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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:00 pm  Post subject: Tales from the crypt (1989) Temp.1 DVD 2/2 NTSC (Horror)
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Original title: Tales from the crypt - Season 1
Year: 1989-1996
Country: USA
Director: Russell Mulcahy, Elliot Silverstein, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Walter Hill, Tom Holland, Kevin Yagher, Stephen Hopkins, Howard Deutch, John Harrison, Gilbert Adler, Gary Fleder, Rodman Flender, William Malone, Robin Bextor and Robert Longo
Cast: John Kassir, Roy Brocksmith, Miguel Ferrer, Larry Drake, William Sadler, Cindy Riegel, Mark Lowenthal, Lance Henriksen, Joe Pantoliano, Bobcat Goldthwait, Peter Van Norden, Marshall Bell, Michael Ironside and Troy Evans
Writers: Scott Nimerfro, William M. Gaines, Gilbert Adler, A. L. Katz, Fred Dekker, Larry Wilson, Ron Finley, Colman deKay, Walter Hill, Mae Woods, Frank Darabont, John Harrison, Randall Jahnson, Doug Ronning, Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman and Donald Longtooth
Runtime: 30 min
Company: Home Box Office (HBO) / Tales From The Crypt Holdings
Genre: Terror / Thriller / Comedy
Plot: Not only was every episode meticulously crafted into thirty minutes of ironic terror, but the forces behind it always remained credible enough to deliver star-studded episodes. Jon Kassir's Crypt Keeper remains one of the more sacred pop culture figures of recent years (when's the last time you saw someone trashing the Keeper? He's an icon for chrissakes), and while some of the stories may not have been on caliber with others (most of the "England" episodes never touched the Demi Moore/"if I can't have you, no one will" one), in the end, when the smoke had cleared and the show was over, you looked at it with a refreshing zing, as if you had embraced being had.

Bringing back the EC stories wasn't a simple task. Speilberg tried it with "Amazing Stories" and gave up after two long years. The "Vault Of Horror" got a limited run in 94, but failed. But Tales always stuck around, on its own terms, and gave up swinging.

NP: The Bobcat Goldthwait episode: only animated Tales ever: takeoff...Three Little Pigs

Aspect Ratio..............: [x] Fullscreen
                            [ ] Widescreen

Format....................: [x] NTSC 
                            [ ] PAL

Sound(s) Quality..........: [x] Dolby Digital 2.0
                            [ ] Dolby Digital 5.1
                            [ ] Other

Audio Language(s).........: [x] English          [ ] Portuguese
                            [ ] Spanish          [ ] Italian
                            [ ] French           [ ] Other

Subtitles.................: [x] English          [ ] Portuguese
                            [x] Spanish          [ ] Italian
                            [x] French           [ ] Other
Video.....................: [ ] Intact
                            [x] Recompressed by: CCE 6 passes

Menu......................: [x] Intact
                            [ ] Partially stripped
                            [ ] Stripped

Extras....................: [x] All
                            [ ] Partially stripped
                            [ ] Stripped

Zone......................: [x] Zone Free

(vgroupnetwork.com) Cuentos de la cripta (Tales from the crypt) (1989) Temp 1 DVDR 1-2 NTSC (AU_EN_SU_SP_FR) - VgroupTeam.iso
(vgroupnetwork.com) Cuentos de la cripta (Tales from the crypt) (1989) Temp 1 DVDR 2-2 NTSC (AU_EN_SU_SP_FR) - VgroupTeam.iso

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