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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:47 pm  Post subject: Elaboration on Migration
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This is to bulk up:
http://www.dead-donkey.com/modules/news ... php?id=445
which states the problem.

The problem is related to a disbute the host had with their dataserver:
http://www.dead-donkey.com/modules/news ... php?id=444

Unfortunately for us, this meant they had to move all of the servers from one location to another. Despite my requests for certain information ahead of time, like ips so I could check to see if it was configured correctly we didn't get these and they migrated a snapshot of the data without shutting down the old server. I had requested this be done explicitly.

This unfortunately meant there were two copies of the site running. The new VPS was also not configured correctly and had various issues which meant our host kept switching ips between the new and the old server and got everything into a right state.

There's not much that could be done, and we've lost about a days worth of posts, and one post id is invalid (see if you can find it :lol: ). I've requested that in future we handle any kind of data migration ourselves and for our hosting package to be reduced as this kind of procedure a monkey should be able to do. I've also logged a request for a refund for this month because its below an acceptable level of uptime.

I believe we are now all up and running on the newer vps which has more memory and space, and we only have a couple of outstanding issues such as the time being 2 hrs out (fixing this may cause a little headache as you will effectively be posting in the past for two hours until the time catches up). Please try and post anything missing again, sorry for the inconvienance. Worst thing about all of this is they chose the worst possible time to do it at.

As far as i can track, we had a day of downtime on the 11th, and we lost ten or so posts on the 10th-11th. I have offsite backups, however restoration of posts will be tricky at best, and given the number it is probably not worthwhile.

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