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Author:  Slayer [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:35 pm ]
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Under the Shadow - this film is Persian/Iranian. During the Iran-Iraq conflict, a mother has to take care of her daughter alone because ther husband is off to the front as a medic. Dealing with her own frustration because she couldn't finish medical school, she has no patience for her daughter when she tells her about a djinn roaming around the building they live in. While the war develops, and danger increases (stories about missile attacks on Tehran are being told), more and more people leave the building. When a missile hits the floor above them without actually exploding, the daughter sees the djinn again, driving her mother mad while looking for the missing doll (which is presumably taken by the djinn, according to the daughter). Real life troubles and the supernatural combine in the head of the mother who is now struggling for her and her daughter's life. Acting is great, both the mother and the daughter were very believable. The djinn was scary, it gave me chickenpox and cold chills for the first time in a long while. Check this film out if you have the chance, it's different but very effective.

Crying Wolf - UK horror in which a private investigator gets his hands on a special book on werewolves. A certain pack of werewolves, to be precise. This pack has been killing many people, among which is a friend of the private eye. The investigator learns about the pack by reading the book (the film shows this in flashbacks),  they are on some sort of a trip with two tour operators. These guys are demon hunters, and it stays unclear if they know the members of their group are werewolves and also if the group knows they are killers. Even though that is a quite interesting premise, this folm screams low budget: a low toned voice over, cgi blood, reading-the-lines-dialogues, bunch of similar wolfmasks, etc. In fact, this movie became so uninteresting that I started to write this review while it was still on. I didn't miss much, the ending was sort of OK-ish, but by far not enough to save this film.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:47 pm ]
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Sheborg Massacre - somewhere in Australia, a girl named Dylan is being rebellious against her dad, who is the mayor of the town she lives in. Together with her friend she tags police cars with graffiti and gives officers the finger. In outer space, a sheborg is being convicted for bringing chaos among order, but the sheborg resists execution through disintegration, and she and her executioners tumble down to earth. Of course the two groups get to meet and now DYand and her friend have to fight this little alien invasion. With the help of a rock singer and a Star Trek nerd they try to fend off the sheborg, who is slowly but steadily turning more and more people into cyborgs. This is one of those films which were the most fun for the people who made it. From time to time there is some nice goo or gore, but acting is only so so (especially by the spacepeople, they overact quite a bit) and the story is extra superficial and only glued together with countless fistfights. A bit more variety in the action would have been nice. The jokes are very cringey most of the time. A laudable effort nonetheless, but a little too monotonous for my taste. Bad moviefans might have fun with this.

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:29 pm ]
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Wildling - watching this movie, I started wondering if this was really a horror, because it was rather boring. The story was about a girl being held inside a house by a man who insisted on the fact that there was only "Anna and daddy", and nobody else. She wasn't allowed to go outside and grew up inside this wooden building in a forest. So I searched for the plot of the film ad found out that there was gonna be a surprise, so I sat through this not so very exciting part and I was glad I did! It takes about 40 minutes for the film to really take off, but if you ffwd through it, you will miss a lot which is useful later to have the whole experience of this film. Acting and atmosphere are both OK, the main actress plays really well: she has to portray numerous emotional phases her character goes through, like anxiety, curiosity, etc. etc very well done. The thing with the
suicide of "daddy" and that he lives through it to resume the hunt later was rather unbelievable and that was a shame, it didn't do the film any good, they should have changed that part and make it more credible
Apart from that, I didn't see many things which were distracting from enjoying a good movie. It reminded me a bit of Let The Right One In (the Swedish original). I had a good time watching this, so I can safely recommend this one.

Author:  Slayer [ Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:54 pm ]
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Iron Sky: the Coming Race - a sequel to the in my opinion very funny and successful movie Iron Sky. In short: this was a letdown. The moonbase nazis are merely some wallpaper, the jokes are only sometimes a tad funny, the Hitler-like character was not so interesting anymore and the lovestory was 200% predictable. If ypou loved Iron Sky and haven't seen this one, please stay away, it will make your experience with Iron Sky worse. It's not that the acting is bad per se, but the whole stpry is just not very interesting. I have seen worse, but I can't recommend this.

The Cured - in Ireland, an outbreak of what looks like a zombie epidemic, has been contained. Now the population is divided into three groups: humans, resistants (zombies who cannot be cured) and cured (former zombies, returned to humanity). The cured are being prepared for their return into society, but things will never be the same: they lost their original jobs, (an ex-lawyer now has to clean buildings, for example) their families usually don't want them around no more (because they have killed a relative, for example) and the public demands their removal (they want the cured killed, all of them). So this film is not a zombiefilm really, it's more a social movie which uses the zombie theme to portray several thigns which we can see in societies today: discrimination, profiteers, prejudice, etc. Acting is good, the characters are all very convincing except for some scenes where they tend to go almost over the top. The setup of the plot is nice, the climax was a bit unbelievable, but overall I really liked the idea behind this movie. If you want something more clever, more original: give this one a chance.

Author:  ^Rogue^ [ Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:34 pm ]
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Keep 'em coming. :beerchug:

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:21 pm ]
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Redcon-1 - a mixed team of US/UK special troops have to find and rescue a doctor from a zone which is about to be blown to smithereens because it's full of zombies. These zombies are quite intelligent and although they can't speak, they can communicate and organise among themselves, making them far more dangerous than the average Zombie Joe. The doctor probably has a cure for the disease causing people to become zombies, and the son of a high ranking officer is also a zombie now, so that's why he has to be evacuated: the officer wants his son cured. Nothing is what it seems, the team gets betrayed, doublecrossed, fought off by zombies and survivors alike and the apotheosis is, well, disappointing. As the entire film, it's overly dramatic, the tables are being turned a bit too often, the "I'll hold them off so you guys can escape" gets boring fast and the cgi blood is meh. Running for lamost two hours, ypou have to have some stamina to sit through this, you will probably experience a lot of cringe, and no, ypou can't have those two hours of your life back. Think hard before getting into this one. I know I wouldn't do it again.

From a House on Willow Street - had this filed under /ghost, but fits better in /demonic. A crew of criminals are planning the kidnapping of a daughter of a rich guy who has access to diamonds. They want to exctort the diamonds from hi, so they can emigrate and start a new life. So when they enter the house to get the girl, the house is entirely dark, there are strange writings on the walls of the cupboard in her room and she looks bewildered. They tie her down in an abandoned industrial building, but she warns them that if they don't let her go, they will all die that very night. One of the criminals also says that she has the feeling that they actually released the girl from the house. When the parents of the girl don't pick up the phone for the ransomcall, they have to find out what's going on. They find something that makes them shake on their feet. They really are all in for some real trouble... Although the premise is quite OK, and the idea also pretty original (has been done before but not to death), this is not a movie that yopu will remember for the rest of your life. Acting is decet, but the tension between the criminals feels a bit "made up". The trauma thing is nicely done, they don't get explained too fast. So quite nice, I have seen worse demonic films. The only thing that made me really wonder is
why the demon was still after four sould while it could easily have taken the ones from the parents (2) and the priests (2), because the it would have had four already - major plothole alert here I guess
So if you have some 85-ish minutes to kill, this will be a nice way to do so.

Author:  Slayer [ Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:09 pm ]
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Baskin - Turkish horror about a unit of Istanbul policemen who are eating, betting, having fun, etc at a restaurant on the outskirts of town when one of them gets sick in the toilet. They drive back to town when they receive a call for backup in a eighbourhood which has a bad name. On their way there, they have a near miss: the driver (the guy who got sick) syates he saw a naked man in the street. A little later, they actually do bump into a man and the van goes nose first into a river. When they get out they find a huge dilapidaded building which looks empty, but when they have turned some corners they find a cop banging his head against the wall. This is just the beginnig of a hellish tour through the netherworld, from which they might not find any escape. This movie got me glued to the screen. Maybe it's the fact that I don't see Turkish films very often, or that the atmosphere was gripping, but apart from some quieter moments in the beginning (especially during the drive to town), the movie keeps you up almost the entire time. Paradoxically, in the final scenes the attentio began to dwindle again, maybe because it had a tad of repetitiveness in it, maybe because I was getting tired (it was also getting late). But this movie has almost everything: apart from the stuff I already mentioned there are things like good acting, gore, painful torture scenes and, maybe one of the most interesting features of this film, a plot which doesn't go straight and chronologically. This leads to various wtf moments, it reminded me a bit of Pulp Fiction, but of course this is an entirely different film. Very entertaining, scary at times and also gross, this is quite a must see. Highly recommended!

Author:  ^Rogue^ [ Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:30 pm ]
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Sounds interesting, what release should one get (and from where)?

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

I got it off BT, you can get it here for example: https://www.1377x.to/torrent/3754973/Ba ... -YTS-YIFY/

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla - it is very rare that I watch a movie twice. Sometimes, I find out in the final scenes that I have seen the movie before, like I did with Husk and some vampireflick from the 70s. In most cases, it is related to me being not entirely sober while watching the film the first, the second, or both times. Yesterday I purposefully watched a film for the second time, and in this case it was because the first time I didn't have any subs. And since my Japanese is not all that impressive, I could not follow the story very well. So I enjoyed an old-fashioned Japanese monster ride, with aliens planning to take over and of course starting with Japan. They have created a fake Godzilla to lure out the real one and defeat it, so the road to conquest would lay open. But, of course we have some heroic Japanese guys, scientists even, and they save the day together with an agent from Interpol. Ridiculous monsterduels, a noticeaby lack of miniature tanks and planes this time, but it's all made up by the MechaGodzilla who flies, shoots rockets and looks like a supergiant dinosaurtank. Fun guaranteed for the entire family. No hardcore horror or scifi of course, but cute explosions and the typical ancestor shizzle in the plot. If you are a fan, you can't miss out on this one.

Author:  ^Rogue^ [ Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:57 pm ]
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Thank you. :beerchug:

Author:  elchupacabra [ Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

I second that. Sound interesting. :beerchug:

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:20 am ]
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Had some friends over for another bad movienight, so here are some old school So Bad It's Good films:

Warrior of the Lost World - after a lengthy intro with text to read, you are under the impression that you won't have to watch the film because you know the story already, but when you quit at that moment, you will miss a lot of funny stuff. This scifi has a totalitarian group called Omega Force, with nazi-like symbols and uniforms, a doctor who propagates The New Way, some kind of spiritual resistance movement, gangs of various outfits fighting each other all the time and a hero called McWayne driving around on a motorbike who acts like Kit from Knight Rider. This motorcycle warns McWayne always two or three times about something, and then rockets, grenades, lasers etc from the motorbike will solve the "problem". Donald Pleasence is Prossor, the evil leader of the Omega Force and before they can turn everyone nto mindless slaveworkers, McWayne and the doctor try to stop them. This is an Italo flick in disguise, as the director is an American, but the entire crew is Italian and it was filmed in Italy as well. Rather confusing storyline, funny sfx and bad acting complete the menu for the bad moviefan. If you are into bad movies or a fan of Italian cinema you really must see this one!

Deathstalker IV - it's been seven years since I saw Deathstalker I and II. I had seen part IV for sale on amazon, but it always cost over 100 GBP, which is hugely overpriced of course. One day I saw it for sale for 30 GBP so I took my chance and bought it. Filmed in the Baba Vida Fortress in Bulgaria, the storyline of this fantasy flick is very simple: Deathstalker attends a tournament in order to find a lost friend. The lady who organises the tournament however, is planning on using her magic on all of them to turn them into stone Golem-like monsters and to exterminate all warriors that way. Of course Deathstalker is gonna prevent this from happening, together with a girl whose sister died while they were on the way to the tournament. You get to see a lot of leather clad women and men, battling each other with swords, clubs and spears. There is plenty of re-use of scenes from Deathstalker I, especially when a character has a flashback, which, you guessed it, happens quite often. Watch the crowd in the new battlescenes, they are Bulgarian locals who sometimes dont do anything else than staring with their mouths wide open. Hilarious fights, overacting, foamrubber rocks and "secret" passageways make this a treasure for bad moviefans.

Skullduggery - a group of friends play a boardgame on a regular basis. In one of their sessions, Adam plays the warlock but gets sort of possessed by the devil. So he starts taking the assignments in the game way too seriously, transfers them over to his real life and actually kills off his "opponents" for real. This was a very strange movie, you never see anyvdemonic action, nor a devil of some sorts. Adam is a total weirdo, and his nameis jo coincidence: there are tons of hints at the creational myth from the bible, and there is also a strange character walking around with a game ofctic-tac-toe on the back of his coat: the game progresses with the film. The victims of Adam are to be found in the strangest places too, so this film defies any kind of logic. Acting is bad, the music and the editing are atrocious. Very bad film, but looking for the hundreds of hints is a fun game you can play with your friends while you wonder why this film was ever made. Only for bad moviefans.

Psycho Scarecrow - it was getting late, but I felt like slipping in one more DVD and it was the first film of a 4 movie box called "Sleazy slashers". In this film, which is amateurishly made, a policeman investigates a presumed suicide by a girl, smashing to death after a fall from a skyscraper. In flashback, we see the girl and a group of friends take a trip into the countryside, where they camp right outside a cornfield. After an accident, one of them is left for dead and soon after, they are being stalked by a maniacal scarecrow, slashing away at their throats. One by one they succumb to the killer, anc the girl is the final target. Did she really jump the building herself? Acting is mediocre, lighting and sound ard bad: some dialogue is totally inaudible, which leads to scenes where you see two characters with moving mouths but no sound. Forgettable film, you might enjoy it if you're into low budget flicks.

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Galaxy of Horrors - anthology with scifi and horrorfilms presented to a guy in a cryogenic pod.Eden is about a kid killing the president of a future United Something, while the air is contaminated and rebels called Suiciders try to end the government.Iris is a story centered around a new smartphone taking fate in it's own hands.Flesh computer is about a computer mixed with human parts and has some real ugly cgi.Pathos is in Italian and about some VR like machine, in which the main character is trapped, while being commanded by the computer to enter his creditcard number, but each code he enters turns out invalid.Eveless has a male pregnancy of which the baby is delivered in a rather brutal way and there is more to come...They Will All Die In Space is a black and white short about a drifting spaceship where a mechanic gets woken from cryogenic sleep to fix the ship, but there is more to it tham just repair stuff. Interesting, but ending felt cut short.Entity shows us a lonely female astronaut floating around in space after her spaceship exploded. Kudos for the soundless explosions, the horror is in the fact you know oxygen is running out.Kingz is in German about two gangsters dropping halc a kilo of cocaine at s party, but upon leaving one of them notices his sister present at the party. Trying to take her with him, they get into trouble: they meet a lifeform which is totally new to them.
I think I liked the last one best, the wraparound is a but useless apart from the fact that you "need" it in an anthology. The Italian one was the weirdest, but what do you expect, hey? Some stories are weird, some are fun and some are gross. I had enough fun to not see my time wasted, so you might like this.

Overlord - warhorror which takes place on D-day. A small stick of paras has to fulfill a mission: to blow up a radiotower on top of a church in the village of Cielblanc. They find out that there is much more to the tower than just the radio transmitter. If you think horrorfilm + nazis, it must of course be: nazi zombie dupersoldiers, yay! Whe  it comes to history, well, they show immediately that they aren't making a realistic warmovie. I mean, it's nice they gave the lead to a black guy but there were zero black soldiers in paratrooper units because of racism still running rampant in the US army. There are several other historical mistakes, but well, it's a zombie movie, so who cares really. The gore is great, the nazi zombie factory looks cool and the nazis themselves are nicely evil and dumb enough to walk into MG fire. The heroes are ethnically and sexually diverse, so no complaints from pressuregroups, lol. I had fun, but don't bother when you are looking for anything serious.

Author:  Slayer [ Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Chain Gang Girls - a bit of a weird name for this Japanese WIP film, because the girls are never ina chain gang. They are in a prison, though, even though you only get to see one corridor of it, one cell and two rooms. The outside of the building is superugly cgi for some reason. The story is about Nami who is inside because she got framed, and now she wants revenge, but first she has to deal with prisonfights, a sadistic warden and punishments handed out by the guards. There is solitary confinement, a cell with utter darkness, the warden takes advantage of some fo the female prisoners, etc, etc. It's all kind of cliche, but I hadn't seen a Japanese film like this before I think. With 75 minutes it also doesn't run for too long so if you're into exploitation, you could give this a try.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Karate a Muerte en Torremolinos - Spanish film which gave me the feeling the creators purposefully wanted to make a bad movie, but who knows. The storyline is thin: in Torremolinos girls disappear because a mdman has conjured the dead from teh saebotoom in the form of zombie ninjas. Yes, I know. In the end credits they said Jes Franco made this film possible and I can see why. A guy who is a member of the Brotherhood of Catholic Surfers is determined to take out the madman after that man has abducted the guy's girlfriend. With the help of other catholic surfers, among which a shortskirted nun, they set out for revenge. The amount of karate, and it's executon on screen, reminded me of The Mad Foxes, another crazy Spanish movie. Gore is plenty but imagequality is pretty low so you don't get to see it very well. Music is Spanish punk played by Ramonesfans, and the monster that is summoned by the madman is a guy in a rubbersuit and I must admit: I loved that. Thrw in some random Martians alongside the road and you have your mental flick from Spain. Recommended for bad moviefans only!

Author:  Slayer [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly - wanted to check this one out when I read something on it, so I was curious what kind of film this would be. It's actually not really horror. It could happen (no supernatural stuff), and there is no gore. Still, I think this film will appeal to many horrorfans, it's from the age in which Great Britain still produced classy films that were enjoyable to watch and in which everyone spoke English in a way that even a foreigner could follow. The story is about a family who live in a secluded mansion. They lure in men, and the men have to play along with the kids, and then they have to learn the rules. The mansion becomes some kind of a prison, and when you try to escape you are going on trial. The family makes sure there are second, but not third chances... Actig is top notch, atmosphere is nice but the lack of thrills and gore was gnawing at me: I wanted some kind of climax maybe. It doesn't really come, but the way the plot evolves is quite nice. So if you are into a sort of classic but yet strange British film, then pick this one.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:49 am ]
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Shocking Dark - this Italo scifi has all the stuff you want from cheesy 80s monsterflicks. A special forces unit is sent into an industrial compound where they search for some companions who have disappeared. After a while they meet alien creatures and they have to fight in order to stay alive and find a way back to safety too. Very superficial storyline, the creatures are fun as their rubber suits tear and their plaster cast heads explode in the fights. Feeble attempt at making something of the characters but never really takes off. Hilarious endig where Venice is saved from total destruction by a Terminator rip-off. Recommended for bad moviefans and Italofans alike.

Alien Domicile - watched this one a while later, but has some striking similarities with Shocking Dark. Not as fun, modern so without the rubber suits and cast masks (replaced by rubber mask and crappy cgi), this one drags itself along towards the ending. Rather borign at times and it feels like a long movie even though it only runs for 72 minutes. I must admit that the ending ha d some original twist, but the rest of the mvie was quite forgettable. Better skip this one and look for another hidden "gem" among the classics from the 870s and 80s would be my advice.

Author:  Slayer [ Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:27 pm ]
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The Heretics - Gloria is in a supportgroup, because she has a trauma: she has been kidnapped and was about to become a sacrifice when the members of the cult all committed suicide. At the supportgroup she has met Joan, a woman who got beaten by her dad in her youth, and the two women become lovers. One evening when she walks home, she gets kidnapped again and being kept in a remote shed. Her kidnapper tells her that he wants to save her, and some weird stories about the cult and a demon. Joan starts a search fro her lost girlfriend, will Gloria be saved, and from which danger? Nice indie flick, pretty good acting and effects. Some stuff was pretty scary and the atmosphere was OK. Soon you will realize that some things aren't what they seem to be and actually it is not very hard to guess how the plot is going to evolve, but I had fun watching this. The ending was somewhat disappointing, it is not very original to end a horror movie like that, but well, nice effort. Recommended.

Hollow Gate - had a brainfart while buying this, because I missed the fact that it was German audio exclusively. So I searched on YouTube and found the entire film there in English, but with quite crappy VHS image quality. The film itself is rather boring, the plot is supersimple: a boy almost gets drowned by his drunk father on a Halloween party, and from then on he hates Halloween. Years later, he has turned into a killer (because, why not?) and first he blows up a car with two youngsters in it and after that he resides in a mansion where he lures in new victims. In this case they are again youngsters, four this time, and they walk into his traps with eyes wide open. The kills are disappointing, the one with the harvester machine is the funniest one as the victim is so obviously waiting for it to come for her. The ending is meh, like most of the film. Be wise and don't spend any money on this like I did. Bad moviefans should fast forward to the harvester scene, laugh, and then press Eject.

Author:  TaKYoN [ Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:26 am ]
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Haven't been here for years, can't believe some of you are still here. Any other old members still around?

Author:  ^Rogue^ [ Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Movies You Watched Today Topic!

I'm pretty old. :cry: :lol:

WB. :beerchug:

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