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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2003 4:07 am  Post subject: How did Deodato actually direct Cannibal Holocaust?
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I read that the makers of Blair Witch just let the actors go out into the woods by themself with instructions to film everything. they were given small notes or something at night, about what action they should take the next day (throw map into river.. etc.) The filmmakers then would stay out in the woods and just try to scare the actors by breaking sticks and making strange noises.

anyone know how CH was made? part of the realism comes from the way it's all handheld camera which moves around all the time, and the acting don't even seem like acting. Was it deodato that held that camera himself? did they do multiple shots, or was it more improvised like Blair Witch? did they have a script which they followed thightly? or just went with the flow and saw what happened? some scenes are obviously not improvised (mainly the ones with gore) but some might just be...

what about the natives? I've heard that they were in fact real natives? how did they get them to do all those things? how were the gore effects made?

this is one film I'd love to see a 'Making of' of!!!!


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