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Author:  Slayer [ Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:20 pm ]
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Hitch-Hike - aka Autostop rosso sangue. Franco Nero and Corinne Clery are a not very happy couple on vacation with their car and caravan. While on the road, they pick up a hitchhiker (David Hess) ho turns out to be a dangerous criminal who wants to escape to Mexico. He makes a deal with the couple that if they take him to the border, the man (a journalist) can write a book on him and the criminal will pay him a large amount of money for it. Being held hostage, the couple has to abide, and in the meantime they have to try and warn the police, shake off the criminal partners of their passenger and stay alive. A crime thriller like this is something I usualy don't watch, but I gave it a chance because it had positive reviews and it is Italian. The latter is noticeable by some violent scenes and by the excellent music by Morricone. Acting is good, especially by Nero and Hess. Overall I didn't like it as much as I like giallos or horrors, but it is a good film, so if you like Italo cinema or are into crimethrillers, give it a chance.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:55 pm ]
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Beach Babes From Beyond - soft erotic sexploitation mixed with some scifi, by the ever greasy David DeCoteau. The porn actress Roxanne Blaze (who looks like a sweetheart in this one) is Xena, a galactic girl who is home alone when her friends Luna and Sola (oh, how inventive!) persuade her to take a ride in the spaceship in the garage. Of course they crashland on earth where they meet three (oh, how coincidental!) beachboys who are lovestruck on this trio from space. Lots and lots of nonsensical scenes in which you don't see anything else than a beach full of halfnaked people dancing on a terrible song, mixed with some sexscenes (all three of them get to do their part of course) amnd then we have some scenes left for the storyline. You might guess by now that that line is a very thin one. There are some names in the cast, like Joe Estevez, who does his best to make the other actors look like amateurs and he almost succeeds, and there is Linnea Quigley, who does not take her clothes off for a change. There are some other people who are just famous because they have a famous brother, like Don Swayze and Joey Travolta. Acting, music, storyline: it is all bad and/or ridiculous, but that and all the (sometimes lovely and sometimes cheesy) nakedness make this a cult classic. Recommended for bad moviefans.

100 Bloody Acres - another funny horrorccomedy from Australia. Two brothers in the outback, Lindsay and Reggie Morgan, run a farm on which they produce fertilizer. They have a "secret ingredient" which they are running out of, so they need new supply. Reggie finds a dead body on the side of the road so he takes it with him, but then a better opportunity arises: a group of youngsters on their way to a festival have their car broken down, so Reggie offers them a ride. They end up on the farm while one of them is hoping he can ask his girlfriend to marry him, while she has had a little adventure with the third person in the group, a guy who took acid while they were still on he road: he is miles high now. Gore is not the main ingredient but there is enough of it to entertain the average horrorfan. It usually is not very scary but there is quite a shocking scene near the end of the movie involving Lindsay Morgan doing something quite unexpected. The interpersonal drama was a bit over the top at times, but on the other end it added some depth to the characters which is good. I had good fun and laughed out loud quite a few times, so I think this movie did what it aimed for. Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:55 pm ]
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Syndicate Sadists - aka Il giustiziere sfida la città. Recently I bought some Italian crimethrillers, to see if they are something for me. These are more poliziottesco than giallo, but since Umberto Lenzi made this one I gave it a try. Like with Hitch-hike, there is a lot to like, like music, Italian acting and some brutal violence. But also, like Hitch-hike, I came to the conclusion that this is by far not my favourite Italian genre. The story, about two gangs wanting to control Milan and having to deal with a lone biker called Rambo after his brother got killed by one of the gangmembers, is interesting enough, but it's drifted away too far from horror for me to love it fully. It's missing the suspense of giallo imo, and that was a genre I only learned to love later as well. So for me Italian cinema will be horror, giallo, exploitation, scifi, peplum and western. But the poliziottesco just isn't for me. If you are an avid fan of Italo cinema you might give it a try of course.

Girl in Gold Boots - like the previous film, I watched this one for it's director, in this case Ted V. Mikels who broght us such gems of bad taste as Blood Orgy of the She Devils and Corpse Grinders. This film however, is a complete different piece of work. Story is quite simple: Michele, a girl who works at a bar in the iddle of nowhere wants to become a dancer in LA, so she hops into the car with Buzz who can hook her up for something like that. They pick up Critter, a hitch-hiker and both men fall in love with Michele. In LA, she soon gets mixed up in trouble, with competing dancers, a pressing boss and Buzz going into drug trafficking. Story is not only simple, it also lacks a bit of development and therefore never goes into anything deeper than just what you see. So this film isn't very satisfying in that matter, things just happen and then everyone moves along. Ending is also quite sudden. If it wasn't for me getting this DVD for free, I would have been pretty disappointed. Go see Mikels' films, but skip this one.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:09 pm ]
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Splatter University - with a title like this you almost can't go wrong! This is a real nice old school 80s slasher with bad hair, ugly clothing and (woohoo!) lots of gore. All kills are onscreen and even though I guessed the killer right immediately, it is still a very enjoyable watch. Acting goes from mediocre to OK, settings are somewhat unspectacular, bt the whole catholic thing and the teachings at teh university made a nice subplot. The killer's weapon was quite cleverly done and even a tad original. Runtime was only 74 minutes, so of you have some spare hour to kill, go watch this one and you won't be disappointed (unless you expect a deep and psycholigial thriller, which you shouldn't do). Bad moviefans might like it too.

Bad Channels - an infamous DJ called Dangerous Dan is back on the radio after he has been suspended for some scandalous actions. He celebrates this by doing a marathon, which he starts by being tied up in chains until a caller tells him the correct combination. The local news network is there to report on teh whole tjing in the person of Lisa Cummings, who used to have a crush on Dan, but now thinks he's a fraud by rigging the chain-contest. While she is at the station, she sees a UFO but nobody believes her, not evn Dan. That changes after the alien who was flying the UFO enters the radiostation itself and holds Dan and his mechanic hostage. Now it's Dan who meets total disbelief, and he has to find a way to get help before the alien will completely take over. While Dan is struggling to coonvince the world that what he tells them is actually real, the alien kidnaps women, shrinks them and puts them in jars for transport. So now Dan has to save ot only himself, but also the pitiful women who got shrunk into the jars. A fun watch, this one. Acting is OK, music is great (Blue Oyster Cult wrote it all and performed most of it) and the effects are quite cool. The alien has a nice transformation up it's sleeve for the final scene. Recommended for bad moviefans.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:32 pm ]
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Robot Wars - this title was so generic that I thought I had seen this one already, but it turned out to be a 1993 film, and I didn't have it yet. So I bought it and gave it a spin: it turned out to be another Band family product. It has nice large robots which are filmed in stop-motion (I love that!), some superficial storyline about different factions ruling the world in the year 2041, and a lovestory between the robotpilot and a journalist investigating weaponsystems. The runtime is a little over an hour, so you can always give this a try and if you don't like it, you won't have wasted too much time. But, especially if are into scifi and/or bad movies, I don't think you will be disappointed. Although some of the dialogue is a tad hard to follow (there are no subs) and the screnformat is 1:33:1, this movie still succeeds in making me laugh and have a good time.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:57 pm ]
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Live Like A Cop Die Like A Man - aka Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore. The polizziotesco by Ruggero Deodato. Although the previous two attempts at watching these and liking them were not so much of a success, this one I actually enjoyed. It's about a duo of cops in a special taskforce of the Roman police who are sent in when crimes are about to get out of hand. So bank robberies, hostage situations and other crimes are prevented by these two, who use brutal force to get the job done: they don't hesitate to kill all criminals when they get the chanec. Of course, this draws the attention of the local mafia, who now try to hunt down the two cops. An excellent chase scene in the beginning, a brutal prevention of a bank robbery in the middle and a cat and mouse game in the end between the cops and the mob make up for a very balanced a nice view. Acting is good, and even though there is little in the sense of character development, it's still a nice film. Recommended, just don't expect any gore or whatsoever because there is none.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:28 pm ]
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The Hidden - 80s scifi with an alien infesting a human and then going on a rampage: the opening sequence with a bank robbery, multiple murders and a chase in a Ferrari is really nice. Downside is that you already know how this film will go and grosso modo I was right
the alien needs a human body as protection, Kyle MacLachlan is an alien himself, and the human guy who helps him gets a reward in the end
The gore is modest, you only get to see the alien itself a few times. Acting is good/very good, very enjoyable to watch indeed, it was obviously a movie with high production values, in all aspects. I found it funny that the alien both likes Ferraris and hardrock music. Good watch, recommended.

The Greasy Strangler - this is one of the grossest films I have ever seen. It made me feel dirty, a bit like when you feel dirty the first time you watch pornography when you are in your teens, or the first time when you watched a nazisploitation. The filmmakers know exactly what they are doing: they put you on the wrong foot several times, and they do it on purpose, too. You know the effect of people eating on screen, right? So, they show you a dirty scene first (for example the old man eating something very greasy while being naked and farting), and then they show you a normal eating person, so you get the saliva going anyway: eeeewww. The story isnt much, it is all about the dirtiness. An old guy and his middle aged son (both look pretty ugly, especially the son, with his big belly, long hair and bald spots and glasses) live together and they make a living by organising disco tours, showing apartments where disco stars from the past have lived, etc. The old man likes grease a lot, so the son has to cook supergreasy. Think of one bucket of grease per few sausages averagely. The old man keeps patronising his son, and at night he turns into the greasy strangler, a guy consisting of grease, killing people by, you guessed it, strangling them. The son gets a girlfriend, but he is also afraid that the strangler might get him, so he starts to investigate. You might think you know how it will end, but again, you will be sent into the wrong direction by the filmmakers, chapeau! Very dirty and therefore very niche film, but it was cleverly done. I'm not sure how they did it with the naked guys all the time, you get to see penises etc, maybe they were suits or something. But if you want to see something different, go for this one. If you want to be surprised or grossed out, check it out. Eat before you see this, not during ;)

Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island - sequel to Beach Babes From Beyond and the formula is the same. Fortunately, the only one left in the cast compared to part one, was my favourite actress :) This time, Sola, Luna and Xena crash again, but they end up on an island where everyone is dressed up as cavemen and cavewomen. They pair up and have sex, and then they have to find out how to get off the island and back home again. No relatives of celebrities this time, and also no beaches full of dancing people, but overall it felt very much the same. Ridiculous plot development, bad oveacting and cheesy jusic, you got it all. This one has two versions, the R-rated and the uncut one, and I watched the uncut one (runtime 75 mins). I'm not sure about the ddifferences between the two versions. I recommend to watch the first film (Beach Babes From Beyond), though, as it is more fun for bad moviefans.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:18 pm ]
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Dead Set - British mini series about a zombie outbreak viewed from the inside of a Big Brother house. On "eviction night", the zombies go on a rampage and while the poutside world turns into something apocalyptic, inside the Big Brotherhouse the participants in this reality TV show aren't aware of anything. Some of the crew working on the show survive inside different rooms of the building, and together with the remaining participants they are the only people left alive they know of. This is the best UK production I have seen in a while, because unfortunately the films which get produced there are rubbish at best. This is quality though: acting, atmosphere, character dewvelopment and (not unimportant) gore are great! The whole thing has a nice message on society and reality TV too, and the ending was also very good
it even left me feeling a bit desolate: the idea that death was so unavoidable, depressing but very well done
Highly recommended!

The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre - aka Carnívoros. The English title was added to let it lift on the fame of TCM I guess. This film is totally unlike TCM, though: the only comparisons are that there is a weirdo group killing people, but they are not the main thing of the film (unlike TCM). This story is about a rockband going on tour but they get stuck in the very first village because of a flat tire and no gas in the tourvan. In this village they are somewhat forced to co-celebrate a patron saint's day and one by one they fall victim to one or another inbred killer. The humour in this film is a bit typical: some stuff is funny, but there is also a lot of "Latin TV show humour" which contains such stuff as funny high voices in male characters and farting humour etc. This was sometimes a bit hard to swallow, but the gore made up for it as there are bucketloads of it. And I mean really bucketloads. The film's runtime is only a bit over 50 minutes of which at least 5 minutes are end credits, so if you are short on time and crave for some gore, then this is for you. Bad moviefans will also love this, so a recommendation to them for sure.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:43 pm ]
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Subspecies III: Bloodlust - looks like it was filmed back to back with part two, and if they would have edited a bit more rigourous, it could have become one (longer) movie. For those who have seen parts one and two it is "same old, same old" and for those who haven't, there is a short explanation in the beginnig of what happened in part two, so you will udnerstand what is going on. Radu has Michelle i his power now, but Rebecca tries everything she can to save her sister. Because she has tasted blood already, she can't become a mortal again, so Rebecca's task isn't easy. Moreover, the police still doesn't believe the "murders" are actually the vampire's work. So instead of helping Rebecca, they are holding her up a bit. Effects are OK, although they forgot to paint one of Radu's ears. Blood/gore good, locations nice: the castle is gorgeous. I wouldn't recommend watching this without having seen the others, as on it's own this movie isn't strong enough, but as a sequel it does it's job OK.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:59 pm ]
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Had a little break from horror, but some friends came over for a movienight yesterday and we watched:

Bloody Birthday - three kids are born on a night where Saturn is being eclipsed by the sun, and therefore they all have emotional disturbances, as in lacking them mostly. When theya re tne years old, they kill off anyone they don't like, and that includes their own father, their teacher, and other ids in the neighbourhood. Their babysitter, who is also the girl next door and the sister of one of their classmates, is getting on to them, but will she able to uncover their bloodthirst in time? Somewhat crappy slasher which has most of the good things about an 80s slasher, like squirting blood, various killing methods and great cheesy music. The kills are sometimes nice but often they are just done by shooting the victim with a gun, which is a bit too clean in my book when it comes to slasher horror kills. The kilings also seem very badly planned all the time, like being done in broad daylight in their own frontyard, and thereofre it's a huge surprise that they can elude being caught for so long. The ending was a bit ambiguous, but could be worse. I had fun, an OK watch for bad moviefans because of the gazillion plotholes.

Emanuelle in the Country - aka Messo comunale praticamente spione. A small town in Italy (it's actually Bolsena in Lazio) gets a new doctor, ad we all know her well from so many Italian movies: Laura Gemser. All men in town are drooling at the sight of her and one guy gets a room with a view on her room, so he exploits the room for pay so every man can be a voyeur for a while. There are two families having a feud, one family has the mayor of the town, and the other one has the previous mayor. They keep fighting over a certain building project, while their respective son and daughter are madly in love but can't see each other because of this feud. Now it's up to Emanuelle (who is actually called Selenia Anselmi in the movie) to bring the two families together. Of course she does this by creating a possible scandal which involves a lot of sex. There are many very lame jokes, and there are so many sexscenes that it actually becomes a bit boring. Fortunately, this all oesn't take very long as after 74 minutes iut is all over. The first five minutes were a blast, the remainder of the movie is a tad repetitive.

Ultra Warrior - this fantasy/scifi flick from 1990 also doesn't have a long runtime, about the same as the previous movie. The content was different, although it started out with a striptease of a woman with four tits ;) There was a story about aliens having turned planets into stars and some postnuclear era in which Mad Max-like scenes were often to be seen. A guy called Kenner is the Ultra Warrior who is gonna save the muties (a race mutated by the effects of the atomic bombs used in the war against the aliens) from the slavedrivers of a man called The Bishop who also runs an arena (aptly called The Colosseum) with fights to the death as entertainment. The make up effects are on the level of plastic ears from the toyshop and all impressive scenes are taken from a different movie by Roger Corman. Acting is so so, and the storyline is sometimes a bit baffling. Great fun for bad moviefans, as there is so much to enjoy in this strange collection of film imgaes pasted together.

Author:  spookiemoviemania [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:06 pm ]
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My most recent movie was the Brit psycho/thriller Fright made in the year of our Lord 1971. Tho not from the Hammer or Amicus stable it cxould well have been as it is suspensful little number. The story centres around a yound babysitter (Susan George) who is visted by a stranger one nite who attempts to help her beaten boyfriend (Dennis Waterman). In actual fact the man (Ian Bannen) is the escaped loony husband of the woman (Honor Blackman) whose toddler she is minding. Bannen's increasing menacing demeanor towards the unwary babysitter brings this chiller to an exciting climax. I recommend this film and give it 8 out of 10.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:09 pm ]
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Again had a (longer) break from horror, and again it was ended by a movienight with a bunch of friends over. We watched these three:

Formula for a Murder - aka 7, Hyde Park La Casa Maledetta. Late giallo by Alberto de Martino. Joanna is a handicapped woman, because of an accident in her childhood. When she is much older, she wants to give a large part of her wealth to the church. Her new lover and one of her older friends have other plans for that money, though. We watched the Shameless release, which has nice image quality and the option of Italian language with English subs. The music was great from the get go and there were quite some things that we were able to point out, like the windscreen wipers being on while it wasn't raining and all, fun times. There was a bit of confusion about a dream sequence and whee it actually started and ended, so we mixed some things up which made understanding the plot a bit harder. Overall a nice giallo, with lots of asepcts of the classic giallo from the golden age. Recommended for Italo fans.

Black Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade - aka La via della prostituzione. In this supposedly rare Emanuelle film we see Laura Gemser stroll along lakes, streets and shopping malls together with her friends, intertwined with lots and lots of sex scenes of which some make a little sense and others make no sense at all. Of course she is a photo journalist again and she uncovers a story about women trafficking, so naturally she applies for the job (well, not that obvious of course, but still). Again she has to share her intimate parts with several other guys before the story is completed and sent to the magazine. Dubbing was hilarious at times: some black people spoke like they were in a 70s blaxploitation and some characters had weird screechy voices. Music was cheesy and we had fun guessing how long it would take before there would be another sex scene (hint: not very long). Recommended for Italo fans and fans of sleaze and exploitation alike.

Underworld - aka Transmutations. Since both previous films had shots of the Twin Towers and had a wheelchair playing a role, we made a bet which would appear first in this film. I bet on the Towers, but unfortunately this was a UK film with a low budget so no trips to New York. We did get a trip to the sewers though, adn there we would see another result of the low budget: a laboratory made of 15-20 blue lightbeams. There was literally no other thing to suggest there was to eb a wall or a door or anything, just a bunch of lightbeams sort of forming a bnorder between inside and outside of the "lab". In the "lab" there were some test subhjects who had had mutations, and they see the first person who doesn't have the side effects, so the scientist is ecastatic, but he is also being hunted down by some guy who wants to be the hero, but also keeps committing fashioncrimes (it starts with the red highlights in his hair: no, it's not the lighting, they are actually there). Very weird film and a tad confusing as well. It had some similarities with the two previous films because there were hookers in it, but lie I said no Twin Towers and the bet was definitely lost like 15 minutes before the end when someone else spotted a wheelchair in the corridor. I recommend this one only for bad moviefans, and watch for the fight with one of the mutants near the ending: the effects will make you piss your pants for sure.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:27 pm ]
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Beyond the Door - aka Chi sei? aka The Devil Inside Her. Italian rip-off crossing over between Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist. In fact, if you have seen those two movies, you can make a game out of this one: checking off each time you see something from one or the other movie and then see which has been ripped off more often. The story is about Jessica Barrett, who gets pregnant of her third child, but the foetus grows excessively fast: the doctors don't know what to do. During her pregnancy, Jessica swings moods fast, from "I don't want this baby I think it's gonna kill me" to "I knew it, all you guys want to do is to take away my baby" all within a few minutes. Her husband doesn't know what to do either, but a strange man called Dimitri claims he has the solution, but in fact he has a deal with the devil about this child. So the climax os gonna be the birth of this new antichrist, and what will happen then? Music was quite cool, and the opening music was nicely mixed into the story. Acting goes from mediocre to overacting, the dubbing ruins everything inbetween. I had fun, especially in the exaggerated possession scenes. If you know what you are in for (I knew), then you can enjoy this nicely I guess. Recommended for Italo fans.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:07 am ]
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Storm of the Century - one of the works that were still on the shelf to watch,m partially because of it's long runtime. Over four hours, split into three parts, this was not something you could easily watch in one evening, so I spread it over two. I watched parts one an two on the first evening and the third on the second. As I had read reviews on this which almost all claimed that this was the best King mini series, my expectations were somewhat high. The story is about an island off the coast of Maine which gets to deal with a storm. Nothing special at first, as these storms pass by the island annually, but this time a murder is being committed, and the only constable and the town manager are struggling to find out how to deal with this problem. Strangely enough, the perpetrator lets himself get caught and locked up, but soon the island inhabitants find out this is not a usual suspect. Weird things keep happening all over the place and finally the islanders find themselves confronted not only with their own dark side but also with the demands of the stranger which are unclear for a very long time. When it finally breaks, the town has to decide what to do and it will, have severe consequences... Atmosphere is great, you can feel the loneliness of the island, the way it is cut off rom the rest of the world. Acting is decent and sometimes pretty good, as the emotions rise an tensions grow. I watched this as a storm went over my own country for more effect as was advised years ago on these forums here, but unfortunately the real storm didn't let loose much over my house. Still mthis is a nice series and worth a watch. King is not my favourite writer, but this one kept me interested until the end at least (although the decision making in the final scenes is a bit dragging). Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:11 pm ]
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Playgirl Killer - 60s movie which isn't so much horror, although the killer is quite a disturbed man as you will find out in the final scenes. Before you get there, though, you have to sit through a dragging and somewhat tedious storyline about a painter who is on the run after he killed one of his models. He gets hired by a lonely and nymphomaniac woman, but he is immune to her avances. Funny example: she wants him to oil her back, and when he does so, she says stuff like "ooh, strong hands" and "where did you learn to massage like that". His grumpy reply is: "My mother taught me how to scrub floors", lol. After a while he wants to finish his painting, and as he can't stand his models moving while posing for him, there is only one solution of course. In the end a mail order will finish him, and he meets his demise in the weirdest way, a victim of his ow painting. The last 20-30 minutes were actually quite cool, it's a bit of a pity that everything before took so long. A strange curiosity this 60s "slasher", but a welcome addition to my collection.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:47 pm ]
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Cleaning up my filmcollection database, I encountered a bunch of movies that I hadn't watched yet while they sat in my collection since a few years. So I started watching them.

Westbrick Murders - a Sin City rip-off, with animation and action intermixed but it is really boring! The spectacular stuff is all animated (because money), and the acting is bad especially by the main character. I didn't have much fun and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I totally understand why I forgot about this movie in the first place.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:22 pm ]
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As a part of the found movies, I planned to watch Bane. I skipped through it, but it seemed very dull (and long) so I decided not to. Not a real review this, but my guess is that it is not worth watching.

All Through The House - a belated Christmas horror, and a very nice one at that! Atmosphere, kills and hot victims screaming their lungs out: this was a trip down memory lane back to the 80s. Although the girls almost all look very nice or even gorgeous, next to none of them can actually act, which can be seen both as a plus and as a downside. I enjoyed it, so no problem for me there. The story is quite OK: a girl whose mom has been missing for years comes back to her hometown to celebrate Christmas with her grandma. The woman next door needs some help decorating, and so the girl offers her help but because she doesn't want to be by herself with the old woman, she asks her friends to join her. Soon after they have entered the house, they find strange things, like weird objects and old photographs with people they know on them. When a killer dressed as Santa makes his appearance, the game is on. I already mentioned the kills, but they are wonderful in this one: they are all on screen, and the stabs go through various genitalia and other erogenous zones. Sometiems the make up looks very crappy, but that doesn't take away the fun for me, it only added to it. I had a great time watching this one and if you like old 80s slashers I can safely recommend this one to you. Don't take it seriously and you will be fine.

The Creature Below - this title is ambiguous and that is quite cleverly done. It's about an unknown creature from the depths of the ocean being brought in by Olive, a scientist who went too far in her ambition and got fired because of it. Now she plans on breaking the discovery by herself, but the creature is not the easiest anuimal to deal with, and most importantly: it needs food. As soon as Olive finds out what it is, she is gonna get loads of it to feed her "baby". Of course this gets out of hand and unless you are new to horror you will know what that means. Acting is decent in this one, and whle I had seen many British turds lately, this is one of the better ones. There is even some nice development to be seen in Olive's character how she drifts away from being a quite normal person to an obsessed woman who will stop at nothing to see her baby make it. Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:14 pm ]
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Wish Upon - ooh nice, a classic feeling supernatural box horror! Clare is a girl who has some friends at school, but is mostly being picked on by the popular kids. Her mother is dead and her father is poor, so he gathers useful stuff from other people's garbage: not very helpful for a struggling teenager, especially when he does so in front of all her classmates. One day he finds a box in the trash, and he gives it to Clare. Not knowing what it is, but really wishing things to change, she says something while holding the box. To her surprise, what she said becomes reality and at first she is pleasantly surprised, but soon she has a big disappointment to handle:
her dog, given to her by her late mom, dies
Suspecting that the box had some doing in her wish coming true, she tries again, and it succeeds again, but again at a price. Now she wants to be sure what it is so she searches for people who can read ancient Chinese, which is on the sides. Slowly but steadily the horible truth becomes clear and Clare has to decide whether to go on or to try and stop the box from fulfilling it's evil task. Acting is nice, I really was into this film. Atmosphere is OK, I really like films with this theme so this one was the right film at the right moment. The ending, well, you could say it's predictable, but they had me: great! Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:39 pm ]
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Leviathan - 80s underwater scifi/monster film. The Tri Oceanic Mining Corporation has sent a team to the bottom of the seaq to mine silver. With three days to go until their shift is over, everything seems OK, until Sixpack, one of the miners, falls down into a ravine. When his colleague Williams is gonna search for him , she finds him inside of a sunk Russian ship. They bring back a safe they found to their station, and inside they find a video diary, a bottle of vodka and some other personal belongings of the Russian crew. After a while they find out that it is not the only stuff they brought back and the entire crew is in danger. Nice film which reminded me a lot of The Thing and Aliens: the location has the same remoteness as Antarctica in The Thing and the space station in Aliens. The monster looks remarkably like the Thing. The cast is quite good and they perform their bits well, the atmosphere overall is nice and claustrophobic. I had some good fun, it's not really original, but then again, I watch tons of slashers which lack any hint of originality too, so no problem there. If you like monsterfilms, check it out.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:06 pm ]
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Black Emanuelle - aka Emanuelle nera. Pretty much what you expect from an Emanuelle film: she is a photographer travelling to Africa for a safari to take pictures and meanwhile she gets into sexual activities with various men and there are also several occasions where sex is being discussed as some sort of an anthropological topic. There are love triangles and fantasies, quickies and long engagements. Some shots are close to hardcore, but I didn't see any male genitalia. Of course the attempts to create a story and the dubbing are sources of great fun, but this kind of movie is better to watch with friends. Quote of the day: "Oh, I was expecting a man!" Reply: "I am a woman instead!" Nice. Recommended for bad moviefans.

The Black Hole - I read about this film and learned that it had crappy sfx so my interest was awoken. It's a 70s scifi rom the Disney studios, seeing the Disney logo was somewhat surreal, but it isn't exactly a children's film. The story is about a spaceship searching for the Cygnus, a missing spacecraft, and finding it close to a black hole. Upon entering the Cygnus, they find it is totally empty, except for robots and androids. There is only one human left: a weird scientist called Reinhardt (nice, a German name for the mad professor). This guy wants to know what's inside the black hole, but the crew of the other ship wants to know what happened to the crew of the Cygnus. They will find out both evcentually, but not until the suoerfakje rovbots have fought each other, and the crewmembers all have tangled upside down from visible threads. Indeed, the sfx are something to look out for if you like bad movies. So, recommended for those, don't forget to bring beer and stuff.

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