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Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:24 pm ]
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House of Evil - the latest film by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori, the guys who brought us Eaters and the ombie Massacre movies. This one is different: there are no undead and the film is actually more of a homage (if you are positive) or a rip-off (if you are negative) of haunted house films, especially Amityville, mixed with a short sequence in the end which is clearly a nod to another classic from the horrorgenre. The cast is small (five people are mentioned on imdb where I think there might be seven people involved), but there is no need in this film for more actors. The two main characters deliver a nice job, I actually felt for them, moving into their new home, starting a new phase in their lives ony to find out that there is "something" in the house. Location, sound and cinematography are all pretty well done too. It's not original, it's not groundbreaking, it's not new. But if you want to kill a bit over an hour and not be bored, then this one is a good watch.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:14 pm ]
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Bought two boxes with rare horrorfilms and one of them contains 12 Sub Rosa Studios films, of which I have already seen Bloodletting and O-Zone. This "A Night To Dismember" box is now on my to watch list for the next couple of days/weeks. The first two I watched were:

HPE: Hardcore Poisoned Eyes - three friends are having a weekend in a cabin, where aspiring writer Angelique is trying to find the truth about her grandfather's murder. He used to do research on a local satanic cult and when one of the girls makes a prank call to the satanist's contact, they are scared shitless when a dark figure appears in front of the cabin. Low budget film, one location three characters. Most of the film consists of the girls chattering, later screaming and running. Actually it was all quite boring, and both image and sound were subpar: sometimes it was a it hard to see what was going on in the dark forest. Not much gore either. The ending redeemed a tiny bit of all this, but I think I will forget about this movie soon.

Collinsville - this film was shot in a week with a $ 10,000 budget (at least it says so itself in the opening credits), but it holds it's own pretty well. Stephanie moves with her dad from NYC to Collinsville, Connecticut. This small town is plagued by murders, and an old legend speaks of Kane, the 19th century owner of the axe-factory. Is he responsible for all the killings? Image and sound were good, and the story, although simple, was played out nicely. The thing which ruins it a bit is the "documentary" part at the end, where members of the cast and crew are doing a fake interview. It just takes too long. The idea was nice, but more than twenty minutes on a film of 80 is just too much: I ffwd'ed through most of it, as it was just not interesting. I knew the ending would be based on that last part, so I watched that and yes, it was a bit funny. Without the whole thing the movie would have been better, though.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:36 pm ]
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Another one from the Sub Rosa box:

In The Little Mansion - this is supposedly based off a play. If I would have gone to see that and it would have the same quality as this film, I'd have asked my money back. This movie is too long and it is very boring (which is exaggerated because of the long runtime). A man kills his wife but she comes back as a ghost. Because you can't actually see that (she looks just like a norm a eprson) she keeps telling us "because I'm a ghost, I am gonna do this...." and "yeah, but as a ghost... " really annoying! Instead put some make up on her and be done with it. The story is boring too, it's about the ghost revealing all the relationships/affairs between the people in the house *yawn*. There is a very tiny little redeeming thingy and that is that one of the female characters looks nice in some outfits. This is no horror at all: nothing is scary or even meant to be scary and there is no gore. Skip this, don't buy and/or download it.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:57 pm ]
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Two more from "A Night to Dismember"

Searching for Haizmann - Julian, Grace and Hannah are making a documentary on Johann Christoph Haizmann, a 17th century artist who made a pact with the devil. Because they think he is still roaming around as the antichrist, they are searching for him. They visit remote locations, participate in a black mass and suddenly they lose Grace: she has disappeared. Julian and Hannah go search for her, but they will find more than they would expect. Story and acting are OK, production values are pretty good. This film actually had some scary stuff in it and it was nice to see some familiar B-movie faces being interviewed as "experts" on Haizmann, like Clint Howard. Overall this was pretty nice, the best of the box so far.

The Bone Setter - in a town, children are disappearing. The local library guy works together with a detective and a single mother to get the children back, but to do so they have to deal with the Bone Setter, an evil spirit from the past. This sprit has been kidnapping the children, as he needs seven of them for some ritual. Some of the acting was quite wooden, but these guys had fun making this film. Lloyd Kaufman endorses this with his guest appearance and while production values were mediocre, I enjoyed this one: a classic B-movie. The evil spirit was a guy in weird make up, and the effects in the fight against him were laughable (btw: the way he as defeated was that as well). Not too long in runtime (72 minutes), this is a nice timefiller if you don't raise your expectations too high.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:42 pm ]
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Dead and Rotting - nice B-movie with several familiar names attached to it, like Trent Haaga, Debbie Rochon and J.R. Bookwalter. Three friends pranking and challenging each other get into trouble when they hire two stoners to throw rocks through the windows of a house where supposedly a witch lives. To get her revenge, the witch changes herself into a hot babe so she can seduce the guys one by one. In the process, there will be witchcraft, sex and violence. There is some nice gore, and apart from some castmembers, the acting is quite ok. The ending has a great fight with fantastic sfx, just the way I want to see it in B-movies! Recommended for bad moviefans.

Author:  elchupacabra [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:16 pm ]
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Twin Peaks (Season 3): This week I finished watching the third season of Twin Peaks. I usually only watch one episode a week of any series I am watching, so it took a while to watch all 18 episodes. This season picks up 25 years after the second season. There are some returning cast members, but only a few of them have reasonable screen time. You definitely need to see the previous seasons in order to understand this one. Basically the season is about Cooper confronting his evil Doppelgänger. Not a big surprise as season two ended with the Doppelgänger getting out of the Lodge and taking Cooper's place. This season is different from the previous ones in my opinion. While season one and two was quite normal with some super-natural elements mixed in, this season is almost the other way around. It's much more weird. Especially episode 8 stands out the most. A lot of episodes contain violence that at the same time seem funny because of their timing. Another thing is that most episodes don't take place in Twin Peaks at all, but in alternate dimensions (Lodge) and other cities across the US. The story is developing real slow (Dougie?) at first, but in the end all things come together for a nice conclusion only to be shattered to pieces by the very last episode, or not? Who knows really. After all this is Twin Peaks and David Lynch. Most episodes end with a visit to the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks where an inidie/alternative song is performed by an artists (for me Lissie remains the only one worth remembering), as I don't really like this type of music. If you ask me this seasons felt a bit home-made camera-wise. I guess the budget was lower than the one for the previous seasons. If you enjoyed the first two seasons, you are probably going to like this one as well.

Author:  spudthedestroyer [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:49 am ]
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Twin Peaks s3 was better than s2, it was amazing in places and the mysteries unravel but also grow. I was very satisfied with the answers we got for a change!

ps. episode 8 had nine inch nails spliced into the epicness, you must remember them at the roadhouse as well, no? :)

Author:  elchupacabra [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:12 pm ]
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I remember for sure. Also not my type of music. :D I must admit that I only understood some parts or answers after reading reviews and wikis of these episodes.

Author:  spudthedestroyer [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:43 pm ]
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For me it answered a lot more than S1 and S2 did, such as the origins of Bob, the nature of the white/black lodges, etc that were long standing, and also closed some of the questions you have from this season. This made it a better season to me, finally we got some closure.

In a nutshell, what I picked up:
Twin Peaks covers good and evil. The story follows the birth of evil and its escape when humanity releases the A-Bomb. Evil escapes, allowing it to leave the black lodge and enter 'our dimension'. As a defence against evil, Laura Palmer is sent to earth but Bob catches and kills her. Judy, the mother of evil, attaches to Sarah Palmer and they cause all the fucked up stuff that happens.

The rest of the plot follows trying to put evil back into the black lodge, or ultimately destroy the abomination that is bob in our reality.

Cooper decides he can stop evil's take over by going back in time and saving Laura from being killed, which will stop Sarah from being the host for evil and most of the plot. It doesn't quite go to plan, which leads in the split universe and Season 3 ends in an alternate reality. I suspect if it were to continue, Laura would need to discover who she is as she seems to be the key to defeating evil.

I haven't read up on it, as I'm sure there's a fuck tonne I'm missing. There's the doppelgangers and tulpas which seem to be made to try and further the ends of the black or white lodge 'spirits', and I sense there some things I'm missing about the ending/characters.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:16 am ]
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Another Sub Rosa flick.

Last House on Hell St. - very low budget this one. Almost the entire film goes without dialogue: there is a woman filmed in negative telling a story, but the scenes with playing actors have mostly just screaming, panting and whimpering as "dialogue". Some parts are taking the cake: you hear some double looped voices uttering inaudible stuff while you are watching the branches of a tree moving in the wind. Suffice to say this movie is often about nothing, the storyline is therefore very short. A guy gets possessed and starts brutalizing his newly wedded wife. Effects and camera are a bit childish, they look like a schoolproject. Filming in negative grows old quickly. So, a lot of nothingness is going on and near the end we get to see one bizarre thing: an adult guy is born from some weird gigantic womb. But yeah, that's it. Acting is almost non-existent, you can easily go do something else with this running in the background: you won't miss much.

Author:  elchupacabra [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

@spud: Yes, that pretty much sums it up very well. :beerchug: Any ideas on the glass box in episode 1? :D

Since Lynch is one spiritual fellow, I think the third season was also about meditation and spirituality. I think for instance that the character of Dougie was a symbol for Bhakti (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramana_Maharshi#Bhakti). He showed no will on his own following whatever came his way and everything just worked out perfectly for him.

Author:  spudthedestroyer [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Any ideas on the glass box in episode 1?

My assumption is that someone is trying to catch something from the other plane of existence, and possess someone from this world. The box has a rift in it, similar to what we see later in the show in various locations. My assumption is that someone has to be sat there watching it for something to appear as a victim. The evil things seem to come out and possess certain people. I think what appears is Judy, who later posses Sarah Palma. How she comes to do this I don't know, I've probably missed something subtle.

So ultimately, I think Mr C / bad coop is behind it. He's trying to bring evil Judy into this world, and for the entire series he's after the co-ordinates that bring him to her. He gets diverted to the police station before he has a chance to find her.

What triggers the imagery I don't know, it seems acts of stress, violence and love do this; heightened emotions.

I'd lookup the meaning but I think i'd lose a week reading conspiracy theories.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

One more from "A Night to Dismember"

The Seekers - a man is trying to kill his wife because she doesn't want to give back a videotape. The tape has all answers the man needs in his life, so he is hellbent on getting it back. In another life, Scott loses one job after another and when he gets back home, he finds his wife doing another man in their bed. So, when he encounters the videotape which has all the answers, at first he doesn't want to follow up on it, but soon after he is in the grasp of the witch who is trying to lure him in. She does so by showing him short horrorstories, which make this film look like an anthology, but it isn't. When Scott is about to kill his wife, he gets stopped by the first guy who wanted to kill his wife over the tape. Together they start hunting down the witch, who is called Tota Levil (which reminded me A LOT of Nilbog, the village from Troll 2 - also because there are many similarities in how long it takes before they find out what the name means). Very bad film, I missed some partds due to it being late but I still could follow the whole "story" because it is so supersimple. Not one to remember and certainly not one to rewatch. Only for the real die hards.

Alien: Covenant - sequel to both Alien and Prometheus, and while this film is far from original and surprising, I think Ridley Scott succeeded nicely i making this sequel. If you go in expecting a new twist to this superold tory, you'll be disappointed. If you go in expecting another Alien-film with the same things happening (spacecraft far rom earth encounters alien who is killing off all humans), you might have fun. I did, because the world where they land is quite cool, especially the necropolis. The whole android thing was superpredictable, I saw it coming from miles away and just waited until the moment came that they were gonna reveal it. The gore looks cool, the aliens are a bit weird in how they are "born", but overall I enjoyed myself enough. Acting was OK, maybe the film didn't need to last two hours, but that's a minor thing. I'd say go for it if you want to see the Giger monsters run across your screen one more time.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:40 am ]
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Phobias - only two left on the Sub Rosa box, and this one is actually not one film, but two: Blackout and When Shadows Lie Darkest. Blackout started playing first, it's about a woman being arested because her husband is found dead, stabbed 42 times. Upon leaving the station, she encoutners Derrick, a guy who is willing to help her. After staying over at a friend's house for a few days, she ends up with Derrick, only to find out that he is more than ust a guy who wants to help her. Nice twists in the story (there is more than one), but acting was so average and below that I didn't really get into the film. The gore was OK though, but the whole flashback thingy didn't really work. In When Shadows Lie Darkest we see a guy with his shrink and he has nightmares and can't tell reality and his dreams apart anymore. People in his surroundings die, but it's not certain if he has anything to do with it or not. This one was a bit boring, although the premise wasn't all that bad. All in all a bit meh, let's hope the last film on the box is cool so it goes out with a blast.

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:36 pm ]
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Blade Runner 2049 - I thought this would be a remake, but it's a sequel (which took only 35 years to make). I didn't read anything about it beforehand and I didn't rewatch the original. So I went in quite blank and maybe that helped me to enjoy the film more. After a textual introduction we see a police officer of the LAPD visiting an older model of the humanoid robots to "retire" him. This visit is the beginning of a long quest for a child, and with it comes the search for identity and truth. The officer, named K after the first letter of his serial number, tries to live a life as human as possible, but in the meantime has to kill and erase the existence of a few fellow robots. This brings him to an internal conflict in which he starts having doubts about his mission. The film is quite epic: not only does it run for a long time (165 minutes of which the last ten are ending credits), but acting is great, locations look cool and atmosphere is spot on in most scenes. There are a bunch of cliches, like the scene in the wasteland, but they don't distract too much of the main plot. Harrison Ford is being written into the story in a clever way, and some other castmembers give good performances as well, like Ana de Armas, Jared Leto and Sylvia Hoeks. Ryan Gosling succeeds in giving subtle changes in his mimics after his robotic character is slowly gaining some human qualities. Of course the world is cgi, but it didn't bother me for a change. Even if you don't know the original, this is a good scifi. Recommended.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:31 pm ]
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Insaniac - a woman is in therapy and her shrink wants her to confront her trauma. His method is letting her make a mental trip through an imaginative building, starting in the basement and working her way up to the rooftop. On this trip she meets an arms dealer, a drug trafficker and an angelic type among others. The trip symbolises her life if I gathered it correctly, or at least some sort of character development. The story wasn't super interesting, but the gore was great: some really nasty scenes with lots of blood and sometimes guts. B-movie fans can have a go at this, for me this wasn't the best, but neither the worst of the Sub Rosa boxset.

Outlaw Prophet - I bought a pile of Troma films the other day and this is the first one I slid into the DVD player. It's a David Heavener vehicle in which he fulfills half of the crew's roles and is the main character on screen too. He plays John 141, the star in an intergalactic reality TV show of which the directors want to show violence because that sells (think Running Man-like). When John gets a new assignment, he wants out but the directors threaten to destroy the nearest planet, which happens to be, you guessed it, earth. So now John tries to save earth, especially after he saw some sort of teleport vision of an orpaned girl who is deeply religious. What follows is some nice christian propaganda, of course the evil aliens lose the fight against the righteous, and now also christian, John 141. Recommended for bad moviefans, you will love the crappy sfx and the ridiculous story.

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:31 pm ]
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I Am A Hero - Hideo Suzuki is a manga-assistant, meaning he draws stuff which gets integrated into someone else's manga comics. He dreams of getting published himself, but everytime he tries he gets turned down, because his characters are too normal. His girlfriend can't take it anymore that they have to live on a shoestring and she kicks him out. While sleeping at work and waking up the next day in the office, a strange virus has broken out in the city, and more and more people are getting infected. On the run for the ever growing numbers of infected, Hideo finds himself in a cab with a CEO and a schoolgirl. After a wild ride they find out they should try to get to Mount Fuji because the virus can't survive at that altitude. On their way there, they find a community of survivors who have decided to fight back against the infected, and Hideo settles with them because the girl is not fit anymore and needs to rest. In the community there are several things going on which make Hideo wish he hadn't joined them, however. A bit long, this Japanese zombiefilm, it could have been shorter and still interesting. It is entertaining though, and also very Japanese: lots of gore, and some very strange things happening. I had fun and it had been a while since I saw a zombiemovie. I'm glad they still make some nice ones!

Author:  Slayer [ Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:02 pm ]
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Igor and the Lunatics - Troma film on a so called Triple B-header which starts with a compulsory opening by Lloyd Kaufman. These are usually notoriously unfunny, so I went to grab a beer while this opening played. I saw enough of it to see Debbie Rochon take part and while it's nice to watch her, I'd rather see her act in a movie. Ok, on to the film. It's about a cult in the 60s of which the leader, Paul, wants his followers to completely obey him. Because they keep people against their will and kill those who try to get away (there is a particularly gruesome murder involving a circular saw - the filmmakers like this scene so much they show it twice), the police raids the cult and locks up the leaders. After years of imprisonment, Paul is released and as soon as he is out he picks up his old killing habit with two of his minions. A former cultmember does everything in his power to stop them. I couldn't gather why this was called Igor and the Lunatics: Paul and the Lunatics would have made more sense, since he is the leader and Igor is only one of his disciples (albeit a really crazy one). Acting and effects are very B-movie, but gore is nice. I had fun, but this is for bad moviefans only, I guess.

Frostbiter - the whole title is Frostbiter: wrath of the Wendigo ( sometimes spelled as Wendingo). This film has the shallowest plot ever: hunter breaks magic circle and unleashes demonic forces which attack cabin in the woods. Without any reason, the hunter shoots the cabin owner, an old man who called himself "the keeper" and because he also shot a skull from the circle, the Wendigo appears and summons demons to attack the remaining hunters. There is also a girl, the chosen one, and she has to save the day. The demonic attacks resemble Evil Dead a lot. So much actually, that it seems to be on purpose. The real Wendigo is a stop motion monster which looks like a deer skeleton with glowing eyes: a feast for the bad moviefan. In the endfight the girl and the ghost of the keeper both use lightning bolts to fight against it. Acting skills vary wildly and character stupidity reaches new heights. The music score is a bit annoying, it's constantly there and sometimes drowns the dialogue. Overall this is some real good B-movie fun, recommended for bad moviefans.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:35 pm ]
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The Evolved pt. 1 - very absurdistic Troma flick. It starts in London, where a cop catches a graffiti artist and punishes him in a very extreme way. After this introduction, we follow the cop into his next case: the case of the missing dogs. He and his fat and shark-obsessed partner arrest and violently treat a cook working for Burger Priest, a fastfood franchise run by a Hitler-like character. This cook dies and a strange character from New York swears revenge and comes to London. This is all decorated with a talking doll in a wheelchair and a heroin addicted foetus adopted by the cop. Even more absurdity to find out for yourself when you have 80 minutes to kill. Be prepared, this is unlike anything you have seen before. For bad moviefans only I guess.

Author:  Slayer [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:43 pm ]
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Go To Hell - Dario Dare is a once famous ex-wrestling reporter who now works for the National Explainer, a tabloid for which he writes articles about supernatural phenomena. It's not going very well and his quite manly girlfriend kicks him out to improve his life or never come back. Because he needs a place to stay he ends up in a motel run by a Scottish fan of both his wrestling stories and his Explainer work. Also in the motel there are two blondines, one of which is a secret agent for the Vatican and the other is also something secret/undercover person. Dare has an assignment which is to write an articel about the arrival of a cardinal, who has sold his soul to the devil: however, the cardnial didn't hold his part of the deal and kept his soul for himself. Now Dare's soul is stolen because the devil wants him to get the cardinal's soul anyway, and if he succeeds, Dare can get his own soul back. This whole thing goes wrong because the cardinal is assassinated and now Dare has to run from the Vatican's secret agents. He flees into hell and uses this opportunity to claim his soul back. Weird B-movie which tried to be a horrorcomedy, and although there are some fun parts (the assassination is a copy of a very very famous one), overall it's a tad meh. Sometimes I lost my way in the plot, but since it is not overly complicated, it's pretty easy to get back on track. Not the best Troma I have ever seen, but it was OK. Bad moviefans will like it I guess.

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