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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 12:20 pm  Post subject: Posting Tips (Guidelines)
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Here's some simple tips/advice for you when your posting. Don't consider them rules or anything, but have a read.

  • Please don't over indulge in html or bbcode, radically different posts aren't necessarily the best mode of posting ;) A simple centering can be achieved with:

    Around what you want to center. Tables, iframes, etc don't look particularly good all the time.
  • Don't over use colour (or use it at all), for example, never use yellow. You can't read it in subSilver or workSafe themes, what looks good in smartDark might look terrible in the other installed themes.
  • Don't enclose your post in a quote, if you copied it from another site, feel free to credit the original poster at the bottom with a note, but if you enclose the entire post in a quote, your thread is then enclosed by 2+ sets of quotes if/when its added to the frontpage :(
  • Nfos can be posted wrapped in:

    instead of

    This shrinks to the size of the nfo, makes it look neater.

    If it is real ascii art, you can get it into unicode by first viewing in Damn NFOviewer or a similar app.
  • Try to end with the ed2k rather than placing it in the middle or above screenshots, that way people can just jump straight to the click rather than jumping between the specs, and above screens that will be loading later.
  • Title (Year)
    ed2k link

    is probably the cleanest and simplest thread.

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