' insatiable self.

Duck! The Carbine High massacre (2000)

Electric Cord Strangler 2:I strangle the Body electric (2000)
Review: Shattered by the brutal death of his best "go-girls", local drug kingpin Joey Smack recruits some fresh meat to do his bidding. Smack is unaware that the Electric Cord Strangler has returned and is eager to squeeze and throttle tender female throats.

Electric Cord strangler (1999)
Review: Misty Mundae (IBM 1 & 2) and Daisy (I Was A Teenage Strangler) team up to get beaten down...and beaten down hard! Hanging out playing their rock-n-roll instruments and groovin' on psychedelia, little could they know an itchy-palmed killer is poised to strike without mercy. In between sets, Misty takes a shower, giving our villain the opportunity to strangle and brutalize Daisy to the point of unconsciousness with his handy electrical cord, then tying her up and fondling every part of her ripe young body. Misty's next, and she gets the same flesh-bruising treatment. But Joey Smack stumbles in, scaring off the perverted maniac. Joey unties the revived Daisy and Misty, and they recount their blood-curdling, asphyxiating experience while gorging themselves on various pharmaceuticals. The girls think they're safe now, but the psycho and his sturdy electrical cord are ready for round two, and this time no-one is going to be left standing...or breathing.

Erotic Time machine (2002)
Review: Seductive 31st century scientist Miss Manners (Kelli Summers) has unlocked the secret of time travel. She has also discovered a curious side-effect of physical motion through the time and space continuum - intimate arousal, the likes of which has never been known to humankind. Manners calls it "lust travel," and she is utterly addicted to it. Lust travel has turned her into a pleasure-seeking adventurer whose sole purpose is to experience erotic satisfaction in every epoch, both past and future. On this particular day, Manners' sights have been set on the 21st century, and she is hot for sensual lesbian action. With her time capsule poised for departure and her luscious young body primed for untold excitement, there is no telling when and if she will ever be coming back to her own time.

Erotic survivor (2001)
ed2k: Erotic.Survivor.DVDRip.Xvid-PiMPRiPPaZ.avi
Review: Erotic Survivor is a voyeuristic game decided by wits, willpower and wild eroticism as two teams stranded in a remote tropical forest battle the elements and themselves to see who will come out on top and win the million dollar Grand Prize. For the all-girl team that quickly discovers it's made up of full-blooded, hot-bodied lesbians, you can be sure each of them will wind up "on top"… several times! That's because their competitions are performed on one another - with taut, writhing bodies and eager, sensual mouths forming the kinds of alliances you'll never see on TV. And unlike the other team that strives to win, these girls strive to sin, and their uncensored, uninhibited teamwork will likely turn the next tribal council into a steamy orgiastic ritual!

Flesh for Olivia (2005)
Additional Information:In production

Girl Zombie (2001)
Additional Information:In production

Girl seduction (2002)
Additional Information:Collection of shorts including 'Inside Misty Mundae', 'My first female lover', 'The seduction of Cyber Jane' and 'My date with Misty Mundae'
Review: Apart from the prviously unreleased shorts this compilations contains various scenes from older Misty Mundae movies.

Gladiator Eroticvs - the lesbian warriors (2001)
ed2k: Gladiator.Eroticus.-.The.Lesbian.Warriors.Anglais.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: Darian Caine stars as a lesbian warrior who is taken prisoner, enslaved and later becomes the most feared and least clothed female gladiator performing in the Roman games.

Going under (1998)
Review: Story 1: Two young women (Chelsea Mundae and Leslie Loves) are watching a crime drama video when a deranged killer (Bill Hellfire) breaks into the house and forces them to chloroform each other and then themselves. Will the two women survive the ordeal?

I, Asphyxia: The electric cord strangler III (2000)
Review: Bennie the stain, a deviant drug dealer by nature tries to come clean by staying with his "born-again" sister Holly (played by Liz Bathory). Holly spends her time caring for a disabled drug addict (Henry Krinkle). Before Bennie can arrive Holly begins having premonitions of being violently bound and asphyxiated with electric cords.

Infamous bondage murders (1998)
Review: Billy Boy and his FACTORY2000 gang kidnap local college girls only to strangle, kill them and dance with their dead bodies.

Infamous bondage murders 2 (1998)
Review: Stanley, Travoy, Shapirio and Armond are back...and badder then ever! Stoked on drugs, fueled by hate, and propelled by a violent bloodfrenzy, this band of marauding monsters preys upon young girls, making mincemeat out of every unsuspecting, "she's askin' for it" chicky-poo that blunders their way. And they do it in grand style! Strangulation, bludgeoning, disrobing, humiliation, defilement, beating, breast slapping, binding and gagging, stabbing, drowning, trunk stuffing, forced regurgitation, rape and necrophilia - it's how they get their kicks, and nothing's too good for these hapless, helpless, pleading, screaming young pretties when the fab four get down and dirty

International Necktie Strangler (2000)
Review: A story of sexual repression and guilt, starring the tantalizing and voluptuous Mia Copia and delicate flower Misty Mundae. The young girls are vacationing in Paris, but doing most of their exploration in the hotel bathtub. But these unrelenting throws of passion prove to be too much for the mentally fragile, bicurious beauties...and the guilt resulting from their promiscuous escapades arrives in the form of a sexually depraved necktie strangler. Meanwhile Greta, a naive young woman from Hungary (Esmerelda DelaRoca) visits her cousin in New York City, to discover that Manhattan holds many more exciting and arousing opportunities than she has ever experienced in Budapest. Forewarned of the notorious "peeping tom" across from their apartment, Greta submits to her curiosity and secret desires...giving her voyeur a sensual and uninhibited strip tease! But Greta underestimates the dangers of such impulsive behavior...

Lesbos Slaughter (1998)
Review: Lesson of the Day: Never give away your true identity on phone-sex party lines, or the consequences could get messy. The notorious phone sex strangler is on the loose and any curious, beautiful girl could fall victim to the depraved ways of this psychopath. But beware, a sexy little starlet's beauty is as unrelenting as her lust for asphyxia. With her sensual voice, she lures the voluptuous and BI-curious young women into her apartment. After deceiving them with seemingly innocent games of "show and tell" or "truth or dare," she reveals her true intentions . . .

Lesbos Slaughter 2 (1999)
Review: It's that time of year again, and the local Satanic Cult needs virgin blood for their yearly Devil-Fest. He who conducts the virgin sacrifice leads the sect for the upcoming year. After one failed attempt to feast upon the blood of the pure, the cult leader demands that his subordinates bring him the blood of an unpenetrated woman! Meanwhile, Camille (Misty Mundae), the seductive and persuasive young college student, entices her timid yet easily tempted friend Jennifer (Liz Bathory) to share a relaxed and secluded weekend of house-sitting; thus, becoming a new target for the bloodthirsty Satanists. As the weekend progresses, Camille tries to get into Jennifer's pants, while the Satanists want to get into her veins.

Lord of the G-Strings (2002)
ed2k: Lord.of.the.G-Strings-The.Femaleship.of.the.String.2002.DVDRip.Xvid-VARiETY.avi
Review: In the mythical realm of Diddle Earth, diminutive yet delectable Throbbit Bildo Saggins (Misty Mundae) is sent by Smirnoff the Wizard to destroy the legendary G-String - most powerful weapon in the land. The G-String was forged by the ancient villainess Horspank (Paige Richards), and those who possess the slinky and sexy under-garment experience supreme invincibility…and untold sensual pleasures. Bildo is accompanied on her dangerous mission by fellow Throbbits Hornee (Darian Caine) and Spam (A.J. Khan) - both small of stature but big of erotic appetite. Together this courageous and curvaceous threesome trek far and wide throughout the territory of Diddle Earth, evading the Dorc forces of the evil wizard Sourasse and finding safety only in one another's arms. Along the treacherous path, Bildo and company also meet up with a fearless fighter - the dethroned Queen Araporn (Barbara Joyce) - who joins their quest to Party-Pooper Volcano, the only place where the G-String can be destroyed. Amidst rampaging desires and female fantasies made flesh, Bildo must be wary of Ballem, a hideous creature who desires the G-String and will stop at nothing in his mad quest to have it.

Lust for Dracula (2004)
ed2k: Lust.for.Dracula.2004.DvdRip.Xvid-PiMpRipPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Additional Files: Lust.for.Dracula.2004.DvdRip.Xvid-PiMpRipPaZ.nfo
Review: Mina Harker (Misty Mundae) isn't the happiest of Hollywood Hills wives - even though she's married to wealthy pharmaceuticals magnate Jonathan Harker (Julian Wells!). The repressed Mina longs for Jonathan's love and the happiness a child would bring them, yet the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Dracula (Darian Caine) - seductive vampire servants at her side - will change their lives forever. Dracula offers Mina the sensual existence she so desperately craves - one that is immediately threatened by Mina's sister, Dr. Abigail Van Helsing (Shelly Jones). Van Helsing seeks to not only destroy the monstrous vampire but covet Mina's seemingly perfect life and husband Jonathan, too. As these troubled characters move ever closer toward their destinies and a final battle with Dracula, blood will be spilled, souls will be destroyed, and love will become undying.

Lust in the Mummy's Tomb (2002)
ed2k: Lust.in.the.Mummies.Tomb.2002.DvdRip.XviD-PiMpRiPPaZ.avi
Review: Misty finds a mummy lying on the floor of her "Daddy's study", and begins to stroke and suck his still erect penis. Suddenly a really nasty looking Egyptian woman appears, and seems to be quite jealous ...

Lustful Addiction (2003)
Review: Ruby is a hot young waif looking for kicks and raunchy pleasures anywhere she can find them. First it's with Johnny the Pusher, and she uses her tight little body like a knockout punch - exhausting him into unconsciousness with a delirious bout of lovemaking. With Johnny's stash now easy for the picking, Ruby wanders off to her next adventure clad in a pharmaceuticals-induced haze and thigh-high vinyl boots. She quickly makes the acquaintance of Misty, and the two of them hit it off in an orgasmic blur of chemical stimulation, lingerie and quivering excitement. But too much is never enough for these luscious young things, and Misty high-tails it in search of another bag of goodies. Feeling abandonned, Ruby gives a holler to her dealing strip-club friend Darian, and the two of them indulge their habits.

Misty's secret (2000)
Review: Misty is sexually awakened by her sultry roommate (Tina Krause) leading to a sensual and naughty bathing encounter. Meanwhile, neighbor Ruby (Ruby LaRocca) teases those who gaze at her window by doing an erotic strip-tease!

Mummy Raider (2002)
Review: The sexy and diabolical Doctor Humboldt schemes to build an indestructible Fourth Reich, but for that she requires the wisdom and magic of Ancient Egypt…and the resurrection of evil King Thotep. To that end, she kidnaps Professor Kleve and his beautiful daughter Kristen who holds the secret to resuscitating the Thotep mummy. When Humboldt's seduction of Kristen fails, she forces Kristen to recite the incantation that brings the monstrous ages- dead mummy back to life. But little does Humboldt know that Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider is hot on her trail and even hotter in her tight leather outfit. Misty battles Humboldt's henchmen and the rampaging mummy with big guns blazing, lethal fists flying, and silky skin baring!

My vampire lover (2002)
ed2k: My.Vampire.Lover.2002.DvdRip.Xvid.Noschidt.avi
Review: When Monique moves into a quiet suburban neighborhood, life - and death - will never be the same again. Monique is a modern-day vampire who spends her nights secretly seducing the town's female population, hoping her lustful bite can transform one of them into a worthy and eternal bedmate. Alas, none survive. Traci, the sexually unfulfilled woman next door, keeps a watchful eye on Monique, unaware of her new neighbor's monstrous identity. Turned on by the vampire's tasty young body and hot erotic charms, Traci's hesitancy to be with a female quickly turns to pleasure-soaked anticipation of torrid lesbian love-making at the hands and mouth of Monique. But as more women are found drained of their blood, it's up to Chip the cable guy and two detectives to hunt down and destroy the fanged perpetrator…yet how could they possibly imagine that a drop-dead gorgeous creature is responsible for the

Naked Cooking (2003)
Review: Featuring health conscious cook and culinary aficionado Chelsea Mundae (the upcoming Sisters) and her sister Misty, Naked Cooking will bring “eating well” to a whole new level of excitement as it offers up the tastiest dishes…and good food, too! Your favorite SC girls will be on hand wearing nothing but an apron, and they’ll have to tame their sensual appetites for one another in order to satisfy appetites of the gastronomic kind. You’ll learn how to prepare healthy foods that taste great, and Chelsea, Misty and the rest of the naked gang will prove once and for all that presentation IS everything!

Peeping in a girl's dormitory (2000)
Additional Information:Short Movie

Playmate of the apes (2002)
ed2k: Play-mate.of.the.apes.DVDRip.Xvid-PiMPRiPPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: In the far distant future, sexy and fearless U.S. astronaut Gaylor (Misty Mundae) and her shipmates (Anoushka, Sharon Engert) crash land on a grim and desolate planet. Quickly out of their spacesuits and into each other's arms, unbridled lesbian seductions become their only hope for survival. But Gaylor and crew discover the planet to be dominated by a tyrannical race of intelligent talking apes led by the dastardly General Lade who plots the enslavement of all humans. The three astronauts are caught and imprisoned, yet Gaylor's smarts, girlish charms, and hot erotic beauty immediately catch the fancy of human-friendly ape Dr. Kweera (Debbie Rochon) as well as the luscious wild woman Uvala (Darian Caine). Soon, no woman can keep her "filthy" paws off Gaylor's young, scrumptious body, and a revolution of untamed and uninhibited female lust threatens to bring down the repressive ape society...or set it free!

Purgatory Blues (2001)
Review: The Purgatory Blues is the story of a drug addict who dies and goes to hell, is given a reprieve by Satan herself (Julie Strain) and sent back to earth with the stipulation that he corrupt one person within 24 hours, and his resulting race against the clock to save his own soul at the cost of another.

Roxanna (2002)
Review: Roxanna (Misty Mundae) knows who she wants, what she craves, and how to get it, and nothing or no one is going to stop her. She spends her nights and days experimenting with her sweet young body - satisfying a hot erotic appetite with an endless parade of female lovers. But Roxanna's obsession with exquisite and limitless pleasures of the flesh begins to take over her life, and soon lesbian desires surge beyond her control. Naughty fantasies become mouth-watering reality, and Roxanna loses herself completely to this world of delectable sin. With the final realization that she has taken things too far - farther than her mind and body can handle - Roxanna must come to terms with her insatiable libido, or face the devastating consequences.

Satan's school for lust (2002)
Review: Young, beautiful and naïve Primula Cooper (Misty Mundae) is sent to a secluded female-only private school while her father travels overseas. Diablo School For Girls is an ominous and isolated building that hides its many dark and kinky secrets from the outside world. Upon her arrival, Primula is greeted by Miss Beezle (Barbara Joyce) - the domineering headmistress of Diablo who has a sinister taste for the bodies and souls of blossoming young women - as well as Phoenix (Ruby LaRocca), a student hellion and over-sexed goth girl who becomes Primula's all-too-willing roommate. As Primula tries to settle into her strange new environment, she begins having dreams of a devilish figure (Darian Caine) that can satisfy her deepest and hottest desires!

Screaming Dead (2003)
ed2k: Screaming.Dead.2003.STV.FS.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: An abandoned insane asylum looms dark and foreboding on the horizon. Into it pass six individuals who are about to discover its terrifying secrets and come face to face with its blackest horrors. Sleaze photographer Roger Neale and three beautiful models take up residence in the reportedly haunted old building – an ideal location for Neale’s photographic “study in terror.” The hospital was financed by a depraved industrialist who built a hidden vault under the basement where he tortured and murdered hundreds of patients. Neale himself is a sadist, and he takes great pleasure in exploiting the helpless young women. But when he discovers a secret passageway, it leads to a blood-splattered dungeon ... and into a supernatural world where pain and evil await mortal flesh.

Sexy american idle (2003)
ed2k: Sexy.American.Idle.2004.DvdRip.XviD.NoSchidt.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Resolution:608 x 464
Audio:48000Hz 129 kb/s mp3
Additional Files: Sexy.American.Idle.2004.DvdRip.XviD.Noschidt.nFo
Review: Northeast Westover is putting on a splashy talent competition to end all talent competitions. Hosted by the obnoxious duo Neil and Bob and lorded over by a panel of delectable judges (Julian Wells/Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde and Anoushka/Play-mate of the Apes) and drunken British rocker Glitter Bolan, all manners of bizarre personalities, inept acts and talentless hacks are encouraged to take the stage to do what they do worst! In the midst of the carnival atmosphere and dog-eat-dog competition, there’s more than ample time for the luscious and promiscuous hopefuls (Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, A.J. Khan, C.J.) to discover where their true talents lie. They can’t carry a tune or dance a lick, but these gorgeous women know how to “perform,” and it makes for Reality TV at its uncensored best.

Shock-O-Rama (2005)
Additional Information:in post-production

Shoot the girls (2001)
Review: A professional hitwoman who only kills men is contracted to murder a woman. While setting up her intended victim, she starts to develop an affection for her and soon begins having disturbing visions about her own death.

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Silk stocking strangler (2002)
Review: Sweet young Jackie (Katie Jordon) was looking for an outlet for her surging lesbian desires and a way out of her oppressive home life when she moved in with the free-spirited and hot-tongued Olivia (Misty Mundae). For Jackie, Olivia was a promise of independence, naughtiness, and around-the-clock satisfaction. But lust and eroticism quickly become betrayal when this sex-crazed lesbian couple faces eviction from their apartment. To take the landlord’s mind off rent money, Olivia engages the naïve Jackie in a kinky sexual game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, putting her taut, girlish body and her life in grave danger. As the landlord’s fantasies become more bizarre, Jackie begins to fear for their lives. Olivia tries to convince her gullible young lover that there is nothing to fear, yet she cannot possibly imagine the acts of depravity and sadism that truly lurk behind the peeping eyes of the landlord ... and what he has in store for them.

Silver Mummy (1999)
Review: Judy (Krause) has had recurring nightmares about being chloroformed, duct taped, and eventually killed. Unable to sleep in her own apartment, Judy asks her ex-boyfriend, Bob (Bill Hellfire), and his current girlfriend, Cynthia, (Misty Mundae) if she can stay with them. They agree, but the jealous girlfriend has her own ideas. She plans on making Judy's nightmares become all too real! She chloroforms Judy, strips her, and binds her with duct tape. Just like in her nightmares! For her final revenge, Cynthia knocks Judy out and wraps her entire body with duct tape! She then turns on the gas and leaves Judy to die.

Sin Sisters (2003)
ed2k: Sin.Sisters.2002.DvdRip.XviD.Noschidt.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Resolution:608 x 352
Audio:48000Hz 135 kb/s mp3
Additional Files: Sin.Sisters.2002.DvdRip.XviD.Noschidt.nFo
Review: Cynthia (Misty) is a slutty schoolgirl, who accidentally kills her rival, Beth, after she finds Cyn pleasuring herself in the school shower. While driving to get rid of the body Cyn and her sis (Mistys RL Sister Chelsea) run into Juli, a girl who likes to play mind-games.

Sinful Wives (2005)
Additional Information:in post-production

Skin Crawl (2003)
Review: In the late 17th century, a family of witches is terrorized by a corrupt public official. When their sister is murdered, the remaining two put on a curse on their bloodline, bringing horrible retribution to anyone who victimizes any member of their family, no matter how many generations away. Three hundred years later, their last descendant is a wealthy woman stuck in an unhappy marriage. Her husband and his mistress decide to have her killed to get at her money, unaware of the curse and the forces of darkness that they are about to unleash.

Snuff Strangler (2001)
Review: Sven, a world renowned sleaze photographer, has a photo date with three girls from the Factory 2000 (Misty Mundae, Lily Tiger, Marie Mazur) which might be more models than he can afford. Lucky for him the models agree to be paid after the shoot. Troulbe starts when Sven runs out of film and has no money for film or for the girls' model fees! Will Sven come up with the money or does he have something devilish in mind?!

Sour Milk (2003)
Additional Information:6 minute Short-movie
Review: Uncredited Misty Mundae appearance in a Movie by Joe Miller

Spiderbabe (2003)
ed2k: Spiderbabe.2003.DVDRIP.XVID.avi
Codec:DivX 5.x.x 2-pass
Audio:44100Hz 96 kb/s mp3
Review: Misty is Patricia Porker, a shy and studious high school girl with sweet dreams of tender romance and passion with the handsome boy next door. When bitten by her science teacher's genetically engineered spider, she gets more than she could have ever wished for! Suddenly transformed into a wall-climbing, building-bounding beauty with superhuman strength and an erotic appetite to match, Patricia takes the name SpiderBabe and quickly warms to saving lives, fighting crime and seducing the grateful citizens of New York City. But little does SpiderBabe know that a sinister arch-enemy is plotting her downfall. Her name is Lucinda Knox, a.k.a. The Femtilian (Julian Wells) - a lithe, deadly and delectable evil genius with her own taste for lustful adventure - and she will stop at nothing in her mad quest for world domination. Curvaceous editor of The Daily Bungle, J.J.J., also has it in for our web-flinging friend, and she employs a macho reporter and a gorgeous spy (Kelli Summers) to dig deep and get the dirt on SpiderBabe. As superhero and supervillain come to blows, they learn of a shared characteristic - a heightened attraction to luxurious females. Will the climactic battle between SpiderBabe and Femtilian be a vicious showdown to save Manhattan, or will their superhuman desires for one another pave a path to destruction??

That 70's Girl (2003)
Review: MISTY MUNDAE is THAT 70s GIRL! (2004) - Julian Wells (SpiderBabe) and Kelli Summers are Ashleigh and Jennifer – two wealthy, straight-as-an-arrow sisters conned out of their money and in desperate need of a housemate to share the costs of living. What they get from their new hippy roommate, Petal (Misty Mundae), and her love-slave, Mandy (A.J. Khan/Lord of the G-Strings), is a lesson or two – or three! – in Free Love. Petal may be a flower child, but she’s a woman in bed, and she shows her friends how to set a mind free while unleashing one hell of a body. Together they do what comes naturally to happenin’ chicks looking for ultra-erotic kicks at the time of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” and it’s a bell-bottoms-removing good time. It’ll be a trip, so tune in and turn on…

The Lost (2005)
Additional Information:in post production

The erotic diary of Misty Mundae (2004)
Additional Information:in production

The erotic mirror (2002)
ed2k: The.Erotic.Mirror.2002.DVDRip.XviD-NoSchidt.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: Laurie Wallace is a young woman who buys a mirror at an antique shop. The catch is that this mirror sends off erotic vibes, making every woman in its vicinity positively desperate for sex

The girl who shagged me (2005)
Review: When the fate of the world hangs by a thread, you better believe that Super-Secret Agent Johnson (Misty Mundae) is on the job and ready for a sexy, outrageous, pulse-pounding adventure. This hilarious send-up of spy thrillers finds "Johnson" battling the diabolical Dr. Unsound, the resuscitated Goddess of Lust, and her own amorous inclinations.

The seduction of Misty Mundae (2004)
Review: Shy 18-year-old Misty (Misty Mundae) is staying with her aunt Inga (Julian Wells) for a week in the country. Naïve and innocent, yet on the verge of sexual discovery, Misty wants to learn all she can from her seductive aunt about the desires that have begun to stir within her. Misty loses her virginity to the teenage boy next door, and it whets her appetite for further sensual adventures. So when she discovers that Inga prefers the company of beautiful young women, it unleashes Misty's deepest yearnings to see and experience each and very pleasure that lies at her fingertips. How far will Misty go…and with whom?

The vibrating maid (1998)
Movieinfo:24 minute Short-Movie
Review: Misty plays a college student on holiday at her Daddy's estate, and she is about to get more of an education than any school can provide when she discovers one of her Daddy's voluptuous maids pleasuring herself in a closet. Misty demands that the maid teach her the techniques of "going solo," or she will tell Daddy, resulting in the maid's expulsion.

Titanic 2000 (1999)
Review: The luxury liner Titanic 2000 has set sail on its maiden voyage, and one of the passengers is the vampire Vladamina. Vladamina is searching for a woman she can turn into a vampire queen, and frustrated rock groupie Shari looks to be a perfect target. As various people get seduced and/or killed as the liner continues on its doomed voyage, Shari must chose between eternity as a living dead sex slave or a frigid grave at the bottom of the ocean.

Vampire Strangler (1999)
ed2k: Vampire.Strangler.Uncut.1999.VhsRip.Xvid-PiMpRiPPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Review: Lydia has come to New Jersey to visit her cousin Billy. Billy has the hots for Lydia.

Vampire Vixens (2003)
ed2k: Vampire.Vixens.2003.DvdRip.XviD-PiMpRiPPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass
Resolution:512 x 384
Audio:48000Hz 121 kb/s mp3
Additional Files: Vampire.Vixens.2003.DvdRip.XviD-PiMpRiPPaZ.nfo
Review: The fanged and fabulously succulent daughter of Count Dracula has returned once again from beyond the grave. Dracoola (Mia Copia) is her name, and seducing gorgeous women is her game. Dracoola desires only the choicest lesbians, and to that end, she requires the service of the nerdy Eugene Renfield to deliver the hot'n'writhing goods to her lair. Eugene is skilled at eavesdropping on ultra-sexy female encounters of the naughtiest kind whether its two curious college girls sharing their young, supple bodies or a trio of uninhibited beauties who know exactly what they want, yet he comes away empty-handed from each voyeuristic interlude. But Dracoola gives Eugene a more pressing task - to hunt down and destroy Wally Van Helsing, great-great grandson of the infamous vampire hunter and her #1 nemesis. Amidst the sighs and moans of voluptuous babes in the throes of ecstasy, Dracoola, Eugene and Wally face off against one another. Who will be the victor, who the vanquished, and who the vixen?

Velvetine vampire (2000)
Additional Information:In production

Voodoun Blues (2004)
Additional Information:6 Minute Short Movie
Review: A black and white, 16mm film featuring a pernicious practitioner of black magic (Katie Bordeaux) performing a malevolent voodoo ritual, in order to seek some morbid retribution from a reclusive ex-lover (Misty Mundae). The motive behind the exhibition is ambiguous but inevitable, as the vindictive priestess hexes her victim in dreams, in consciousness, and ultimately in death.

Witchbabe: Erotic witch project 3 (2001)
ed2k: Witchbabe-Erotic.Witch.Project.III.2001.DVDRip.XviD.avi
Review: The year is 1800. The town, Bacchusville, New Jersey. Reclusive local witch Helena Pottsworth (Paige Richards) can no longer contain her surging lesbian desires, and this puritanical, post-colonial town is about to fight a revolution of the sensual kind. Using a bit of black magic and a lot of hypnotic beauty, Helena begins seducing the female citizenry in bodice-ripping acts of pagan eroticism and hot-tongued debauchery that make bodies quiver in ecstasy. Soon, no woman is safe, not even the mayor's sexually repressed wife, Martha (Laurie Wallace), who quickly succumbs to Helena's sexy spells and luscious body. Fighting back, the mayor and his right-hand men denounce Helena as an outcast and banish her to the Bacchusville woods. But the entire population follows her there, with men watching women indulge their wildest orgiastic fantasies with a supernatural intensity. Helena has cursed the countryside with her most seductive spell yet, leaving no doubt who the Erotic Witch is.

Misty Mundae

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well done ; i want to see some


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Very nice start...Looking forward to seeing the completed work :mrgreen:
I like that little pic montage at the end of the collection :wink: ..did you add that yourself or did collection maker add a feature since last I updated?

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I like that little pic montage at the end of the collection

Well theere aint no pics any more :(


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anymore work going on on this one?


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