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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:25 am  Post subject: The Ultimate Exploitation Collection Part 2
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light blue = unverified

  1. Against Their Will (1994)
  2. Anger (Terror in a Woman's Prison) (1988)
  3. Big Bust Out, The (1972)
  4. Bimbo Penitentiary (1992)
  5. Cage Without a Key (1975)
  6. Caged Beauties (1988)
  7. Caged Fury (1989)
  8. Captive Rage (1988)
  9. Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995)
  10. Concrete Jungle (1982)
  11. Condemned To Hell (1984)
  12. Detention Girls, The (1970)
  13. Devil's Island Lovers (1974)
  14. Enter the Seven Virgins (1974)
  15. Escape From Hellhole (1983)
  16. Escape from Women's Prison (1978)
  17. First Time Is the Last Time (Di Yi Jian) (1988)
  18. Five Loose Women (1974)
  19. Girls Riot (1983)
  20. Hell Behind the Bars (1984)
  21. Hot Box, The (1972)
  22. Jailbird Rock (1988)
  23. Jailhouse Eros (1990)
  24. Jungle Warriors (1984)
  25. Love and Death in a Women's Prison (1974)
  26. Muthers, The (1976)
  27. Naked Cage, The (1986)
  28. New Female Convict Scorpion: Special Cellblock X (1977)
  29. New Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701 (1976)
  30. New True Story Of A Woman In Jail (1976)
  31. Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
  32. Prison Girls (1972)
  33. Prison Revolt
  34. Purgatory (1988)
  35. Rainbow Force (1985)
  36. Red Heat (1985)
  37. Reformatory of Depraved Girls (1978)
  38. Sasori in U.S.A (1997)
  39. Savage Sisters (1974)
  40. Scorpion Woman Prisoner: Death Threat (1991)
  41. Slammer Girls (1987)
  42. Strike of the Torture Angels (1982)
  43. Sweet Sugar (1972)
  44. Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women (1977)
  45. Thunder County (1974)
  46. Time Served (1999)
  47. Tortured Over Sex (1976)
  48. Trafficking of Women
  49. True Story Of A Woman In Jail (1975)
  50. True Story Of A Woman In Jail Continues (1975)
  51. Under Lock And Key (1995)
  52. Vendetta (1986)
  53. Virgin Commandos (1989)
  54. Virgin Prison Torture (1973)
  55. War Victims (Kamp Tawanan Wanita) (1983)
  56. Woman Prison (Nu Zi Jian Yu) (1988)
  57. Woman Prisoner No. 407 (1976)
  58. Women Behind Bars (1975)
  59. Women Unchained (1974)
  60. Women in Chains (1972)
  61. Women's Cell (1968)
  62. Women's Prison (1978)
  63. Women's Reformatory (1986)
  1. Alice in Wonderland (1976)
  2. Autobiography of a Flea, The (1976)
  3. Blue Angel Cafe (1989)
  4. Booby Trap (1970)
  5. Carmen, Baby (1967)
  6. Clinica dell'amore, La (1976)
  7. Crazy Lesbian Woodchooper
  8. Deadly Weapons (1970)
  9. Devil in the Flesh (1991)
  10. Don Juan 73 (1973)
  11. Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (1972)
  12. First Nudie Musical, The (1976)
  13. Flesh Gordon (1974)
  14. High school girl's diary (1981)
  15. I Saw Jesus Die (1974)
  16. Immoral Tales (1974)
  17. Lonesome Cowboys (1968)
  18. Lussuria (1986)
  19. Magic Curse, The (1977)
  20. Pervert! (2005)
  21. Pink Lady (1991)
  22. Punishment Of Anne, The (1975)
  23. Red Light Girls, The (1974)
  24. Sex With A Smile (1976)
  25. Sex with a Smile Part 2 (1976)
  26. Spermula (1976)
  27. Storie di vita e malavita (1975)
  28. Storie scellerate (1973)
  29. Taboo (1980)
  30. Tokyo Deep Throat (1975)
  31. Traders Hornee (1970)
Psychotronic\Cult Directors
  1. Angel in the Flesh (1999)
  2. Corruption of the Damned (1965)
  3. Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (1967)
  4. Empire (1964)
  5. Existo (1999)
  6. Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 (1974)
  7. Grey Gardens (1975)
  8. Kurt Kren - Action + Structural Films
  9. Pagan Rhapsody (1970)
  10. Paul McCarthy - Class Fool (1976)
  11. Paul McCarthy - Sauce (1974)
  12. Paul McCarthy - The Painter
  13. Shuji Terayama - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1970)
  14. Shuji Terayama - Experimental Image World (1970)
  15. Shuji Terayama - Fruits of Passion (1981)
  16. Shuji Terayama - Grass Labyrinth (1979)
  17. Shuji Terayama - Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets (1971)
  18. Sud - Grenze (2001)
  19. Survey Map Of A Paradise Lost (1988)
  20. Tenjo Sajiki - Nuhikun - Directions To Servants (1978)
  1. Blood Massacre (1991)
  2. Cannibal Girl
  3. Cannibal Hookers (1987)
  4. Death Row Diner (1988)
  5. Diary Of A Cannibal (2006)
  6. Folks at Red Wolf Inn
  7. Last Supper, The (2005)
  8. Nathalie (1981)
  9. Now Eat: the Movie (1980)
  10. Satans Cannibal Holocaust (2007)
  11. Tales From The Cannibal Side (1998)
  1. 1999:The Deadly Camp (1999)
  2. A Scream in the Streets (1973)
  3. Beautiful Dead Body (1987)
  4. Devil Story (1985)
  5. Nocturnal Demon, The (1990)
  6. Please Don't Eat My Mother (1973)
  7. Possession Of Nurse Sherri, The (1978)
  8. Skin Stripperess (1991)
  9. Sore Losers (1997)
  10. Terror in the Jungle (1968)
  1. 100 Years of Torture 2 (1977)
  2. Africa Erotica (1970)
  3. Assault! Jack The Ripper (1976)
  4. Atolladero (1995)
  5. Bald Headed Betty (1975)
  6. Beast Of Tutor, The (2003)
  7. Bloody Beast, The (1994)
  8. Code of Hunt (1983)
  9. Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case (1995)
  10. Cruel Horizon (1989)
  11. Day Of Violence (1977)
  12. Deadly Darling (1985)
  13. Death Weekend (1976)
  14. Dogman
  15. Escape Imprisonment 2
  16. Exorsister (1994)
  17. Fatal Love (1993)
  18. Female Gang Rape Incident
  19. Final Judgment, The (1989)
  20. Flesh Target : Rape! (1979)
  21. Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture (1982)
  22. Gold Raiders (1983)
  23. Great American Snuff Film, The (2003)
  24. Guinea Pig: Greatest Cuts (1988)
  25. Guinea Pig: The Making of Devil Doctor Woman (1985)
  26. Hitch-Hike (1977)
  27. Horse-Dog-Woman
  28. Invisible Man : Rape! (1978)
  29. Juvenile Crime (1997)
  30. Lady Rose
  31. Last Summer (1969)
  32. Muzanza
  33. Platoon the Warriors (1988)
  34. Portrait Of A Serial Rapist (1994)
  35. Rapeman 5 (1995)
  36. Rapeman 6
  37. Rapeman 7
  38. Rapeman 8
  39. Rapeman 9
  40. Ravager, The (1970)
  41. Satan's Children (1974)
  42. Seeding of a Ghost (1983)
  43. Severely Rape
  44. Sleazy Rider (1972)
  45. Snake Girl, The
  46. Snuff 2 : Evolution of Snuff (1978)
  47. Subway Rape (1985)
  48. Subway Rape 2: OL Hunting (1986)
  49. Subway Rape 3: Uniform Hunting (1987)
  50. Subway Rape 4 : Lover Hunting (1988)
  51. Sweet Savior (1971)
  52. Toriko: Eyes of a Rapist (1995)
  53. Torturer, The (2005)
  54. Unpublicized Case: The Human Sausages (1994)
  55. Vigilante (1983)
  56. Whirlpool (1969)
  57. Wrath of Silence (1994)
Bloody Gross
  1. Bijo kenshi: futari seppuku (1990)
  2. Jogakusei Harakiri (1990)
  1. Cagliostro (1974)
  2. Christina, the Devil Nun (1972)
  3. Confessioni segrete di un convento di clausura (1972)
  4. Damned If You Don't (1987)
  5. Deadly Sins (1995)
  6. Death of a Nun (1980)
  7. Die Versuchung
  8. Encrucijada para una monja (1967)
  9. End of the World (1977)
  10. Gebets-Schwestern
  11. Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1973)
  12. Il Cavaliere inesistente (1971)
  13. Im Namen des Teufels (1999)
  14. La Novizia (1975)
  15. Le Moine (1972)
  16. Les Novices (1970)
  17. Love Letters of a Nun (1978)
  18. Misterio del Convento (1993)
  19. Monastery of Sin, The (2003)
  20. Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
  21. Not Just Another Woman (1974)
  22. Nun Story: Frustration in Black (1980)
  23. Orgies in the Convent (2000)
  24. Peeping Nun (2001)
  25. Racconti romani di una ex-novizia (1972)
  26. Schien-heilig Pervers
  27. Sundige Kloster Schulerinner (2004)
  28. Valerie (1969)
  1. Feast for the Devil (1971)
  1. Iodo (1977)
  1. A Young Emmanuelle (1976)
  2. Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle (1976)
  3. Brown Emmanuelle (1982)
  4. Daughter of Emmanuelle, The (1978)
  5. Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers (1973)
  6. Emanuelle and Joanna (1978)
  7. Emanuelle e Lolita (1978)
  8. Emanuelle in Oberbayern (1977)
  9. Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst (1983)
  10. Emmanuelle 2000 (2001)
  11. Emmanuelle 2000: Being Emmanuelle (2000)
  12. Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2000)
  13. Emmanuelle 2001: Emmanuelle's Sensual Pleasures (2001)
  14. Emmanuelle 3 (1980)
  15. Emmanuelle Forever (1993)
  16. Emmanuelle Goes Greek (1976)
  17. Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes (1985)
  18. Emmanuelle in Hollywood (1991)
  19. Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)
  20. Emmanuelle in Tokyo (1976)
  21. Emmanuelle in the Orient (1976)
  22. Emmanuelle's Daughter (1977)
  23. Emmanuelle: A Hard Look (2000)
  24. Kung Fu Emanuelle (1982)
  25. Lady Emanuelle (1989)
  26. Seoul Emmanuelle (1993)
  27. Storia di Emmanuelle O: il trionfo dell'erotismo (1974)
  28. Tokyo Emmanuelle fujin: kojin kyoju (1975)
The Great Roman Orgy
  1. Arena, The (1973)
  2. Caligula (1979)
  3. Caligula - Madness Of Power (1997)
  4. Caligula Erotica (1977)
  5. Caligula II - The Untold Story (1981)
  6. Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina (1977)
  7. Caligula III (1984)
  8. Caligula and Messalina (1982)
  9. Messalina orgasmo imperiale (1981)
  10. Poppea Una Prostituta Al Servizio Dell'impero (1972)
  11. Virgin for the Roman Empire (1981)
  12. Warrior Queen (1987)
  1. Fritz the Cat
  2. I Married A Strange Person! (1997)
  3. Nine lives of Fritz the Cat, The (1974)
  4. Sailor Moon and the Seven Ballz

Against Their Will (1994)
Movieinfo:5.3/10 (43 votes)
Additional Information:aka: Against Their Will: Women In Prison; Caged Seduction: The Shocking True Story; Atrás das Grades; Femmes en prison; Geschändet hinter Gittern; Prisão de Mulheres
Review: Behind prison walls, corruption, sex and power make criminals out of the guards and heroes out of the guarded. For more than a decade, the lawless guards inside a maximum security women's prison have reigned with impunity - rape, sex for money and illegal favors have become the norm until one woman decides to battle the system. Leading a group of inmates on a risky life-or-death struggle for justice, a ten year silence is finally broken, exposing the twisted truth to the world and enabling the prisoners the freedom to live without fear.

Anger (Terror in a Woman's Prison) (1988)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Le Camp de la Terreur; Angels with Golden Guns; Virgin Apocalypse
Review: Three women captured and imprisoned by a gang of white slavers lead a bloody rebellion, aided by a detective investigating the gang.

Big Bust Out, The (1972)
Movieinfo:4.0/10 (23 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Io monaca... per tre carogne e sette peccatrici; Crucified Girls of San Ramon; Ich, die Nonne und die Schweinehunde; Rache der geschändeten Frauen, Die; Women's Penitentiary 9
Review: Seven beautiful women in a high security prison set the stage for a big bust out.

Bimbo Penitentiary (1992)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Cuffdunk and Roundtree

Cage Without a Key (1975)
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (24 votes)
Review: A high school girl who needs a ride accepts one from a boy she doesn't know. He then forces her to participate in a robbery, in which a clerk is killed. They are soon caught, and the girl, despite her protestations of innocence, is convicted of first-degree murder and sent to prison. Once she gets there, she finds out that her troubles are just beginning.

Caged Beauties (1988)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Fight For Love
Review: Directed by Yuen Ching Li

Caged Fury (1989)
ed2k: Caged.Fury.1989.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 968 kbps
Size:784,979,968 bytes; 1:34:17
Resolution:624x432; fps; AR: 1.444
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 129 kbps
Movieinfo:3.0/10 (73 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Bestien hinter Gittern; Zimny gniew
Review: Discontent leads to a daring escape plan in a women's prison where the inmates are all lingerie clad models and the lesbian warden demands unusual favours for early parole.

Captive Rage (1988)
Movieinfo:3.4/10 (20 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Fair Trade; Fire with Fire; Fire on Fire ; Wscieklosc
Review: Tagline: Raped, tortured, imprisoned... now, the caged girls are fighting back.

Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995)
ed2k: Banished.Behiond.Bars.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 983kb/s
Size:782,034,944 bytes; 1:32:41
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1:333
Audio:48000Hz 129 kb/s VBR MP3
Movieinfo:3.7/10 (108 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Banished Behind Bars; Encarceradas no Inferno
Review: Pretty decent for the prison/exploitation genre. Two sisters are given away by their mother. One turns out to be good, the other bad. The good one goes to jail. She's really cute, and, of course, gets picked on. Sis helps her kick butt.

Concrete Jungle (1982)
ed2k: The.Concrete.Jungle.Xvid.VHSRip.DJ-Poney.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 970 kbps
Size:789,440,570 bytes; 1:36:22
Resolution:576x432; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 112 kbps
Subtitle Language:Danish
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo:4.6/10 (82 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Confidências de uma Prisioneira Americana; Jungla de cemento, La; Kalteriviidakko; Quartier de femmes
Review: A drug runner hides cocaine in his girlfriend's skis to minimize his chances of getting caught. She's busted at the airport and put in prison. She defies the control games the bitch warden and her "Queen Bee" prisoner minion are playing, and she must suffer the consequences as she tries to find a way out of her situation.

Condemned To Hell (1984)
Movieinfo:3.0/10 (5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Atrapadas
Review: An argentine look to the w.i.p. genre. A famous female delinquent is taken from the meanest street of the city and thrown into the most hellish prison ultra-decadence previals as evil-vile-corrupt guards use the women prisoners for prostitution and drug trafficking and worse

Detention Girls, The (1970)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Review: This is basically a low-budget black & white film of a young, pretty co-ed who is arrested for her behavior at a demonstration. Not a great script but if you like a "girls in jail" movie, you would like this one.

Devil's Island Lovers (1974)
ed2k: Devil's.Island.Lovers.1974.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1163 kbps
Size:781,252,608 bytes; 1:20:30
Resolution:640x272; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.353
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 118 kbps
Subtitles: Devil's.Island.Lovers.1974.DVDRip.XviD-STR.srt
Subtitle Language:English
Movieinfo:4.6/10 (35 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Quartier de femmes; Lovers of Devil's Island; Amantes de la isla del diablo, Los; Violenze erotiche in un carcere femminile
Review: Try to get out alive! Framed for murder, a beautiful young couple is shipped off to a South American prison run with an iron fist. Overseen by a mad colonel, this hellhole promises unspeakable horrors with little hope of escape... and soon the innocent must resort to savagery to find any hope of escape. This depraved follow-up to the drive-in smash hit 99 Women offers more madness behind bars from director Jess Franco, who brought you some of the most notorious women-in-prison films of all time including Barbed Wire Dolls, Sadomania and Ilsa the Wicked Warden. Now available on American home video for the first time, this all-star Eurocult delicacy features such familiar faces as Dennis Price (Theatre of Blood), Howard Vernon (The Awful Dr. Orlof), Brit Nichols (The Demons), Luis Barboo (The Wind and the Lion) and Annie Libert (A Virgin among the Living Dead). (Spanish packaging version)

Enter the Seven Virgins (1974)
Movieinfo:6.9/10 (12 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Yang chi; Karate, Küsse, blonde Katzen; The Bod Squad; Virgins of the Seven Seas
Review: Five Western girls are kidnapped by Chinese pirates and sold to a brothel. While they are being trained to become prostitutes, a couple of local citizens take mercy on them and plots their escape by teaching them kung-fu. The five scantily-clad girls, using their newfound martial arts skills then fight their way to freedom.

Escape From Hellhole (1983)
ed2k: Hell.Hole.DvdRip.Xvid.Video-Man.avi|720637952
Codec:XviD 2-pass 864 Kbps
Size:687 MB 1h 42mn
Resolution:512x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:64 Kbps MP3
Release Thread:Thanks to Geezus :o
Movieinfo:3.7/10 (12 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Flugtaktion Hell Hole
Review: Indonesian film about a Punjabi girl getting tricked into living with a big time pimp. Uncle MG as they call him, abducts virgins, and forces them to submit to his hymen bustin ways. The not so attractive gals get several chances to marry Uncle MG, or it's into his private jail. Old wives become queen bees, and must submit to the guards.

Escape from Women's Prison (1978)
ed2k: Escape.From.Woman's.Prison.1976.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1234 kbps
Size:781,666,304 bytes; 1:15:45
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 129 kbps
Movieinfo:5.7/10 (25 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze, Le; Jailbirds; Women Against Women, a Tale of Sex and Violence; Violez les otages!
Review: JAILBIRDS is a movie whose storyline is appealing for sick fans like me : 4 women who just broke out of prison get a lift from a bus full of young and innocent female tennis players. They take hostages and bring them all into a judge's house. Then the fun begins. Beautifully photographed, but badly written and poorly acted, this "carceral drama" mixes a political content with some gratuitous sex and rape scenes. We get to see every actress undress and I wouldn't complain if it wasn't so softcore... The music, as I recall, is hilarious, and the ending is not really surprising. Well, this one's not bad but it is just another of those numerous 70's plotless softcore sleaze numbers... For lovers only. ATTENTION : In Canada, the movie is released under the title WOMEN AGAINST WOMEN as well as under the title VIOLEZ LES OTAGES! - and I know that cuz I've been ripped off, I bought both...

First Time Is the Last Time (Di Yi Jian) (1988)
ed2k: First.Time.Is.The.Last.Time.1988.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 994 kbps
Size:782,346,240 bytes; 1:32:08
Resolution:624x336; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.857
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 125 kbps
Subtitles: First.Time.Is.The.Last.Time.1988.DVDRip.XviD-STR.srt
Subtitle Language:English
Additional Files: First.Time.Is.The.Last.Time.1988.DVDRip.XviD-STR(Trailer).avi First.Time.Is.The.Last.Time.1988.DVDRip.XviD-STR.EXTRA-Mandarin.Audio.mp3
Movieinfo:5.7/10 (6 votes)
Review: It's about the brutal reality of a woman's prison , Carrie Ng stars as "Crazy Bitch" Winnie; flashbacks reveal how Winnie earned her nickname, the romance with her boyfriend(Andy Lau), while furious and often unpleasant action keeps the story moving inexorably forward to its explosive conclusion. Other main roles are played by Season Ma Si-San as an innocent first-time convict (known by her number, 7144) and Meg Lam Kin-Ming as an unexpectedly maternal prisoner. The supporting players (including Andy Lau Tak-Wah as a boyfriend of one of the characters) may appear stereotypical (nearly unavoidable in the prison genre), yet unique identities are carved out, thanks in part to the unglamorous, down-and-dirty direction by Ramond Leung..........

Five Loose Women (1974)
Movieinfo:3.4/10 (30 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Hot On the Trail; Fugitive Girls; Women's Penitentiary VIII; Tyttöjengin pako
Review: Five inmates break out of a women's prison. Four of them are hardened convicts, but one is a girl who was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Girls Riot (1983)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:a.k.a. La Cage Aux Filles; Marginadas; Randale
Review: This is a story about a school full of young, female juvenile delinquents tortured by a warden-like headmistress whose sole purpose is to make the lives of her young charges miserable. The girls decide to fight back.

Hell Behind the Bars (1984)
ed2k: Hell.Behind.the.Bars.1984.DVDRip.XViD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 2248 kbps
Size:1,564,497,920 bytes; 1:27:36
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 120 kbps
Movieinfo:(awaiting 5 votes)
Other rips: Hell.Behind.Bars.Italian.lang(1984).avi
Review: Experience the horrors of life behind bars when Conception, a violent half-breed, falls into the hands of justice after stealing black market diamonds from a powerful organization. She is condemned under a false name and sent to jail. Once inside, Conception is faced with all the sordid violence, vendettas, sex and hatred of harsh prison life. Conception hopes that during her stay in prison the organization will lose track of her. She quickly establishes herself in a powerful position amongst the prisoners. The organization soon discovers Conceptions hideout and sends in a killer to dispose of her.

Hot Box, The (1972)
Movieinfo:4.1/10 (28 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Hell Cats
Review: Hot action and lust in the steamy tropical jungle, as heroines break out of a women s prison and start a local revolution. Cowritten and produced by Jonathan Demme.

Jailbird Rock (1988)
Movieinfo:5.0/10 (7 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Can't Shake the Beat; Entre rejas; Prisioneros de la danza; Prison Dancer

Jailhouse Eros (1990)
Movieinfo: 6.5/10 (8 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Jian yu bu she fang; Haunted Jail House
Review: Hong Kong Category III film about prisoners in a women’s prison who are haunted by the ghost of a former inmate. Fun stuff starring Amy Yip!

Jungle Warriors (1984)
Movieinfo:3.6/10 (38 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle; Guerreros de la jungla, Los; Viidakkosoturit
Review: A group of models fly into the jungle of some South American country to look for a photo location. Their plane is shot down and they are captured by a drug baron's private army. At the same time, the Mafia's representative arrive to negotiate future collaboration.

Love and Death in a Women's Prison (1974)
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (21 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Women in Cell Block 7; Kvinno fängelset; Kvinnofängelset; Diario segreto da un carcere femminile; Hell Prison; Mädchen im Knast; Naisvankila; Condamnées à l'enfer; Secret Diary from a Women's Prison
Review: A woman goes behind bars in order to save her father's life.

Muthers, The (1976)
Movieinfo:5.4/10 (29 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Naarastiikerit
Review: Janine "TNT Jackson" Bell stars as half of a modern day pirate duo who, along with savage sista Rosanne Katon, must rescue Janine's sister from the clutches of evil coffee plantation owner Tony Carreon. Along the way they meet sportscaster-turned-actress Jayne Kennedy, who turns up as Carreon's mistress, and Trina "Thumper" Parks, who plays the head prisoner in Carreon's jive java jail.

Naked Cage, The (1986)
Movieinfo:5.0/10 (62 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: The Cage; Wild Cage; A gabbia nuda; Jaula desnuda, La; Uma Prisão Chamada Inferno
Review: A young woman is falsely convicted of a bank robbery and sent to a maximum-security prison run by a corrupt warden, where she is forced to suffer various indignities.

New Female Convict Scorpion: Special Cellblock X (1977)

New Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701 (1976)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Shin joshuu sasori: 701-gô

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New True Story Of A Woman In Jail (1976)
Additional Information:Aka: Shin jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho rengoku;

Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (55 votes)
Review: Two UCLA coeds have engine trouble in small Southern town. When they spurn the local sheriff's advances he arranges for them to be taken to the women's prison on trivial charges (the judge is a cousin), where they must endure atrocities at the hands of the administrators of the prison and the prison guards.

Prison Girls (1972)
Movieinfo: 2.0/10 (22 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Prison Girls in 3-D
Review: Here’s another neat WIP flick from 1972 that’s packed FULL of softcore sex and full frontal nudity! Six female prisoners are given weekend passes as part of their rehabilitation and once out, they all end up back where they started. One goes back to her pimp, another chick faces her husband and tries to overcome her frigid responses to sex while another gets beaten by her lesbian prison lover and ends up in a threesome! This is wayyyy sleazy with plenty of BEAVER shots and the like!

Prison Revolt
Review: SLEAZY Japanese Women-In-Prison (WIP) film about a woman who is sent up for brutally stabbing her husband and his mistress to death with a sword. While there, you get all of the usual: Abuse, defiance, nudity, cat fights, lesbians, general roughness, etc…In the opening you are even treated to some rough S & M with candle wax and such. Softcore but nearly hardcore! Oh, did I mention in the end the lovely ladies finally go on a rampage?

Purgatory (1988)
Movieinfo:3.2/10 (33 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Czysciec; Purgatorio; Rangaistusvanki; Soggiorno all'inferno
Review: Two Peace Corps volunteers in Africa are framed and put into an oppressive women's prison.

Rainbow Force (1985)
Review: Hong Kong WIP film about a young woman who takes the blame for a self-defense killing so to clear her boyfriend. She gets thrown in reform school and is bullied by all of the usual bitch-types.

Red Heat (1985)
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (234 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Red Heat - Unschuld hinter Gittern; Presídio, Estadia no Inferno
Review: An American woman visiting her fiancée in West Germany is caught up with a defecting spy and captured by those in the East. After brutal interrogation she is placed in a prison along with sadistic guards and in-mates. As she tries to survive in a world of deprivation and rape, her fiancée fights his own bureaucracy in an attempt to find her.

Reformatory of Depraved Girls (1978)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:a.k.a. Reformatório das Depravadas
Review: Brazilian delinquent schoolgirl film has a gang of bitch chicks abusing members at a reformatory school. You get nudity, you get catfights and you get sleaze! What more could you ask for? Special ultra rare import from Brazil

Sasori in U.S.A (1997)
Movieinfo:3.5/10 (12 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Scorpion's Revenge
Review: http://www.stomptokyo.com/movies/s/scorpions-revenge.html

Savage Sisters (1974)
Movieinfo:4.4/10 (39 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Dzikuski; Tre magnifiche canaglie
Review: A corrupt General plans on smuggling one million US dollars out of the Banana Republic he dominates. Local revolutionaries plan on stealing the cash but are thwarted when a bandit leader they are working with double crosses them. A tough cop and her boyfriend help two of the female revolutionaries escape from prison hoping that they will lead them to the cash, which they plan on keeping for themselves.

Scorpion Woman Prisoner: Death Threat (1991)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Joshuu sasori: Satsujin yokoku

Slammer Girls (1987)
Movieinfo:4.7/10 (30 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: The Big Slammer; Cadeia de Mulheres; Giochi erotici per ragazze smaliziate; Knastakademie; Ragazze sotto chiave
Review: A young girl is framed for a crime she didn't commit and sent to the state penitentiary, which is run by a crooked warden and corrupt staff. A reporter manages to get herself sent to the prison so she can expose the conditions and prove the girl's innocence.

Strike of the Torture Angels (1982)

Sweet Sugar (1972)
Movieinfo:5.2/10 (51 votes)
Additional Information:aka: Captive Women III; Chaingang Girls; She Devils in Chains; Hellfire on Ice; Isola delle salamandre, L'; Opprør i fangeleiren
Review: Prostitute Sugar is set up by a corrupt politician. She is convinced of the futility of appealing her case in the courts and signs on to a chain gang run by the notorious Dr. John who performs cruel medical experiments on the people who work for him.

Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women (1977)
Movieinfo:3.9/10 (7 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Triangle of Lust; Angels & the Beasts; Desnuda ante el espejo; Devil's Camp for Women; Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen; Fatal Game

Thunder County (1974)
Movieinfo:2.8/10 (8 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Cell Block Girls; Convict Women; Swamp Fever; Women's Prison Escape
Review: Four women escape from a prison and wind up stranded in a swamp with a lecherous redneck after them. Meanwhile, an federal agent tracks a ring of heroin smugglers through the same swamp

Time Served (1999)
Movieinfo:3.2/10 (140 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Ausgebeutet - Hölle hinter Gittern; Dietro le sbarre; Time served - Hölle hinter Gittern
Review: http://www.prisonflicks.com/reviews.php?filmID=1

Tortured Over Sex (1976)

Trafficking of Women

True Story Of A Woman In Jail (1975)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: True Story of a Woman Condemned: Sex Hell; Jitsuroku Onna Kanbetsusho: Sei-jigoku
Review: More sicko Japanese jailhouse hijinks just the way we like ‘em. A new fish who won’t cooperate getting held down, pissed on and having her pubes pulled out for good measure, an escape attempt that revolves around a key hidden inside a bloody tampon and a jealous lesbian con kicking her philandering lover in the stomach causing her to have a messy miscarriage are just a handful of the treats on diplay here

True Story Of A Woman In Jail Continues (1975)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Prison Revolt; Story of a Woman in Jail Continues; Zoku Jitsuroku Onna Kanbetsusho.
Review: As promised in the title this one picks up right where the last one left off. The prison has gotten a few improvements though. Like the row of red lit pussy washing fountains that the girls have to straddle naked and waddle across in order to clean out their privates. Other tender moments include a naked bathtub catfight where the loser gets a mouthful of piss, dildo gang rape, a good girl con getting her clothes ripped off and having a plant shoved up her twat, an even more gruesome forced miscarriage than in the last picture and a full scale riot to top things off.

Under Lock And Key (1995)
ed2k: Under.Lock.and.Key.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 995 kbps
Size:782,305,280 bytes; 1:31:57
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 126 kbps
Additional Files: Under.Lock.and.Key.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.EXTRA-Ice(Trailer).avi Under.Lock.and.Key.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.EXTRA-Sand.Trap(Trailer).avi
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (44 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Prime Target; Prisão de Máxima Segurança
Review: An FBI agent goes undercover in a women's prison to find evidence hidden by a drug dealer's ex-girlfriend. After she is taken off the case, she finds that the drug dealer has kidnapped her daughter. She enlists the help of one of her prison guards, and together they take on the drug dealer's mob.

Vendetta (1986)
Movieinfo:5.2/10 (48 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Angels Behind Bars; Vingança com Honra
Review: Stuntwoman Laurie Collins invites her sister Bonnie to visit on location in a small town. Bonnie is accosted by a local boy whose father is influential in the community, and ends up in prison when she defends herself, victim of local political corruption. Laurie hears bad things about her sister's treatment in the hoosegow, and gets herself jailed in order to even the score with Kay the queen bee prisoner and her loyal followers.

Virgin Commandos (1989)
Additional Information:Aka: Lunatic Frog Women
Review: Here’s even MORE sexy Asian girl action!!!!!! This time around a group of women bust out of a sleazy Vietnamese jungle prison (The opening is great as the Vietnamese unleash dogs and brutally beat and kill women trying to escape!) and end up on an uncharted island inhabited by other (mostly women) refugees. The women are then trained as marines and go back to steal some diamonds and for revenge. The film is a bit slow in the middle unless you like watching pretty Asian women sweat, flip, use guns, catfight and prepare for combat then its not too slow…But its rather kinda SEXY!! For those of you with the fetish thing going on (And we seem to always get very very specific questions!!), YES, there’s PLENTY of women’s legs, bare feet and kicking happening!! These chicks can use guns rather well also!!!! Not to mention other assets!

Virgin Prison Torture (1973)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Secret Report From Nagasaki Women Prison; Hiroku Nagasaki Onnaro
Review: This one opens with a redheaded inmate tied to a large wooden cross being stabbed to death by two spearmen. The rest of the movie is a flashback explaining how she got there. Along with the usual goodies this one’s got a standout scene involving a diabolically intricate torture where women have their hands tied behind their backs and then are forced to crawl topless across long wooden planks over a pit of broken china while clenching candelabras between their teeth. All while guards whip them mercilessly from each side and swings with more candles attached pass overhead dripping hot wax down on them!

War Victims (Kamp Tawanan Wanita) (1983)
Movieinfo:3.5/10 (5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Concentration Camp for Girls; Women's prison; Commando Fury; la prison des tortures
Review: A women in prison movie set in a Japanese POW camp during World War 2. Hard to find Indonesian WIP about women who are enslaved by the Japanese during WWII. The women are beaten, raped, and humiliated. Another fun SE Asian thing!

Woman Prison (Nu Zi Jian Yu) (1988)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.

Woman Prisoner No. 407 (1976)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Girls in a Tiger Cage; Yeosu 407ho
Review: Kang-hie recalls from her cell how she was used by Japanese detectives to track down and destroy the Korean Indpendence fighters. She manages to escape from prison during a break and proceeds to hunt down her former lover who was a Japanese agent.

">Image" width="120">Women Behind Bars (1975)
ed2k: Women.Behind.Bars.1975.DVDrip.Engdub.Xvid-Slayer.avi|782655488
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1098 kb/s
Size:746 MB; 01:20:38
Resolution:720x304; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.37:1
Audio:192 kb/s (96/ch, stereo) CBR AC3
Release Thread:Thanks to Slayer
Movieinfo:4.2/10 (48 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Visa pour mourir; Des diamants pour l'enfer; Frauengefängnis 3
Review: A small-time hood brings the attention of the law with an insurance scam and diamond theft, but things become even more interesting when his moll murders him and is slammed behind bars where she faces all manner of electric shock treatments to various parts of her anatomy.

Women Unchained (1974)
Movieinfo:4.0/10 (12 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: 5 Angry Women; Escape From Cell Block 3; Blutspur der Killerladies
Review: The title might lure the unsuspecting into thinking this is a standard WIP flick. Sadly, if you are looking for shower scenes, butch commandant guards and bunk bed fights, you will be disappointed. The gals escape very early into reel one, and the rest of the time rush about in an uninspiring road movie. Little of the exploitation fare which many of us so appreciate is present. Dont hurry out to buy this one. You can safely leave these girls unchained for others ....

Women in Chains (1972)
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (32 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Terror in Block C
Review: Lady parole officer goes undercover to investigate prison brutality, but is trapped when the only person on the outside who knows why she's there is killed.

Women's Cell (1968)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Yeogambang; Zoku hiroku onna ro

Women's Prison (1978)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Onna keimusho

Women's Reformatory (1986)
Movieinfo:3.5/10 (21 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Correccional de mujeres
Review: Laura Regueira is wrongly accused of the murder of her boyfriend, he was killed by a band of thugs the night they were sharing a romantic moment. In the woman's reformatory Laura, besides of having to endure the life of prisoner, will have the chance of prove her innocence, with the help of a police officer who believes she's innocent Laura has the chance of uncover a band involved in drug traffic. These delinquents also use the women captive in the penitentiary as prostitutes.

Alice in Wonderland (1976)
ed2k: B Movies Cult - Alice in wonderland - (Porno musical - USA - 1976).mpg
Codec:MPEG-1 1047 kbps
Size:828,868,544 bytes; 1:19:15
Resolution:352x240; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:MPEG-1 Layer 2 CBR 224 kbps
Movieinfo:6.5/10 (485 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Alice nel paese delle pornomeraviglie; Alicia en el país de las pornomaravillas; Alicja w krainie czarów
Review: Alice is a virginal librarian, cheerful and outgoing, who acts and dresses younger than her age. She rebuffs William, a suitor, because he's insistent on behavior she considers inappropriate: she's a prude. While daydreaming about reliving her life, a white rabbit taps her on the shoulder, and she follows him to Wonderland, where playful animals and people introduce her to her imagination and to pleasure. After encounters with the imperious Queen of Hearts, Alice decides that Wonderland may not be for her, and she longs for William.

Autobiography of a Flea, The (1976)
ed2k: Classic.xxx.-.Autobiography.of.a.Flea.(1976.Annette.Haven).avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.2 911 kbps
Size:729,184,256 bytes; 1:33:03
Resolution:320x240; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 120 kbps
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (79 votes)
Review: Set in the 1800's, a tiny flea narrates the sex escapades it sees from afar whom is Belle (Jean Jennings), a 14-year-old girl who lives with her controlling uncle. Father Ambrose (Paul Thomas) is a young unscrupulous priest from her local parish whom decides to take advantage of Belle's naiveness to seduce her and teams up with Belle's uncle to exploit Belle's newly aroused sexuality. Meanwhile, Belle's best friend Julie (Joanna Hilden) has problems with her own life when her parents ignore her for their own sexual encounters, and she is pursued by the very endowned Father Clement (John C. Holmes), one of Father Ambrose's associates, who also wants to satisfy his carnal urges.

Blue Angel Cafe (1989)
Codec:DivX 5.2.1 (DrDivX106) 1101 kbps
Size:832,661,504 bytes; 1:29:35
Resolution:560x448; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.250
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo:3.6/10 (29 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Object of Desire; Café del ángel azul, El; Kawiarnia 'Pod Blekitnym Aniolem'
Review: A sexy nightclub singer and a powerful gubernatorial candidate enter into a steamy sexual relationship, but her lust for fame and seductive ways threaten to destroy both their lives in this sizzling softcore drama.

Booby Trap (1970)
ed2k: Booby.Trap.1973.DivX5.MP3.aXe.avi
Codec:DivX 5.2.1 (WaffleDay) 956 kbps
Size:734,420,992 bytes; 1:29:43
Resolution:512x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to GrindCallus
Movieinfo:3.1/10 (22 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Young and Wild
Review: Carl Monson (director of PLEASE DON'T EAT MY MOTHER!) is Jack Brannan, a psychotic ex-Marine who purchases 40 Claymore land mines and sets out to massacre the desert locale of a rock concert. With such a threadbare plot, that should be enough. Throw in some sex and violence and you're done. But oh no. Director/screenwriter Dwayne Avery decides to throw in a gaggle of confusing characters: Jack's ex-wife Taffy (Angela Carnon, one of the best actresses in sexploitation) and her boyfriend (hunky Christopher Geoffries, who played Carnon's husband in A.C. Stephens' DROP-OUT WIFE and may have been her real-life husband); a grizzled police detective and Jack's sister-in-law; a mobster running the club Taffy works in and his short, psychotic sidekick (Buck Kartalian of PLEASE DON'T EAT MY MOTHER!); and a screamingly gay snitch. To be honest, the various subplots were more than a little confusing and by the end of the film, I was scratching my head in disbelief at what an incomprehensible mess this film is. I had no desire to re-view the film, so my first and last impression is this: watch the trailer and avoid the film. The first 5 minutes are very well-done and had me hoping for the best (awesome title credits music!), but I could never recommend this film to anyone, not even Novak completists.

Carmen, Baby (1967)
ed2k: Carmen,Baby.-.Radley.Metzger.1967.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 962 kbps
Size:734,234,624 bytes; 1:30:51
Resolution:640x304; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.105
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 102 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to bkontos
Movieinfo:5.4/10 (51 votes)
Additional Information:Aka; Carmen Baby - kvinnodjuret
Review: A sexy temptress no man can resist and a local police officer who falls hard for her become embroiled in a complicated intrigue of passion and jealousy in Radley Metzger's boldly original erotic update of Bizet's classic opera Carmen.

Clinica dell'amore, La (1976)
Additional Information:Aka: Love Clinic, The

Crazy Lesbian Woodchooper
Review: What a bizarre flick this is!! A woman sets out to find her lost husband and is attacked by a gang of bandits. She is saved and given refuge by a bad-ass bitch lesbian who, of course, falls for her. The lesbian woodchopper kills any man who dares to enter her domain while putting the moves on the woman. Lots of weirdness and creepy atmosphere surround this film as well as does lots of nudity and sexual situations. A must for Asian trash fans!!

Deadly Weapons (1970)
ed2k: Deadly.Weapons.avi
Codec:XviD Dev ver. 25-Mar-03 1016 kbps
Size:734,294,016 bytes; 1:14:30
Resolution:576x448; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.286
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 82 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Lafayette
Movieinfo:2.1/10 (327 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Teuflische Brüste; Chiamavano Susy Tettalunga, La; Isot ja vaaralliset
Review: After the mob hits a guy with a list, one of the hoods keeps the list for himself to blackmail the people on it. When the mobsters find out he's a double-crosser, they off him, which angers his busty girlfriend. She goes after them using the only two weapons she has.

Devil in the Flesh (1991)
Movieinfo:2.5/10 (16 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Diavolo nella carne, Il; War Baby
Review: A group of guerillas/bandits is taking over a remote hospital, apparently somewhere in Latin America.Directed by Joe D'Amato

Don Juan 73 (1973)
ed2k: Don.Juan.73(Roger.Vadim).avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 951 kbps
Size:733,906,944 bytes; 1:09:04
Resolution:608x368; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.652
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 103 kbps
Subtitles: Don.Juan.73(Roger.Vadim).srt
Subtitle Language:English
Release Thread:Thanks to bkontos
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (137 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme...; Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman; Donna come me, Una; Ms. Don Juan; Jos Don Juan olisi nainen; Rakkauden jumalatar 1973; Se D. Juan Fosse Mulher; Se Don Juan Fosse Mulher; Si Don Juan fuese mujer
Review: Brigitte Bardot stars here in her last film along with Jane Birkin, the other singer who recorded the Serge Gainesbourg hit, "Je t'aime". This film is worth seeing, as we see BB's and Vadim's evolution from "And God Created Woman" to this post-sixties over-the-top comedy-drama. We get some great nude scenes with Brigitte and Jane, and BB's character Jeanne is someone fed up with men, so she resorts to seduce and destroy tactics. As in "And God Created Woman" she's pretty much playing herself, but with an exaggerated storyline of driving men to ruin, murder, and suicide. The campy ironic humor is there in such scenarios as seducing a priest as well as setting up a fake menage-a-trois to madden a bete homme. Also a scene with Robert Walker Jr. (Charlie X in Star Trek TOS) where the price she asks for making love is no less than his life, which he takes seriously. The ending is a multiple meaning one as BB saves a man who makes her "pay for her sins" (though he's unappreciative). I think the end hits home for Brigitte in real life saying in effect, "look you male-dominated world, you've made my life hell". And it's the last scene she ever did on film. Worth seeing for it's erotic quality (but what BB film isn't), the submarine home, the early '70s fashions, and the camp.

Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (1972)
ed2k: The.Erotic.Adventures.of.Zorro.(1972).FS.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-VoMiT.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 814 kbps
Size:733,743,104 bytes; 1:42:36
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 127 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Lafayette
Movieinfo:4.7/10 (62 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Chevauchées amoureuses de Zorro, Les; The Sexcapades of Don Diego; Zorro und seine lüsternen Mädchen; Aventuras Eróticas de Zorro, As; Aventuras eróticas de El Zorro, Las; Zorron salattu seksuaalielämä
Other rips: Sexploitation-The.erotic.adventures.of.zorro.avi
Review: The Zorro legend has been one of the oldest stories portrayed on film. Starting with Douglas Fairbanks in 1920, over 50 adaptations of the legend have been filmed. The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, penned by exploitation legend David Friedman, combines comedy with soft-core porn to create an amusing but ultimately weary parody of Zorro films This being a porno film, you would expect a few things from it, namely a paper-thing plot peppered with lots of sex. However, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro defies this stereotype by inserting more comedy in it than sex, at least in the first half. Jude Farresse is hilarious as Luis Bonosario, slurring his lines with so much effort and glee that he steals every scene he's in. Gags such as a bingo game in the church where Zorro is hiding and Esteban's fighting "cock" only add to the hilarity. However, as much comedy as this movie has, it is also riddled with sex, lots of sex, and that's where this film shows it weaknesses. The porn elements of The Erotic Adventures of Zorro are wear this film lacks. The first half of the film has very little in the way of sex, letting the comedic elements take over. However, the second half is littered with them. Its as if the producers were trying to make it up to all those who went into this movie to see a porno flick. This really drags the movie down The Erotic Adventures of Zorro is an uproarious comedy trapped into the conventions of a porn movie. Had those involved concentrated on the comedic moments of this film rather than the exploitative ones, it could of become a cult classic.

First Nudie Musical, The (1976)
ed2k: The.First.Nudie.Musical.1976.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.2 909 kbps
Size:740,493,312 bytes; 1:34:38
Resolution:704x344; 29.970 fps; AR: 2.047
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:4.9/10 (243 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Primo nudo musicale
Review: The son of famous studio owner is forced to make porno films to keep the bankrupt studio from being made into a shopping center. In an attempt to get back on the high ground he makes a nudie musical. He makes a bet with the debtors who wish to take ownership of the studio, that if they finance the musical and he can't complete it within two weeks, they can foreclose.

Flesh Gordon (1974)
ed2k: Xxx Classic - Flesh Gordon (1972 Adult).avi
Codec:DivX 4 (OpenDivX) 1010 kbps
Size:733,872,128 bytes; 1:26:08
Resolution:640x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.667
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 113 kbps
Movieinfo:3.9/10 (1,490 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Flesh Gordon, praktor '069' enantion tou planiti 'Porno'!
Review: Emperor Wang (the Perverted) is leader of the planet Porno and sends his mighty "Sex Ray" towards Earth, turning everyone into sex-mad fiends. Only one man can save the Earth, football player Flesh Gordon. Along with his girlfriend Dale Ardent and Professor Flexi-Jerkoff, they set off towards the source of the Sex Ray, unaware of the perils that face them!

High school girl's diary (1981)
ed2k: High.school.girl's.diary-Jokosei.Nise.Nikki.(Nobuyoshi.Araki-1981-Nikkatsu)(VHS-ITA.Hardsubs).avi
Codec:DivX 4 (OpenDivX) 900 kbps
Size:504,658,328 bytes; 1:04:03
Resolution:496x304; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.632
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 137 kbps
Subtitle Language:Italian
Movieinfo:(awaiting 5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Jokosei nise nikki

I Saw Jesus Die (1974)
ed2k: I.Saw.Jesus.Die.1974.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1109 kbps
Size:781,203,456 bytes; 1:22:46
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 136 kbps
Movieinfo:Review Here
Additional Information:Aka: Det Blodige Kors
Review: Just when I'm convinced that I've seen every screwed-up cinematic genre, along comes a new mind-boggler -- JESUS PORN! Made in Denmark and without English subtitles, I couldn't understand a word of this X-rated passion play from director Ib Fyrsting, but I gave it a shot anyway, since we all know the story of Christ, right? Wrong! Because few Jesus flicks begin with this shaggy-haired Son o' God conversing with a slutty demon-dame in a Vegas showgirl bikini and Dracula cape. Within two minutes, the grainy hardcore action is underway, with a montage of masturbation, blow-jobs and assorted coupling. But our sourpuss savior won't be swayed by these fun-loving images, as this quickly turns into 'The Trash Temptation of Christ'. For the rest of the movie, Jesus stumbles about the rocky countryside, recruiting more and more disciples, who undoubtedly follow the guy because they can't get enough of his sexually-graphic parables. As he lectures to this sycophantic posse, it's intercut with threesome action, nude stonings, castration, virgin debasement, plus a town prostitute who's stripped in public and has a lit candle shoved up her pleasure hole. Of course, the story takes a bummer turn when Jesus is grabbed by four skinny, scantily-dressed Centurions and tossed into prison, where he watches his cellmates screw a handy female, but stoically sits in a corner and refuses to partake in the gang-bang. I actually felt bad for poor dull Jesus, because if the guy had gotten laid, it might've lightened up his mood while hanging on that cross. Meanwhile, it climaxes with a big, badly-lensed orgy, as all of the culprits happily fornicate. No surprise, production values are pathetic -- crowd scenes have barely a dozen people, and when they're not talking or screwing outdoors, the grade-school-level sets are continually recycled. Plus, who could've guessed that even in Biblical days, naked chicks had bikini tan-lines? This deviant chunk of religious-trash mixes early-porn aesthetics with Christian-propaganda, and emerges as 84-minutes of sacrilegious slop that melds Ron Ormond with Al Goldstein. Is it bizarre? Absolutely! Erotic? Far from it (although a lot of horny nuns might disagree with me).

Immoral Tales (1974)
ed2k: Contes.immoraux.(Walerian.Borowczyk).1974.DVDRip.XviD-BEAST.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 1745 kbps
Size:1,465,876,480 bytes; 1:38:55
Resolution:640x384; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.667
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 224 kbps
Subtitles: Contes.immoraux.(Walerian.Borowczyk).1974.DVDRip.XviD-BEAST.srt
Subtitle Language:English
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (390 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Contes immoraux; Contos Imorais; Cuentos inmorales; Erkölcstelen mesék; Moraalittomia tarinoita; Omoraliska historier; Racconti immorali di Borowczyk, I; Unmoralische Geschichten
Review: Four erotic tales from in various historical eras. The first, 'The Tide', is set in the present day, and concerns a student and his young female cousin stranded on the beach by the tide, secluded from prying eyes. 'Therese Philosophe' is set in the nineteenth century, and concerns a girl being locked in her bedroom, where she contemplates the erotic potential of the objects contained within it. 'Erzsebet Bathory' is a portrait of the sixteenth-century countess who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins, while 'Lucrezia Borgia' concerns an incestuous fifteenth-century orgy involving Lucrezia, her brother, and her father the Pope.

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Lonesome Cowboys (1968)
ed2k: Lonesome Cowboys (Warhol) - Satrip By Druma.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.2 863 kbps
Size:739,823,616 bytes; 1:37:22
Resolution:384x288; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 138 kbps
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (139 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Andy Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys; Horse; Ramona and Julian
Review: In the wild wild west, Ramona Alvarez and her perpetually stoned nurse run into five gay cowboys. The seven members of the party desire a handsome male drifter, except for the transvestite sheriff, who can't be bothered about anything but his outfit. All hot & bothered at this point, the cowboys rape Ramona, who subsequently has sex with the drifter and, in the afterglow of sex, wants to form a suicide pact with him. The drifter rejects her new desire and rides off into the sunset with another man.

Lussuria (1986)
ed2k: [Joe D'Amato] Lussuria - Lilli Carati, Laura Gemser (1986).avi
Codec:DivX 5.1.1 (Maupiti) 901 kbps
Size:649,801,728 bytes; 1:23:15
Resolution:560x320; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.750
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:4.0/10 (20 votes)
Review: Alessio, a young man from a well to do family, has been mute since the death of his mother two years ago. His father, who has subsequently remarried, sends him to his sister-in-law's house in the country to recuperate. While staying there Alessio has erotic fantasies concerning his stepmother, his aunt and a young art restorer working on the estate, all of whom his father is sexually involved with.

Magic Curse, The (1977)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Review: GREAT Hong Kong trash from 1977-IN ENGLISH!-Has a man going into the jungles of Borneo in search of his uncle and his uncle’s jewels. While there he encounters lepers as well as a snake cult. His is shot with arrows and left for dead but not before being saved by a group of sexy Amazon babes! He falls in love with the priestess who then places a curse on him. The curse? His lips are hers and if he kisses/has sex with any other woman then they will die a horrible death! And of course, once he returns to Hong Kong he hits the disco bars and has a couple of flings which result in the women dying and snakes coming out to get them! He now must return to Borneo to reclaim his love and to fight the evil Abdullah! All I can say is that this is one NUTTY Hong Kong sleaze-fest that mixes all genres and so is a LOAD of fun! Yep, there’s cheap gore in here, sexy NUDE Asian women, kung fu, hexes and spells and cheap-o 70’s dress and a groovy soundtrack that was lifted from other films. A MUST SEE!

Pervert! (2005)
ed2k: Pervert.2005.Fs.Dvdrip.Xvid-Aaf.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 1074 kbps
Size:730,861,568 bytes; 1:20:40
Resolution:544x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.417
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 121 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Mataesfola
Movieinfo:4.9/10 (194 votes)
Review: A word. What is the pervert? Sex freak, deranged degenerate, disturbed diabolical psychotic subversive embracer of things both erotic and erratic...

Pink Lady (1991)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Jin se
Review: Category III fun about a young lady who transfers to a private Catholic school where a lot of the girls are lesbians! The story has a Fatal Attraction type of theme, and the picture is very sleazy with HOT Asian women getting it on and lots of nudity!

Punishment Of Anne, The (1975)
ed2k: The.Punishment.Of.Anne(Aka.The.Image)Divx.1975(Rebecca.Brooke,Yvette.Hiver,Estell).avi
Codec:DivX 6.2.5 962 kbps
Size:728,767,986 bytes; 1:31:02
Resolution:720x400; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.800
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:One from me
Movieinfo:7.1/10 (192 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: The Image; The Mistress and the Slave; Esclave, L'; Image, L'
Review: Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well.

Red Light Girls, The (1974)

Sex With A Smile (1976)
ed2k: Sex.With.A.Smile.1976.BAD.AR.VHSrip.XviD-NAMELESS.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0 877 kb/s
Size:699 MB; 01:43:06
Resolution:640x480; 29.971 fps; AR: (1.33:1) [=4:3]
Audio:32000 Hz 64 kb/s (32/ch, stereo) CBR 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Release Thread:Thanks to AceGecKo
Movieinfo:5.0/10 (51 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: 40 gradi all'ombra del lenzuolo; 40 gradi sotto il lenzuolo; Destination livvakt; Müssen Männer schön sein?; Seksiä hymyillen
Review: Five short comic sketches, all unrelated to each other, except that they are all expressions of Italian sexual humor. In one sketch, Marty Feldman plays a bodyguard, hired by her father to watch a young woman; he watches her a little too closely. In another, while Barbara Bouchet's husband is out of town on business, a stranger offers her twenty million lire in return for sex. Three times he offers, three times she protests and then consents, only to find out in the end that both the man and his sixty million lire are -- oh, but that would spoil the ending. :-)

Sex with a Smile Part 2 (1976)
ed2k: Sex.With.A.Smile.2.Aka.Spogliamoci.Cosi.Senza.Pudor.Aka.Love.In.4.Easy.Lessons.-.(Sergio.Martino.'76).EngDub.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 882 kbps
Size:732,556,058 bytes; 1:38:34
Resolution:640x480; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to avalon
Movieinfo:3.4/10 (30 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Spogliamoci così senza pudor; Love in 4 Easy Lessons; Desnudémonos sin pudor; Lollipops und heiße Höschen

Spermula (1976)
ed2k: Spermula.1976.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Other rips: Spermula-Full-Uncut.(Eva.Ionesco).avi <-----Itailian Language
Review: The Planet of Spermula is about to be destroyed, so the Spermulites travel to Earth. Their intentions are to take over the male species by taking on the form of the stronger females, and rallying females to their side. But can they withstand the strong human sexual urges

Storie di vita e malavita (1975)
ed2k: ITA.-.Carlo.Lizzani.-.Storie.di.vita.e.malavita.avi
Codec:XviD Dev ver. 9-Dec-02 808 kbps
Size:735,864,832 bytes; 1:55:27
Resolution:340x228; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.491
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-2 Layer 3 CBR 32 kbps
Movieinfo:4.6/10 (17 votes)
Review: This movie is very rare and so this review is based on a multi-generation bootleg copy which I obtained from a site that deals in rare horror/sleaze films. When watching this I wasnt fully awake so I dont remember the all character names or the story after the first 30 minutes or so. any vague discriptions or fuzzyness on the story are not due to bad film making but from my lack of devoting the attention this film deserves. Velvet busts a girls cherry and she falls for him. Velvet proposes then BSes her and says he has to go home for 3 months because his father is sick and poor and stuff. He then hints that he wouldnt have to leave if she would do something but he kinda brushes it off like she wouldnt want to. She asks what and he says she could whore herself, but not so straight forward. Well she decided to and she gets stuck in the world of prostitution. About here I lost track of the characters names and most of the story because of my sleepiness but still found the movie quite entertaining. There are many whores through out the movie who age from 13-18 or so and I swear that the actresses couldnt be a day over 19, theres even one girl who still hasnt grown much pit hair. I wouldnt be suprised if some were underage. Well the first half of the movie has a fair amout of tits and bush but the second half has some hardcore scenes. A bj and penetration shots. Theres also lesbian strap on, we dont see actual penetration but it sure as hell isnt simulated. Theres also a lesbian rug munching scene but you cant see much due to all the hair. Keep in mind this is a 70's italian movie. All the girls are au natural. No shaving or even trimming. That goes for poon as well as pits. As for the video quality i would say its between good and fair. Its slightly fuzzy with a little crackling in the audio. There are 3 or so parts where the whole screen gets scrambled but it doesnt last to long so you dont miss anything important to the story. There is also apparently a scene which is cut short but what can you expect for such a rare film. That also does not interupt the story. It is Italian dubbed to English with greek, russian, or some balkans language subtitles that are in some parts way out of sync. I dont know which language the subtitles are but they look somewhat like what i listed. The dubbing decent, not like The Beyond is but it doesnt sound monotone like some shmucks reading a script. The voice pitches to change and you can tell emotion. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes 60s or 70s softcore porn and sleaze/sexploitation fans and anyone who likes their girls YOUNG. Being quite young myself and having more than my fair share of girls back in highschool, I can assure you these girls are truly young and not just wearing lots of makeup. If your looking for porno this isnt it. While there are a few hardcore scenes they dont make up the bulk of the movie.

Storie scellerate (1973)
Movieinfo:AKA: Bawdy Tales, Roguish Stories, Histories Scelerates, Historias Infames

Taboo (1980)
ed2k: Taboo - XXX.mpg
Codec:MPEG-1 1150 kbps
Size:888,170,500 bytes; 1:26:59
Resolution:704x480; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:MPEG-1 Layer 2 CBR 192 kbps
Movieinfo:6.5/10 (114 votes)
Review: A landmark adult film! Kay Parker stars as a woman whose husband left her for his young secretary, leaving her and her son to fend for themselves. After falling into the superficial world of divorcee parties and blind dates, she develops a deep and passionate affair with her young son.

Tokyo Deep Throat (1975)
ed2k: Tokyo.Deep.Throat.1975.VHSrip.XVID.PiMPRiPPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 1338 kbps
Size:730,478,592 bytes; 1:07:29
Resolution:656x288; 29.970 fps; AR: 2.278
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 91 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to bornagainst
Movieinfo:8.9/10 (23 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Tôkyô Deep Throat fujin; Deep Throat in Tokyo
Review: Wild variation on the Deep Throat saga finds a Tokyo fashion model being coveted by her wealthy father in law. When she refuses to orally pleasure him he has his team of crack surgeons transplant her clitoris into her throat and then, well,golly, what’s a girl to do, right? Amazing, much sought after trash finally available for your enjoyment.

Traders Hornee (1970)
ed2k: Sexploitation.Trader.hornee.AVI
Codec:DivX 5.0.5 993 kbps
Size:693,466,240 bytes; 1:23:52
Resolution:512x288; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.778
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Lafayette
Movieinfo:4.8/10 (92 votes)
Review: Twenty-one years after two zoologists disappeared in the jungle, detective Hamilton Hornee (Buddy Pantsari) leads an expedition into daftest Africa to search for their missing daughter, Algona, heiress to her father's fortune. Joining him are "Sultry" Sommers (Elizabeth Monica), lesbian journalist Tender Lee (Lisa Grant), two of Algona's greedy, S&M-loving relatives (Christine Murray and John Alderman), and Stanley Livingston (Fletcher Davies) on the lookout for Nabucco, a legendary white gorilla.

Angel in the Flesh (1999)
ed2k: Angel in the Flesh - Confidential Report on Mr. Dennis Duggan (Marcello Garofalo 1999)TVRip - English - Ita subs.avi
Codec:DivX 4 (OpenDivX) 858 kbps
Size:526,157,244 bytes; 1:09:28
Resolution:432x320; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.350
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 139 kbps
Subtitle Language:Italian Hardsubbed
Release Thread:Thanks to trep
Review: Who was Dennis Duggan? He was certainly one of the most eclectic personalities of American contemporary cinema. He was an actor in genre films. He exceptionally played the porno character actor ?who does not take off his clothes? in some hard-care films of the 1980s. He was a documentary filmmaker, a lighting director, and teacher at the Film School in San Francisco. Above all, he was the very esteemed director of short and feature films in Super8. Dennis Duggan died of cancer in December, 1995, right after he made a feature film entitled Dark Street. This documentary tells the story of his life and works.

Corruption of the Damned (1965)
ed2k: Corruption.of.the.damned.(George.Kuchar,.1965)[fitz].avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1538 kbps
Size:707,084,288 bytes; 56:20.350
Resolution:528x400; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.320
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (16 votes)

Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (1967)
ed2k: Eclipse.of.the.Sun.Virgin.(George.Kuchar.1965)[fitz].avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1798 kbps
Size:183,414,784 bytes; 12:38.265
Resolution:512x384; 29.97 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Fitz
Movieinfo:6.4/10 (15 votes)
Review: Bridging that weird void between pornography and a poignant search for one's self, this bit of cinematic splendor slips us into a dimly lit greasy place that cannot be shared with others. This is without doubt one of my most favored memories from countless hours of underground film viewing (Boston in the '60s) from the long-gone days of such venues. Comical and unsettling, this one has staying power for my taste. A true masterwork

Empire (1964)
ed2k: Andy.Warhol.-.Empire[fitz].avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1131 kbps
Size:523,993,088 bytes; 1:01:29
Resolution:640x480; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:No Audio
Movieinfo:4.9/10 (143 votes)
Review: saw EMPIRE at the Whitney some time circa the early 90's. I watched the first 90 minutes of it, which I thought was an appropriate feature length. The film is silent, which makes it difficult to watch in a theater. It's easy to get distracted by the sounds of viewers shifting in their seats, or the talking among the blue-haired ladies who had no idea what they walked into. The film works (at least the first 90 minutes) because the Empire State Building goes from dusk to night, so there is a change slowling occurring on the screen. The film is mesmerizing, and I don't think I have ever looked up at the Empire State Building since without thinking about this film. There is something captivating about staring at it's fixed image, flickering on screen at 16 frames per second (which is what it was shot at, and a projector at the Whitney was modified to run at that frame rate). I wouldn't sit through 8 hours of it, but it's worth viewing for the experience of seeing this rare film.

Existo (1999)
ed2k: Existo (1999) - DVDRip.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Beta 1 943 kbps
Size:735,419,270 bytes; 1:29:53
Resolution:496x304; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.638
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 134 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Trep
Movieinfo:5.7/10 (155 votes)
Review: The ?political camp art musical? is a rare bird indeed, and perhaps justly so; as a movie?s genres multiply, so surely must the problems. But Existo has so much manic energy it works, despite having the intermittent feel of a metastasizing performance piece. The title character is a hyper idiot-savant who looks like a demented janitor with greasy hair and a worn-out suit. In this bizarre post-apocalyptic world, the religious right has taken over but a pack of revolutionaries ? artists and queens mostly, it seems ? led by Existo stages ?illegal? performance pieces and ?drive-by art events.? Song titles include such ditties as ?Hegel?s Navel,? ?I?m a White Bread Poodle,? and the hummable ?Fuckin? A,? which features Existo bouncing up and down on a big beach ball screaming the title phrase to an audience of jaded scenesters. Existo is the multitalented (and quite mad-looking) Bruce Arnston, who also wrote the fun music. The cast appears to be a lot of performance artists and queens from Nashville, including the late Jim Varney of Ernest movies fame. There?s lots of rude imagery, dildos every few minutes, snipes at the lunatic right wing, and plenty of drag, and the filmmakers ultimately keep the chaotic fun rolling right along with the cultural critique. Inexplicably, an early cut of the film featured a great opening number cut from the DVD release. It?s the memorably vulgar ?Just Do Me,? warbled by a fat drag queen who looks like Jonathan Winters genetically spliced with Rae Bourbon.

Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 (1974)
ed2k: Extreme.Private.Eros.-.Love.Song.(Kazuo.Hara.1974)(fitz).avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 900 kbps
Size:732,606,464 bytes; 1:32:59
Resolution:608x464; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.310
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 136 kbps
Subtitle Language:English Hardsubbed
Release Thread:Thanks to fitz
Movieinfo: 6.7/10 (25 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Gokushiteki erosu: Renka 1974
Review: Director Kazuo Hara has made a handful of controversial documentaries, including GOODBYE CP (1972), a shockingly personal look at people with cerebral palsy, and THE EMPEROR'S NAKED ARMY MARCHES ON (1987), a profile of Okuzaki Kenzo, who reported on war crimes committed by Japanese troops during WWII and publicly criticized Emperor Hirohito. But EXTREME PRIVATE EROS is, without question, his most outrageous, personal and masochistic work. Shot over several years, mostly in handheld b&w and often with out-of-synch sound, this raw confessional has Hara following his ex-wife, 26-year-old radical feminist Miyuki Takeda. The two lived together for three years and share a child, and this 93-minute documentary captures their post-break-up relationship and her new life without him. This was a brutal dose of reality for notoriously-private Japanese viewers to swallow, as it matter-of-factly tackles heartache, sex, insecurities, gender politics, and even on-camera childbirth. Beginning in 1972, Miyuki and her child have moved to Okinawa, and Hara stays with her for a few turbulent days. During Miyuki's travels, her barfly girlfriends provide a bleak peek into Okinawa's skankiest nightclubs and their resident sluts, such as 14-year-old Chichi, who prefers funkadelic-dressed American G.I.'s to junior high. Later Miyuki shacks up with a black G.I. who can barely speak Japanese, but has no trouble getting her pregnant (and in a touching family-phone-call moment, Miyuki's mother urges her to dispose of it). And when she misguidedly tries to distribute pamphlets to the local prostitutes, she's nearly beaten up. On top of that, Hara continually interrogates his ex, he begins crying on camera, and if he can add to the on-screen tension, he does -- like recruiting his current (much cuter) girlfriend Sachiko to interview increasingly-bitter Miyuki. Moving back to Tokyo in '73, Miyuki works at a "birth commune" for new mothers. And when she has her baby, Hara is there with his trusty camera, as she delivers it at home without any help whatsoever. Although the entire sequence is out-of-focus, it's quite a sight; one long, uncut shot of Miyuki laying on the floor, spread-legged, squeezing out her "mixed blood" child onto the ground. This insanely intimate document never flinches, as Miyuki verbally shames her infant son for looking and acting like his father, and Hara's narration continually criticizes Miyuki's screwed-up lifestyle. Sneaky Hara also captures some dialogue without Miyuki's apparent knowledge, such as a nasty conversation with Sachiko, as she insults everything about her ex, including his lousy bedroom prowess. Hara was blasted by critics when this was released and I can understand why. I've dealt with ex-girlfriends and it can be a tense scene -- but I'd never dream of filming it for posterity! This LOVE SONG is an emotionally scalding yet absorbing cinematic open wound.

Grey Gardens (1975)
ed2k: Grey.Gardens.Maysles.Bros.avi
Codec:DivX 5.2.0 836 kbps
Size:734,756,864 bytes; 1:40:25
Resolution:368x272; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.353
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 127 kbps
Movieinfo:7.6/10 (1,238 votes)
Review: The Maysles brothers pay visits to Edith Bouvier Beale, nearing 80, and her daughter Edie. Reclusive, the pair live with cats and raccoons in Grey Gardens, a crumbling mansion in East Hampton. Edith is dry and quick-witted - a singer, married but later separated, a member of high society. Edie is voluble, dresses - as she puts it - for combat in tight ensembles that include scarves wrapped around her head. There are hints that Edie came home 24 years before to be cared for rather than to care for her mother. The women address the camera, talking over each other, moving from the present to events years before. They're odd, with flinty affection for each other.

Kurt Kren - Action + Structural Films
ed2k: Kurt.Kren.-.Action.Films.rar Kurt.Kren.-.Structural.Films.rar
Codec:DivX 3.xx Fast-Motion
Release Thread:Thanks to fitz
Review: The exigencies of living and working miles from the mainstream can prevent even the most noteworthy artists from achieving the kind of renown their work would seem to warrant. This has been the unfortunate fate of the late Austrian filmmaker Kurt Kren (1929?1998), whose films predate and predict many of the strategies of present-day radical art. In one aspect of his career ? documenting the work of some of his wilder associates in the Austrian avant-garde ? he arguably helped prepare us for groups like Survival Research Laboratories, body outlaws, and modern primitives ? gay, straight, and all other variants.

Pagan Rhapsody (1970)
ed2k: Pagan.Rhapsody.(George.Kuchar)[fitz].avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1918 kbps
Size:366,583,808 bytes; 23:13.906
Resolution:512x384; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 171 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to fitz
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (7 votes)

Paul McCarthy - Class Fool (1976)
ed2k: Paul.Mc.Carthy.-.Class.Fool.(1976).avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1629 kbps
Size:407,926,784 bytes; 30:47.364
Resolution:560x416; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.346
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Fitz
Review: In this period of his psychosexual work, McCarthy is dipping his cock in black painting or he is masturbating with raw meat while wearing women's undergarments. His work often becomes an exercise in abjection and self-humiliation and an exorcism of infantile feelings that sometimes involve grotesque forms of female drag and a fair amount of physical paint. In "Class Fool" of 1976, McCarthy holds a doll between his legs, and hops about on a ketchup-slicked floor his feet regularly and violently slipping out from under him. By the late 70s McCarthy was moving on a more pop-cultural direction using sitcomlike acts and ketchup trying to expose the Hollywood vocabulary of special effects. With this last development, which led to McCarthy's mature style, one can see that his work, in part, charted the historical evolution of shock away from its cutting edge origins and into the corporate mainstream. For what is national entertainment state governed by, if not sensationalism? McCarthy understood this and for a while was able to maintain the critical distance of the outsider.

Paul McCarthy - Sauce (1974)
ed2k: Sauce.(Paul.Mc.Carthy,.1974).avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1689 kbps
Size:244,336,640 bytes; 17:50.080
Resolution:512x384; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps

Paul McCarthy - The Painter
ed2k: Paul Mc Carthy - The Painter.avi
Codec:DivX 4 (OpenDivX) 1513 kbps
Size:639,505,284 bytes; 50:03.797
Resolution:624x464; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.345
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 175 kbps

Shuji Terayama - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1970)
ed2k: Emperor.Tomato.Ketchup.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.2 961 kbps
Size:732,882,944 bytes; 1:28:01
Resolution:368x272; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.353
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 135 kbps
Movieinfo:Thanks to fitz
Review: Made in 1970 and directed by controversial Japanese filmmaker Shuji Terayama, Emperor Tomato Ketchup is a high concept underground art film about a world where children rebel against their oppressive parents and create a new society made up of sex, role playing and eventual violence. Kind of like a perverse Lord of the Flies, the film piles on the style and the shocking imagery in order to create the utmost artistic affect on the viewer. It has gained a cult following, due largely to the fact that Stereolab named their 1996 album after the film.

Shuji Terayama - Experimental Image World (1970)
ed2k: Terayama.Shuji.-.Experimental.Image.World.Vol.1.avi Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.Vol.3[fitz].avi Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.Vol.5[fitz].avi Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.Vol.6[fitz].avi Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.Vol.XYZ" class="postlink">Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.vol.2.VHSRip-kerlin.avi  [449.81 Mb] [Stats] .mpg|119829271|a041748df5bcd871420f7872a3d015d8| ed2k://|file|Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.vol.2.VHSRip-kerlin.avi Shuji.Terayama.-.Experimental.Image.World.vol.4.VHSRip-kerlin.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.5 1296 kbps
Size:449,331,200 bytes; 41:42.158
Resolution:640x480; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to fitz
Movieinfo:Thanks to helge79

Shuji Terayama - Fruits of Passion (1981)
ed2k: Shuji.Terayama.1981.Fruits.of.passion.wrd.rar
Codec:XviD Dev ver. 25-Mar-03 960 kbps
Size:731,170,816 bytes; 1:04.439
Resolution:608x368; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.652
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 96 kbps
Subtitles: Shuji.Terayama.1981.Fruits.of.passion.wrd.rar
Subtitle Language:English
Additional Files: A Short Documentary of Shuji Terayama.avi
Movieinfo:5.7/10 (149 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Fruits de la passion, Les; Shanghai Ijin Shôkan - China Doll; The Story of O Continued; Früchte der Leidenschaft, Die; Frutos da Paixão, Os; Frutos de la pasión, Los
Review: The story takes place in Shanghai. A girl loves a rich and much older man (played by Kinski). She is willing to do everything he wants to show her love, but he is playing a sick game with her. As part of this game he sends her to a Chinese brothel. A poor young boy sees her and falls in love with her. To get the money needed to sleep with her, he joins "the revolution". Additionally the movie shows the fate of some of the other prostitutes.

Shuji Terayama - Grass Labyrinth (1979)
ed2k: Shuji.Terayama - Grass.Labyrinth.1979.avi
Codec:DivX 5.2.1 Alpha 1940 kbps
Size:723,630,080 bytes; 40:11.466
Resolution:624x368; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.696
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 448 kbps
Subtitles: Shuji.Terayama" class="postlink">Shuji.Terayama - Grass.Labyrinth.1979.sub  [1.81 Mb] [Stats] - Grass.Labyrinth.1979.idx|26087|4eb3185f0bd39a9f36489fed9202dc6e| ed2k://|file|Shuji.Terayama - Grass.Labyrinth.1979.sub
Subtitle Language:English
Movieinfo:7.9/10 (47 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Kusa-meikyu
Review: Grass Labyrinth is a tale of a young man in a rural area of Japan. He lives with his beautiful mother and is chased by a madwoman. The film is completely surreal and may ward off those who demand structured plot and coherence in their movies. If anyone is familiar with the work of Luis Bunuel and Peter Greenaway, you are sure to enjoy Shuji Terayama's oeuvre. The film is mainly a love story between Akira and the madwoman. Akira experiences all the bizarre characters of his hometown and even encounters characters from Terayama's theater troupe. As with most of Terayama's work, the film really pushes the envelope on sexual content. However, the sex is so strange that it really isn't meant for stimulation. Grass Labyrinth is filmed in lush colors on beautiful countryside.

Shuji Terayama - Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets (1971)
ed2k: Throw.Away.Your.Books.Rally.in.the.Streets_1971_AC3_HQdvdrip.by" class="postlink">Throw.Away.Your.Books.Rally.in.the.Streets_1971_AC3_HQdvdrip.by.[auess]_CD2.avi  [697.97 Mb] [Stats].[auess]_CD1.avi|734407954|7babb6db0420e4f267d8be34933faf98| ed2k://|file|Throw.Away.Your.Books.Rally.in.the.Streets_1971_AC3_HQdvdrip.by.[auess]_CD2.avi
Codec:DivX 5.2.1 Alpha CD 1: 1261 kbps CD 2: 1122 kbps
Size:CD 1: 734,407,954 bytes; 1:05:32 CD 2: 731,871,944 bytes; 1:11:58
Resolution:640x464; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.379
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 224 kbps
Subtitles: Throw.Away.Your.Books.Rally.In.The.Streets.(Shuji.Terayama,1971).2Cd.Chinese(Idx,Sub).rar
Subtitle Language:Cantonese
Movieinfo: 8.2/10 (71 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Sho o suteyo machi e deyou

Sud - Grenze (2001)
ed2k: Adasinsky-Sud.Grenze-2001.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1521 kbps
Size:730,038,272 bytes; 56:30.000
Resolution:640x480; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 192 kbps
Subtitles: Adasinsky-Sud.Grenze-2001.en.srt Adasinsky-Sud.Grenze-2001-subpack.rar
Subtitle Language:English
Release Thread:Thanks to Trep
Movieinfo:Official site
Review: The movie is as poetic, personal, mesmerizing and free-flowing as the above quote. At the same time, it's visually stunning, with beautiful cinematography and uneven rhythm. The experimental formalism somehow blends into a compelling and coherent whole where nothing stands out as artificial or far-fetched. The lyrical sadness of the first half smoothly transposes into a madhouse performance of the second, with a dance of vampish looking women that is somehow reminiscent of some scenes in Rivette's Duelle. A sad superhero with a false nose, Gaucho is a bohemian trouble maker admired by the populace and loathed by the authorities. After a metaphorical fall to his death, he is met by a midget with no face, who is to accompany Gaucho on his ultramundane journey. This is one of the most satisfying little surprises that came my way in the past few months; I'm quite happy to finally present it here even though that forces me to write some sort of rudimentary review as no shrink-wrapped verbiage seems to be available anywhere. I first bumped into a rip of this film on a friend's ftp site; it was an awful quality TV capture in .wmv format; I scanned through it and realized that I both going to love this film and must get it on DVD if at all possible. That turned out to be quite a chore as it only seems to be available from exactly one russian shop that ships only within Russia and only COD. When I finally got it, I was not disappointed... Anton Adasinsky started out as a performer in Vyacheslav Polunin's famous mime troupe and became notorious dancing naked while playing trombone in the streets of Saint-Petersburg in the 80s, accompanied by a group of friends with saxophones. Adasinky himself called his street performances a form of russian butoh. At the age of 29 he picked up dancing and soon founded his theater company, DEREVO. After spending some time in Saint Petersburg, Prague, Florence and Amsterdam, Adasinsky settled in Dresden, where the city government gave his troupe 1500 sq.m. of space in an old factory. He since toured around the world with universal acclaim; his "La Divina Commedia" got Total Theatre Award for Outstanding excellence and Innovation at the Edinburg Fringe Festival. The movie is shot on 16 mm White-and-Black; Filmed in Italy, Georgia, Netherlands and in Dresden

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Survey Map Of A Paradise Lost (1988)
ed2k: Survey.Map.Of.A.Paradise.Lost.1988.Dvdrip.Xvid-Kamuix.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1303 kbps
Size:734,081,024 bytes; 1:04:57
Resolution:608x448; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.357
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 192 kbps
Subtitles: Survey.Map.Of.A.Paradise.Lost.1988.Dvdrip.Xvid-Kamuix.srt
Subtitle Language:English
Release Thread:Thanks to Trep
Movieinfo:6.3/10 (6 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Hard focus: nusumi-giki; Shitsurakuen sokuryo chizu
Review: One of the infamous ‘Four Devils’ of the Japanese pink movie scene, Hisayasu Sato delivers an original and thrilling whodunit that moves through the layers of reality. Reporter Nukada’s next big assignment is the secret world of Japanese phone sex clubs. He gets in touch with Midori, a part-time employee at the Banana Club, but is startled to hear she’s been implicated in the bloody death of a client with perverted tastes, Kihara. Sensing a bigger story, Nukada’s uncovers a link between Midori and the late Kihara’s wife and realizes that the situation is much more complex than he imagined. And in this world of blood-play and electro-sex, the biggest shock has yet to be announced...

Tenjo Sajiki - Nuhikun - Directions To Servants (1978)
ed2k: Nuhikun.-.Directions.to.Servants.(Tenjo.Sajiki.experimental.theater,.Shuji.Terayama,.1978).avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.2 700 kbps
Size:670,605,312 bytes; 1:46:22
Resolution:640x480; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Subtitles: Nuhikun.-.Directions.to.Servants.(Shuji.Terayama,.translated.into.English.by.Tony.Rayns.and.Shigenobu.Nishiguchi).pdf
Subtitle Language:English
Additional Files: Nuhikun.-.Directions.to.Servants.(Tenjo.Sajiki.experimental.theater,.Shuji.Terayama).[posters].rar
Release Thread:Thanks to helge79
Review: ...it was interesting to see the acrobatic Japanese actors of the Tenjosajiki company in Shuji Terayama’s Directions to servants. The title and some of the text were taken from Swift’s satire, but the main inspiration seemed to come from Genet’s Les bonnes. Multiplying the maids into a large cast of servants, male and female, who take it in turns to imitate the master, Tereyama has physicalized and partly mechanized the action. Domination is imposed partly through machines—we see a man submitting to an imperious voice on a tape recorder, lowering his trousers and climbing inside a sadistic machine that beats his bare buttocks. The ingenuity, the sadism and the offbeat humour are all characteristic of the production. The main cruelty to the audience was in the over-amplification of J.A. Seazer’s music. I sat with my hands over my ears for a lot of the time. The visual assault was almost equally strong, and some of the theatrical imagery was quite unlike anything that had been seen in this country. In one meticulously choreographed sequence the servant playing at being master throws a bone to a succession of servants who play at being dogs. In another, a servant trying to steal food from a cupboard is terrified to find that it is like a puzzle: each panel conceals a face that sings at him accusingly, and he can silence it only by sliding a panel that reveals another singing face.

Blood Massacre (1991)
Movieinfo:4.7/10 (13 votes)
Review: A group of criminals on the run, hijack a lone female motorist and force her to hide them from the law... She takes them to her family's desolate rural farm. The gang abuses and tortures the family, until one by one the gang members begin to disappear. It seems this family has few values... They're cannibals.

Cannibal Girl

Cannibal Hookers (1987)
Movieinfo:2.2/10 (68 votes)
Review: As a sorority initiation, two girls have to pose as hookers. Then they turn into zombies and start killing and eating the locals.

Death Row Diner (1988)
Movieinfo:2.0/10 (20 votes)
Review: In the late 30's and 40's Otis Wilcox was the prosperous head of Wilcox Studios in Hollywood. He had wealth, power, respect, and a beautiful wife. Then, at the height of his power, he was convicted of murder and sent to the electric chair--even though he was innocent. Never given a last meal, Otis is resurrected 40 years later--angry and hungry--by a freak electrical storm to terrorize a a film crew shooting a movie in the now abandoned prison where he me his untimely end.

Diary Of A Cannibal (2006)
ed2k: Diary.Of.A.Cannibal.2006.Dvdrip.Xvid-Jfkxvid.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 1021 kbps
Size:734,709,760 bytes; 1:22:06
Resolution:672x368; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.826
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 159 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to gaspadin
Movieinfo:3.0/10 (15 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Cannibal
Other rips: Cannibal.2006.DVDRip.XviD-DOMiNO.avi
Review: They met on the Internet. They fell in love. They drove to the desert and stopped at an abandoned warehouse. They wandered inside. Inside they found unspeakable horror. Only one of them survived the ordeal of CANNIBAL. From a hospital bed, an injured Noelle tells shocked police detectives a tale of cannibal terror. In recounting her ordeal, the detectives learn of an even more awful truth behind the actions of this tragic couple. Horror master Ulli Lommel's depraved tale of a modern-day CANNIBAL is based on the real-life case of a man who murdered and consumed his lover -- liver and all! -- in a strange act of consensual love. In Lommel's film of the events, two star-crossed lovers enter a world where madness rules and even a loved one can transform into a flesh-eating cannibal.

Folks at Red Wolf Inn
Review: College student Regina comes back to her room from class one day to discover she's won a getaway vacation at the quiet Red Wolf Inn. Before she can even call her parents to let them know where she'll be, the lodge owners arrange her transport and she soon finds herself with two other young women as guests of a kindly old couple. The place is beautiful and the food is fantastic, but something just doesn't seem right. One of the guests has suddenly vanished, and the hosts are certainly reluctant to have anyone poking around the meat locker. Still, the barbecued ribs are delicious, so what's there to complain about?

Last Supper, The (2005)
ed2k: The.Last.Supper.2005.DVDRip.XviD-ShitBusters.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 986 kbps
Size:782,934,016 bytes; 1:32:30
Resolution:640x352; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.818
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 129 kbps
Subtitles: The.Last.Supper.2005.DVDRip.XviD-ShitBusters.rar
Subtitle Language:English
Release Thread:Thanks to ^Rogue^
Movieinfo:6.0/10 (45 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Saigo no bansan
Review: A renowned plastic surgeon and budding media darling develops a taste for human flesh after taking a bit of lypo-suction fat home with him, frying it up and having a munch.

Nathalie (1981)
Movieinfo:3.2/10 (12 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Natali; Nathalie Comes of Age; Natalie - himottu ja haluttu; Nathalie - Schulmädchen reif für die Liebe
Review: Marcella Petrelli stars as Nathalie, a young and beautiful innocent whose sexuality is awakened in a series of encounters with a colleague of her businessman father. Before long, Nathalie suspects her lover has evil plans for her father's business. Erotica director Ilias Mylonakos sets his stormy tale of love and betrayal against the ravishing Mediterranean. Grazia De Giorgi, Roger Beach and Pauline Teutscher co-star in the steamy Greek thriller.

Now Eat: the Movie (1980)

Satans Cannibal Holocaust (2007)
ed2k: Satans.Cannibal.Holocaust.2007.DVDRip.XviD-Warrior.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1268 kbps
Size:734,647,912 bytes; 1:10:06
Resolution:672x384; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.750
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 110 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to optalidon
Movieinfo: (awaiting 5 votes)
Review: Kelly, a young journalist, is working on her next big article about her father, the local mayor. It is a seemingly innocent piece on the wonderful things being done for the community. Little does she know that the deeper she digs, the closer she comes to a secret which lurks beneath the streets of her peaceful city...a secret many will kill to protect. Soon, the violence erupts in the subterranean catacombs. Shrieks of terror echo through the tunnels as the gore gushes forth. Innocent victims are held captive and brutalized. Naked bodies are torn open and eaten. Here, beneath the city, an evil is growing...and Kelly will witness firsthand the horror of SATAN'S CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST

Tales From The Cannibal Side (1998)
Movieinfo:2.0/10 (16 votes)

1999:The Deadly Camp (1999)
Movieinfo:5.4/10 (52 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Shan gou 1999
Review: This neat HK film mixes elements of "The Burning" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" with bits of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"! A group of teens on a resort island accidentally injure a mentally retarded kid. The kid runs home to Daddy, a severely burnt man who gets a chainsaw and goes hunting! There's some decent gore in spots and cute Asian women, plus the star is Anthony Wong!

A Scream in the Streets (1973)
ed2k: Scream.in.the.Streets.1973.DivX5.MP3.aXe.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.5 Beta (Tahanea) 663 kbps
Size:522,302,402 bytes; 1:30:34
Resolution:512x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to GrindCallus
Movieinfo:4.5/10 (41 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Girls in the Street; Scream Street; Schlächter, Der
Review: Plainclothes cops Eddie Haskell and Bob Streeker hate freaks. No, not the sideshow kind. The "freaks" they're after are the criminal scum running amok in Los Angeles--like the neighborhood voyeur who peeps on lesbian housewives, and the slimy sadist who goes berserk at a massage parlor. But Number 1 on their hit list is a cheerful serial killer whose hobby is hacking up ladies in a local park. Geared for the seventies drive-in crowd, "A Scream in the Streets" is as gleefully preoccupied with sex as it is with cops and robbers and deftly mixes crime and carnality with an abundance of sizzling starlets!

Beautiful Dead Body (1987)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Spooky Kama Sutra
Review: Here's a strange hopping vampire flick about an evil wizrd who kidnaps young women and places them into exploding coffins to turn them into vampires! Has some explicit XXX sex scenes!

Devil Story (1985)
ed2k: Devil.Story.1985.VHSrip.XVID.PiMPRiPPaZ.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 1255 kbps
Size:729,198,592 bytes; 1:12:32
Resolution:560x384; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.458
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 71 kbps
Subtitle Language:Turkish Hardcoded
Release Thread:Thanks to Malignus
Movieinfo:3.0/10 (20 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Était une fois le diable - Devil Story, Il

Nocturnal Demon, The (1990)
ed2k: Nocturnal.Demons_1990_ByEkin_VHSRip.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.2 1122 kbps
Size:733,806,592 bytes; 1:17:22
Resolution:496x368; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.348
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 130 kbps
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (7 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Ye gui xian sheng; Demon Intruder; Ye gwai sin sang
Review: This one's about a twisted serial killer who preys on prostitutes. He then feeds their parts to his pet piranhas.

Please Don't Eat My Mother (1973)
ed2k: Please Don'T Eat My Mother.mpg
Codec:MPEG-1 728 kbps
Size:565,577,732 bytes; 1:37:42
Resolution:352x240; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:MPEG-1 Layer 2 CBR 32 kbps
Movieinfo:4.3/10 (75 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Glump; Hungry Pets; Please Not My Mother; Please Release My Mother; Sexpot Swingers
Review: Waltzing home after whiling away his day watching the wanton activities of a couple in a parked car, nerdy nebbish Henry Fudd (Buck Kartalian, fresh from his second stint as a simian in 20th Century Fox's fondly-remembered Planet of the Apes series) hears an odd trilling sound, compelling him to canvass a curbside floral shop for the source of the strange sonics. Pinpointing a small exotic plant as the cause of the commotion, Henry pays the swishy shop owner ("If it farts, try some alphabet soup so you can understand it!") and skips home, secreting his new friend to his tiny bedroom, away from the prying eyes of his doting mother, Clarice. Harry's humdrum life soon becomes a thing of the past, however, as his potted pal begins speaking to him in a sultry, female voice, eventually convincing her confounded caretaker to supply her with something other than conventional plant food. Unfortunately, the creature's appetite increases with it's size, forcing Henry to procure a seemingly endless supply of flies, frogs ("Frog me, Henry! Frog me!"), and housepets. When the overgrown gladiola gloms Henry's mother, it develops a taste for fresh female meat (swearing off men after a stomach-turning incident with a dimwitted detective, played by director Carl Monson), strong-arming her surprised savior into securing a supply of sexy sirens. More than one gorgeous gal heads down the plant's gigantic gullet before she demands a bit of sexual gratification with her supper, a problem Henry parlays into a rather unique solution...

Possession Of Nurse Sherri, The (1978)
ed2k: The.Possession.Of.Nurse.Sherri.1978.Sexplotation.Cut.DVDRip.XViD.Mr.Flibble.avi
Codec:XviD Dev ver. 25-Mar-03 1029 kbps
Size:734,279,680 bytes; 1:24:08
Resolution:512x400; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.280
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 121 kbps
Additional Files: The.Posession.Of.Nurse.Sherri.1978.Extended.Horror.Cut.DVDRip.XViD.Mr.Flibble.avi|734275584
Release Thread:Thanks to Mr. Fibble
Movieinfo:2.2/10 (186 votes)
Review: The introductory prologue to Nurse Sherri has a small devil-worshipping cult in the desert trying to bring a man back to life. In the midst of conjuring up the forces of evil, the head necromancer Reanhauer has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital. Whilst in hospital he is attended to by Nurse Sherri and he speaks to her in long monologues regarding the supernatural. Reanhauer's condition rapidly worsens and he ends up on the operating table under the scalpel of Peter, Sherri's surgeon boyfriend (with the assistance of Sherri) where he eventually expires. Later on when Sherri is at home masturbating on her bed, a strange animated green ethereal fog floats into her room and rapes her(although she doesn't really put up much of a fight). This is definitely one of the "trippiest" rapes I've ever witnessed on celluloid, and probably the highlight of the film.

Skin Stripperess (1991)
Movieinfo:4.6/10 (9 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Shuai pi gui; Skin-Stripper; Skinned Ghost
Review: More far out HK horror/supernatural stuff about a witch doctor who transplants the skin of a murdered corpse onto a lightning-struck woman in hopes of restoring her beauty. Later, a group of teens disturb the gravesite and the spirit comes back for bloody revenge!!

Sore Losers (1997)
ed2k: Sore.Losers.1997.aXe.avi|734003200
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1002 kbps
Size:734,003,200 bytes; 1:28:08
Resolution:416x320; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.300
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to GrindCallus
Movieinfo:4.4/10 (109 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Schlechte Verlierer
Review: This greaser alien gets sent to earth to kill twelve beatniks, but he only gets nine so years later they send him back to finish the job. There aren?t too many beatniks around anymore though, so now he gets to do hippies. He hooks up with these other crazy fucks and they go on a killing spree, but the one chick they take with them is completely batshit and fucks everything up. The movie stopped making sense about this point, but the band Guitar Wolf shows up to kick some ass, this naked angel keeps appearing to give people Schlitz, hippies get wasted left and right, and there?s tons of violence and tits. This rocks harder then just about anything has ever rocked before and it just goes to show that if you have enough cool stuff in your movie, it doesn?t really matter if anybody can understand what?s going on or not

Terror in the Jungle (1968)
Movieinfo:3.1/10 (18 votes)

100 Years of Torture 2 (1977)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Torture Chronicles Continues: 100 Years; One Hundred Years of Banned Torture; Zannin onna ankokushi; Histoire de femmes criminelles
Review: Not much torture this time around, mostly rape. Also no politics. The ending sequence of a rapist keeping his victim in a barn is well shot.

Africa Erotica (1970)
ed2k: Africa.Erotica-African.Thrills(1978).avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 1038 kbps
Size:732,598,272 bytes; 1:22:50
Resolution:608x464; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.310
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 127 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo: 2.9/10 (14 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Jungle Erotic; Frissons africains; Happening in Africa; Karen, the Lovemaker; Afrika erotika; Himojen puutarha; Lustschrei im Urwald
Review: Young women have an adventure in the African jungle - where they are harassed by gentle men, and wild monkeys

Assault! Jack The Ripper (1976)
ed2k: Assault.Jack.The.Ripper.avi
Codec:DivX 4 (OpenDivX) 1200 kbps
Size:763,014,322 bytes; 1:12:23
Resolution:720x480; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.500
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 192 kbps
Subtitle Language:English (Hardsubbed)
Release Thread:Thanks to Byk
Movieinfo: 7.6/10 (27 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Bôkô Kirisaki Jakku
Review: ASSAULT! JACK THE RIPPER is one of those films that just ain't gonna be everyone's cup of tea. It's brutal in it's depiction of rape and murder and has pretty much no redeeming value in terms of "entertaining" cinema - and that's exactly why it is such a "classic" of the pinky genre. At a time when many other pinky films dealt with sleazy subject matter in a more "fun" and tongue-in-cheek manner, ASSAULT! went straight for the jugular, or more appropriately, crotch... Two restaurant co-workers realize their penchant for brutal rape and murder after a mishap with a whacked-out hitch-hiker. As the two find that murder is their only aphrodisiac - things get out of hand. They continue to "feed" off of each other and pick up random strangers to do their "business" with. Homeboy finds that he has a thing for stabbing the victims in the cooch - this appears to be his major "turn-on". Homegirl starts to get a little to clingy and jealous when she realizes that he's been doing some "moonlighting" on his own. This all results in the end of their relationship, among other things... There's nothing really comical or fun about ASSAULT! (except for the strange disco soundtrack...). It appears that the main goal of this film is to shock and disgust, which it does appropriately enough - especially for it's 1976 time-stamp. Although the crotch-gouging is not "graphically" shown, the sound FX and inference of what's going on is enough to be disturbing. This is a rare film as it predates a lot of more sadistic films that became notorious throughout the late 70's through today. Again, not a film for all tastes, but for those that are looking for something a little "rougher"...this may be the one

Atolladero (1995)
ed2k: Atolladero.esp.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0.5 887 kbps
Size:734,474,240 bytes; 1:38:31
Resolution:672x272; 25.000 fps; AR: 2.471
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Movieinfo:4.4/10 (73 votes)
Review: 'Atolladero' is a very impressive debut from writer/director Oscar Aibar that will appeal to fans of Alex de la Iglesia's 'Accion Mutante' and 'El Dia de la bestia'. All three films share a similar bizarre sense of humour and a willingness to ignore genre restrictions. I don't know what was going on in Spain in the mid 90s but I wish some of the originality and vitality of these movies could be imported right now to Hollywood, U.S.A. The movie is set towards the end of this century where we are told the towns between the major cities have become lawless wastelands. Atolladero is one such hell hole, and is run with ruthless efficiency by the 150 year old "Judge" and his evil henchmen. The Judge's right hand man is Madden, a half Indian psychopath played by punk legend Iggy Pop. Local cop Lenny (Pere Ponce) is one of the few decent men in town. Tired of the corruption and perversion endemic to the area he decides to quit his job, and start a new life in L.A. To do so he must go against the Judge and his nasty cronies as no-one leaves Atolladero alive. This movie is really fresh and interesting. It combines elements of the post-apocalyptic SF genre ('Mad Max', 'A Boy And His Dog', 'The Ultimate Warrior,etc.) with classic Sergio Leone nihilism, and large lashings of Alex Cox subversion, and Garth Ennis' sick humour. Highly recommended.

Bald Headed Betty (1975)
ed2k: BaldHeadedBetty.DVDRrip.XVid.PiMPRiPPaz.avi|/
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 784 kbps
Size:734,054,400 bytes; 1:47:30
Resolution:448x352; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.273
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 114 kbps
Subtitle Language:NO SUBS!!!
Movieinfo:(awaiting 5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: She nu
Review: Delirious exploitation trash from Hong Kong! Poor Betty gets drugged and kidnapped at a teen beach party and finds herself in clutches of a sleazy prostitution ring. After trying to escape, her head is shaved as punishment. Soon enough, she's the star of the stable for all the local bald freaks. Choice cuts of borrowed music include the yodel rock classic "Hocus Pocus" by Focus and Hugo Montenegro's mooged-out Stevie Wonder covers.

Beast Of Tutor, The (2003)
Movieinfo:1 star
Review: Hong, as a tutor, always has unbalanced of sexual fantasy. One day, he couldn't control himself and raped his student during the session. He kept going. However, the student's sister, Madam Wong, was a cop, and the rapist was brought to justice. But when he is certified as a mental patient, he is released from custody and the women are once again in danger...

Bloody Beast, The (1994)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Leng xue ren lang
Review: HK Category III film! A psychotic man is captured by the police and brought in for questioning. The man reveals a violent and dysfunctional past. He was abused by his sister and forced to take on the chores of the family. He would peeps on his sister while she undressed and while she made love to her boyfriend. As an adult, he stalked, murdered, and raped women before finally being caught. A violent tru-to-life film!

Code of Hunt (1983)
ed2k: Coto.de.Caza.(Code.of.Hunt).(1983,.Jorge.Grau).English.dubbed.with.hard-coded.Greek.subtitles---OK.avi
Codec:XviD 1.2 SMP 555 kbps
Size:646,567,476 bytes; 1:45:00
Resolution:688x512; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.344
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 256 kbps
Subtitle Language:Greek Harcoded
Release Thread:Thanks to AceGecKo
Movieinfo:5.8/10 (20 votes)
Review: Assumpta Serna plays a lawyer who passionately defends 'criminal scum'. Her latest defendants though have no quarrels in singling her out as their next victim. They steal her car, find keys to her country villa and decide to rob the place at the next opportunity. Unfortunately, the lawyer's family turns up at the villa, a struggle ensues and the husband is killed. But this is only the beginning of the nightmare

Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case (1995)
ed2k: Concete.Encased.High.School.Girl.Murder.Case.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1219 kbps
Size:781,854,720 bytes; 1:17:01
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 122 kbps
Subtitle Language:NO SUBS!!!
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (11 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Joshikôsei konkuriito-dume satsujin-jiken
Review: Katsuya Matsumura's 1995 horror movie "Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case" is based on a true crime case of Japanese schoolgirl Junko Furuta.In November of 1988 four young men abducted and held Furuta for several weeks in the house of one of the captors.The girl was violently raped and subjected to torture and sexual degradation for example she was forced to masturbate.On 4th January 1989 four sadists beat her with an iron barbell,poured lighter fluid on her legs,arms,face and stomach and immolated her.She died later that day of shock and her mutilated corpse was hidden in an oil-drum filled with cement.Katsuya Matsumura of "All Night Long" series fame is possibly the most misanthropic Japanese film-maker."Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case" is an incredibly nihilistic and disturbing film loaded with scenes of sexual violence and abuse.This is an ugly and honest piece of Japanese exploitation that tells about man's barbarity and willing to torture,dominate and exploit the weaker.I can't wait to see Matsumura's newest horror film "Ki-re-i?".Watch this one at your own risk!

Cruel Horizon (1989)
Movieinfo:4.5/10 (9 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Blutiger Horizont; Cruel horizonte; Insel der gequälten Frauen; Insel der geschändeten Frauen
Review: Obscure Dutch film, In English, about an American official who is forced to leave behind his Vietnamese lover. years pass and he finally returns to get her. He hires some soldier of fortune friends to track her down and they uncover a huge operation where refugees are abused, killed, robbed and exploited. Lots of sleaze and violence including a scene where a woman inserts bamboo rods into her vagina. One of the bad guys goes to screw her and winds up with his dick shredded! An interesting forgotten film, sure to be ideal in your collection.

Day Of Violence (1977)
ed2k: Day.Of.Violence-1977-CE.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 1003 kbps
Size:780,785,664 bytes; 1:31:16
Resolution:592x416; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.423
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Subtitle Language:Finnish Hardsubbed
Release Thread:Thanks to me for the release and CE for the rip
Movieinfo:4.4/10 (13 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista; Giorni di violenza; Kidnapping - ein Tag der Gewalt; Opération K
Review: Paolo and Joe are two misguided young men who decide to commit every sort of criminal act within one single day. The day starts with the violation and murder of a woman and ends with the two guys terrorizing and humiliating the clients of a restaurant in HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK fashion. One of the music themes from A MAN CALLED MAGNUM can be heard during the car chase sequence. Also known as OPERAZIONE KAPPA: SPARATE A VISTA in Italy, this is undeniably one of the strongest entries in the Italo-Crime genre and frequently entering exploitation territory with its intense sleazy situations.

Deadly Darling (1985)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Revenge For A Rape

Death Weekend (1976)
ed2k: Death Weekend AKA The House by the Lake • VHSRip • XviD.ogm
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (153 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Fin de semaine infernale; The House by the Lake; Fin de semana sangriento; Bluthunde; Fim de Semana Mortal; Inferno im Moor; Miertelny weekend; Party des Grauens; Tappava viikonloppu; Vergewaltigung; Violento week-end di terrore, Un; Week-end sauvage
Review: This is a lesser-known entry into the backwoods brutality genre of films started by the classic BRENDA VACCARO) accompanies her playboy swinger dentist friend Harry (CHUCK SHAMATA) to his country house to join several others for a weekend-long party. On the way, he allows her to take the wheel of his souped-up Corvette sports car and she engages a gang of hillbilly hoodlums in a dangerous road chase, which ends with the four miscreants crashing their hot rod Camaro off the road and into a creek bed, and the Vette speeding away. The menacing gang leader Lep (veteran DON STROUD) swears vengeance on the pair, especially the driver. Up at the house, Diane is observed by Harry (the voyeur) via a two-way mirror taking off her clothes and nude in the shower. Nice guy this Harry. Not surprisingly, Diane soon discovers that there are no other guests coming up to the lake for the weekend. She also realizes that sleazy Harry just wants a quickie sex romp and another notch on his belt. Meanwhile, the psychotics in the Camaro are causing havoc all over town, nearly killing a local man of the law, in search of the two in the black Corvette. Of course, the vicious thugs arrive at the lake house, terrorizing Diane and Harry, and really begin messing up the place. Two of the gang members even take Harry's expensive speedboat for a spin out on the lake and kill some drunken hicks in a rowboat, who were out to help the dentist. When doctor Harry is revealed to be a bit of a wimp and the chaos really begins to ramp up, Diane in desperation, takes matters into her own hands and begins to exact her revenge, but not before she is sexually assaulted by Len, the crazed ringleader... and dry-humped by one the creepy gang flunkies while locked in one of the rooms of the house. Strangely enough, the ending of this film has a bit of an ambiguous tone. You'll have to watch it for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

Review: Crazy and sleazy Japanese rip of Darkman that has a masked crusader lurking around protecting a schoolgirl who is constantly being harassed (and molested!) by a female schoolgirl gang. They beat her, tie her to a tree, pull her panties off, burn her pubic hair, and slap her around until Dogman appears! He beats up some street kids who also want a piece of the girl, and he himself gets kicked around a few times. Lots of nudity, lesbian stuff, humiliation, and sleaze in this wacko shot on video gem!

Escape Imprisonment 2
Review: Japanese trash film about a woman who is kidnapped and raped by some psycho in the woods. She tries to escape but apparently there’s others involved as they all have this fetish for keeping her as their pet! Softcore fun from Japan.

Exorsister (1994)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Demon Beast Legend; Injyu Demsetsu; Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Makai gakuen-hen; Uratsuki-dôji 1; Exorsister 1: L'école maudite
Review: Crazy Japanese XXX porn about a female demon hunter who uses water pistols full of holy water and switchblade crucifixes to kill off tentacled demon creatures ! This is like a LIVE ACTION anime as the demons rape and molest cute japanese schoolgirls and penetrate them with their tentacles! Lots of hardcore sex and sleaze make this a winner! This is one of the earlier Japanese xxx films so it is censored but is still fun!

Fatal Love (1993)
Movieinfo:4.5/10 (17 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Wei qing
Review: Beautiful Ellen Chan plays a police detective who goes undercover in order to get the good on Michael Wong, a sadistic criminal. As Michael convinces her he is innocent, she falls in love with him, which is a BIG mistake ‘cause he is a very sick and demented person! This one contains lots of sadistic violence and nudity (Including a nude scene featuring Miss Chan!) and so is rated category III!

Female Gang Rape Incident
Review: Japanese sickie about lesbian girl gangs who go around beating, humiliating, and raping other cute schoolgirls! This is shot on video and is censored, just so you know, but is still hot. Softcore with dildo penetrations.

Final Judgment, The (1989)
Movieinfo:6.3/10 (9 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Zhi he cang shi zhi gong shen
Review: A true-to-life suspense/horror film about the first trial in Hong Kong based solely on scientific evidence. A good, upright family man is arrested and accused of vicious rapes. Is it him?? A good film and is quite rough in places!!

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Flesh Target : Rape! (1979)
ed2k: Flesh.Target.Rape!1979.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1167 kbps
Size:781,051,904 bytes; 1:19:14
Resolution:640x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.667
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 135 kbps
Subtitle Language:English Hardcoded
Additional Information:Aka: Niku no hyoteki: ubau
Review: Great film though a bit foolish story. A office worker hit his boss in the night club. The next day he is told to be demoted to a different position in the company. He gets so frustrated and ends up a rape rampage- he rapes a number of hard-to-get ladies in his company. Surprisingly the ladie are stimulated by his assault and finally help him in getting promoted.

Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture (1982)
Additional Information:Aka: Dan Oniroku shoujo mokuba-zeme
Review: Hard to find and rough Nikkatsu film about a schoolgirl who fantasizes about many different sex acts including being raped by her male school teacher, her female school nurse, and even her parents in a three-way!!! Soon, the girl’s fantasies become reality as she is taken back to the home of her teacher and is strung up, tortured, and tied to a wooden horse. This is yet another really weird and twisted little S&M film that should not be missed by any real fan! Has a totally tasteless ending as well!

Gold Raiders (1983)
ed2k: Gold.Raiders.VHSrip[Romppainen][T3].avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 978 kbps
Size:836,468,736 bytes; 1:44:31
Resolution:480x368; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.304
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 79 kbps
Subtitle Language:Finnish Hardcoded
Additional Files: Gold.Raiders.VHSrip[Romppainen][T3].nfo
Movieinfo:2.7/10 (26 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Fire Game; Baroudeur, Le; Fire Game - kultakaappaus
Review: "Gold Raiders" deserves to be in the All-Time Bad Movie Hall of Shame, because it lacks any redeeming features, except that it is go terribly, horribly, hilariously awful. Robert Ginty of "The Exterminator" movies must have needed a pay check and a vacation, since it doesn't appear that anything else could have attracted him to this shoddy saga about the recovery of a fortune in Swiss gold from the jungle. Ginty as Mark Banner joins up with a ragtag group of Philipinos that are dispatched to bring back the gold after a plane shot down the cargo plane transporting it. Our heroes finds themselves squared off against a Communist commander who isn't beneath shooting his own men with the occasion dictates. He qualifies as a classic villain because he wears a mustache, shaves his head like all good evil bad guys, and enjoys rough sex with abducted women. The high point of this pointless adventure thriller comes when our nasty villain finishes having sex with one poor female and turns around to screw his fake wooden leg back on to his body. Inexplicably, the villain's pet German shepherd decides on impulse to snatch up the leg in his jaws and hightail it. Our hopping mad bad guy pursues the pooch and fires a couple of shots at the thieving canine that eventually discards the commander's leg. One incredibly schlocky line of dialogue goes something like this: "You're too beautiful a woman to be a sadist." Our never-say-die heroes embark on a journey of hardship, lessened somewhat when Mark Banner unveils a motorcycle powered by crystal fuel cells (this bikes smokes horribly) and it comes equipped with a powered para-sail that turns it into a flying motorcycle, armed as the case is with rockets. Probably the most incredible feat occurs when our hero rides his bike across a gorge on one flimsy steel cable. Like the other commentators have observed about "Gold Raiders," it suffers from poor dubbing. When I mean poor dubbing, not only do the lines rarely match the mouths, but virtually everybody sounds like they were dubbed by people of an entirely different nationality, making the lines doubly incongruous. A Filipino guy sounds like an American golf announcer with a deep, heavy accent. Improbable and sometimes bloodthirsty, "Gold Raiders" robs the bottom of the barrel. Truly, this is a movie that should be reserved for special occasions when you want to treat somebody to a genuinely rotten movie. Oh, yes, check out the phony looking fishing scene and the giant shark-like fish that the Filipino's fishermen harpoon.

Great American Snuff Film, The (2003)
ed2k: The.Great.American.Snuff.Film.2003.Dvdrip.Xvid.Odin.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Beta 2 659 kbps
Size:730,255,360 bytes; 15:59.075
Resolution:704x336; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.095
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to GrindCallus
Movieinfo:3.8/10 (76 votes)
Review: The first great American snuff film. Back in 1976, Allan Shackleton distributed Michael and Roberta Findlay's film "Slaughter" as the newly retitled "Snuff". The hook was an all new ending which promised to actually show a real onscreen murder. This is the birth of the snuff film into urban legend mythology. The truth is, the ending was merely an exploitation film marketing ploy to infuse profit into an abysmal production. The special effects and acting captured in this tacked on ending leave no doubt in the viewer's mind that it is completely fake. Today, we have another film which promises to deliver the prurient goods in the guise of Sean Tretta's "The Great American Snuff Film". Is this film up to snuff or is Sean Tretta an acolyte of Allan Shackleton hucksterism? Let the resident libertine of Severed Cinema be your guide into a journey which hopefully ends with you gazing into the dark abyss of cruelty and suffering. In 1998, William Allen Grone was convicted of 13 counts of felony rape, torture, and murder. During the investigation into his crimes, a super 8 film canister and a journal were found among Grone's belongings. The canister contained 2 and a half minutes of film which captured the actual murder of his last victim. In his journal, William Allen Grone referred to this film as "The Great American Snuff Film". Sean Tretta's film ends with this actual footage from Grone's crime. Patti and Sarah, two sexy Suicide Girl type brunettes, along with Sarah's boyfriend party with William Allen Grone and his friend Roy. Bill and Roy leave once the others pass out. In the morning they come back and unleash a blitzkrieg attack on the group. Bill shoots Sarah's boyfriend in the head, pistol whips the girls, then kidnaps them spiriting them away in their version of the Murder Mack van. The boys' destination is Roy's secluded junkyard in the desert of Arizona. The film flashes back 6 months previous to answer the question as to how the duo came into possession of the van in the first place. Chuck is driving through the desert and can't resist the allure of Roy's junkyard oasis. Chuck's eye catches an old vintage Z, but Roy especially likes Chuck’s old vintage jeans! Chuck remarks on how he scored his first piece of ass in a car like this, while Roy volunteers his version of ass cherry busting which occurred in a trailer back over there. "And it hurt like HELL when he did it to me, too! Know what I mean?" Chuck, rather than take this warning to heart, merely glances back at Roy with a perplexed expression. Of course another wreck attracts Chuck's attention and before you know it this grease monkey is popping the hood in order to a get a closer look inside. Roy likes this thought and decides to cop a feel of Chuck's own ball bearings. Well Chuck doesn't think too highly of this Brokeback country gesture and calls Roy a junkyard faggot. Roy, not the very self reflective type, takes exception to this and clobbers Chuck repeatedly with a baseball bat until he is unconscious. Roy calls William Allen Grone and tells him to come on by and check out their newest acquisition. The pair take Chuck for a ride in his former van in order to dispose of his body in the desert. Roy wants to simply leave Chuck for dead, but Bill the budding filmmaker decides to have Roy film him with his Super-8 video camera while he shoots Chuck in the head with his gun. This act inspires Bill to ultimately create his own snuff film. The film returns to the present. It's the next day, and the girls, locked away in a trailer, are waking up after being drugged with Rohypnol. Bill and Roy burst in and menace the girls with a gun all the while filming every wince and moan. They are fresh from burying the boyfriend in the desert the previous night. Bill tells the girls, "You belong to me now, bitch." Then he punches Patti in the gut knocking the wind out of her. Later on, when the girls yet again regain consciousness, we are treated to Patti's breasts spilling out of her camisole top as she struggles to drink water out of a doggie bowl. Misogyny never looked so sexy. That night, Roy and Bill take the girls out to the desert in order for them to dig their own graves. It's back to the past when Bill fondly recalls his past encounter with a lanky, redheaded ho from his childhood neighborhood. Bill offers the large (large for a street whore who was having a discussion about $20 blow jobs with her co-worker) sum of $200 for a date with her at his house. Smart business woman that she is she counter offers $300, and since she ain't gonna see a Benny anyway Bill agrees to the price. The one hour lovers retire to Bill's parent's bedroom where he makes one final request. Bill has the fiery haired hooker put on a dress in the bathroom as he adjusts the mood lighting for her perfect date-with-a-serial killer. When she enters the bedroom she is startled by the now pitch black room, and before she can do anything Bill caresses her face from behind with a plastic bag. Finally dead, the real date can commence as Bill mounts his quickly growing cold prey and fucks to his heart's content happy in the knowledge that those cold eyes can no longer judge him. The absolute romantic that is Bill takes his dead date into the bathroom where he gives her a soothing bath to wash away her worries and her blood. It's once again present day, and we find Bill and Roy outside taunting the girls who are now standing on steel drums while locked in separate steel cages. Roy pokes obviously unlit cigarettes onto the girls' flesh, and they groan unconvincingly. Work beckons Bill, so Roy is left in charge of their prey. Roy can't help himself and decides to free Patti for some private fun of his own. Once alone, Patti gives Roy plenty to handle and before you know it we're down to one little Indian left cause Roy uses his Bowie knife to stab Patti in her gut. Bill senses something is amiss and rushes back to the junkyard only to find Roy digging a grave for Patti. Bill, not the forgiving type either, puts a slug into Roy's head. Unmoved, Bill decides it's time for the endgame and takes Sarah to the trailer which will serve as the setting for his masterpiece. Sarah has a trick up her shorts and stabs Bill with a rusty nail before he can inject her with more drugs. Sarah grabs the tripod and smacks Bill in the head stunning him just enough for her escape. Bill awakens, jumps into his van, and makes a fateful decision. Left leads to a highway and right leads to an abandoned train station. Bill goes left to the train station and finds Sarah cowering in the darkness, and she relents to her cruel fate. Bill takes his girl back home and films his opus of atrocity. Mike Marsh as William Allen Grone has a Gene Hackman from "The Conversation" look going for his character. Marsh also uses a monotone voice in his performance which is effective in displaying control and obsessiveness. Marsh's mini bursts of rage are not as menacing as they should be. Ryan Hutman's Roy is a quarter baked back roads inbred. It doesn't make sense how the seemingly intelligent William Allen Grone would trust Roy with his prized possessions or even become involved with Roy in the first place. As for the women, neither one has much to do besides look sexy while bound in duct tape. The lack of nudity also bothered me, because this would have been more realistic than having them rolling around in camisoles and tight shorts. Sean Tretta's A.D.D. style quick cut editing and his use of camera tricks (the scene in which Bill shoots Roy the picture turning red is one example that comes to mind) act as distractions rather than infusing the film with a unique sensibility. The techno music created by Ryan Hutman is completely out of place for a film meditating on such a serious subject matter. These techniques emphasize the fact that this is a cheap, shot on video affair as opposed to making the viewer feel like the filmmaker is trying to achieve something significant or meaningful despite the limitations of his small budget. Now we come to the final two and a half minutes of the movie. The most infamous two and a half minutes ever filmed in the history of cinema. Is it real or is it "Snuff"? The answer could be you'll have to judge for yourself. That's so cliché, though; and misleading. Because it indicates that the answer is ambiguous. That the footage in question is real enough to create doubt or belief depending on which side of the fence you are on. I want to believe. I really do. But in the back of my mind I know it is too good to be true. Watching the final frames of the film my instant reaction is "The Blair Witch Project" is more believable; a film which heavily influenced this one. Instead of staring into the abyss of darkness, pain and agony I am staring at a Z-grade faux snuff film. Oh, the humanity. In all seriousness, I really didn't expect to watch the real thing. I did expect to watch a scene that at least attempted to make me question its authenticity. The snuff film in "Emanuelle in America" came a hell of a lot closer to this small goal. Whatever the budget was for "The Great American Snuff Film", I would have made sure almost every dollar of it went into this last two and a half minutes. It is in these final minutes that this video has any chance of having a lasting impact upon the viewer, because it certainly isn't coming from the other 85 minutes. "The Great American Snuff Film" is "Snuff" redux which in this day and age is not nearly nasty enough.

Guinea Pig: Greatest Cuts (1988)

Guinea Pig: The Making of Devil Doctor Woman (1985)

Hitch-Hike (1977)
ed2k: Hitch.Hike.1977.XViD.AC3-Shitbusters.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1811 kb/s
Size:1.45 GB; 01:43:53
Resolution:704x384; 23.976 fps; AR: (1.833)
Audio:192 kb/s AC3
Release Thread:Thanks to Grindcallus
Movieinfo:7.0/10 (309 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Autostop rosso sangue; Death Drive; Hitchhike: Last House on the Left; The Naked Prey; Cínico y la casada, El; Fugitivo Sanguinário, O; Oto-stop; Proie de l'autostop, La; Todes-Trip, Der; Wenn Du krepierst, lebe ich!
Review: Walter Mancini is a egostical newspaper editor whom is driving across California with his spiteful wife, Eve, on a weekend getaway to save their troubled marriage. But things take a turn when they pick up a straded motorist, named Adam, whom takes them hostage revealing himself to be a fugitive running from both the police and his two acomplices after robbing a bank and making off with all the loot. But things are not always as they seem as Walter and Eve try to find a way to not only get rid of their unwanted car guest, but find a way to deal with each other when both see the tempting offer of the stolen $2 million in cash Adam always has on him.

Review: Another OVER THE TOP trash-fest from the infamous Sato about a demented woman who has her male servants kidnap and rape young women for her amusement back in her secluded beach house. Lots of rape and torture including some FAKE (yet highly effective and grotesque!) animal-rape stuff.

Invisible Man : Rape! (1978)
Additional Information:Aka: Tômei-ningen: okase!; Lusty Transparent Man
Review: A corny Japanese film from the 1980s (I think) details the exploits of a nerdy and horny scientist type who discovers his wife fooling around with another woman one day. He then uses one of his inventions (you guessed it, yet another invisibility potion!) to go on a sex spree of his own. In spite of the title, the movie is mostly a comedy. (Apparently, the word "rape" doesn't have as heavy or serious a meaning in Japanese as in American English.) Most of the sex our "hero" finds himself in is semi-consensual, as a surprised or scared woman finds herself giving into his advances. Among them are his wife, their live-in maid, and a couple of entertainers

Juvenile Crime (1997)
Movieinfo:(awaiting 5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Shônen no hanzai
Review: Gunji Kawasaki's 1997 movie Juvenile Crime (Shônen no hanzai) was based on the same real-life murder case as Katsuya Matsumura's 1995 movie Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case (Joshikôsei konkurîto-zume satsujin-jiken) and Hiromu Nakamura's 2004 movie Concrete (Konkurîto). It has been mistaken for Matsumura's movie by a number of bootleggers.

Lady Rose
Review: Obscure Japanese action/sleaze flick made a lot like AGENT XX about a HOT-ass leather-wearing bitch who uses her assets to bump off the bad guys. But, she gets caught and is tied up, raped, and humilated! Plenty of sleaze and some action made this a must for fans of Japanese cinema.

Last Summer (1969)
ed2k: Last.Summer.(1969.-.Richard.Thomas,.Barbara.Hershey).perm.subtitles.brazilian.portuguese.O.Ultimo.Verao.TV.-.RIP.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 999 kbps
Size:811,523,438 bytes; 1:35:01
Resolution:512x384; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Subtitle Language:Portuguese Hardsubbed
Movieinfo:7.1/10 (326 votes)
Review: Last Summer is a frank coming-of-age tale that refuses to prettify its young characters or their activities. A group of aimless teens get together for sex, drugs and rock-and-roll on Fire Island. Timid, overweight Rhonda (Catherine Burns) is goaded into aberrant behavior by her peers, especially the promiscuous Sandy (Barbara Hershey). Enjoying Rhonda's discomfiture, Sandy encourages the boys in the group to gang-rape the poor girl. It was this scene, the first of its kind in a general-release American picture, that earned Last Summer its initial X rating. The film was later judiciously trimmed to qualify for an R rating without blunting its dramatic impact.

Review: This Japanese shot on video thriller has been garnering attention for the creepy mood and the downright scary shit being thrown down. If you like the over the top Japanese style in the tradition of RING then get this one. A female reporter goes to the underground in search of snuff films and ends up on the set of a snuff film in progress! Limbs are ripped off, guts yanked out, a woman gets rapes, etc..! GREAT stuff from Japan! Why do Japanese movies go for the intestines? I know that has to hurt those lovely little ladies.

Platoon the Warriors (1988)
Review: Here’s yet another reason why Asian cinema in the 70’s and 80’s just can’t be beat! This Hong Kong/South-East Asian trash-fest was produced by Joseph Lai and Betty Chan in 1987 and what a fun, exploitive ride it is! A man goes on a bloody rampage bumping off the crime organization that murdered his family, raped his daughter and caused him mucho pain. He meets up with a special forces soldier who supplies him with his weapons and takes them all to hell! He kills them off one by one (or ambushes them in small groups) by stabbing them, shooting them, using homemade bombs and other violent tactics. This film is a lot of fun with lots of gritty violence and trash including brutal beating, nudity, rape (including a gang rape scene), trash talk (plenty of “Bitch”, “Bastard” and “Whore” remarks are made) and cheesy fights scenes that just had me laughing my ass off! This baby needs to be seen to really be enjoyed as a description simply does not do it justice. Man, they don’t make them like this anymore!

Portrait Of A Serial Rapist (1994)

Rapeman 5 (1995)
ed2k: Rapeman.5.1995.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.2 Final 1248 kbps
Size:781,527,040 bytes; 1:14:40
Resolution:640x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.667
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 134 kbps
Review: More super heroic sex-n-violence adventures with the world's first superhero rapist! If you liked 1 – 4 then you don’t want to miss this fifth installment! Japanese sexploitation starring everybody’s favorite Japanese anti-hero, RAPEMAN! Mild mannered high school teacher by day, masked, knife wielding rapist for hire by night, Rapeman rights wrongs through penetration, teaching the evil women of Tokyo respect for their elders, for society and for the ways of the culture. Truly a must see.

Rapeman 6

Rapeman 7

Rapeman 8

Rapeman 9

Ravager, The (1970)
ed2k: TheRavager(1970)-dvdrip-xvid-omgyd.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 1191 kbps
Size:732,237,824 bytes; 1:13:30
Resolution:560x400; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.400
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:5.6/10 (11 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Bestie der Wollust
Review: "Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty....Something Weird has been looking for this for years and, having found it, we were instantly appalled. Released with a self-applied X back in 1970, The Ravager is, hands down, one of the most zestfully misanthropic and mercilessly misogynistic movies ever made. Taking the politics of the Vietnam war and marrying it to the sadistic stylings of, say, the Findlays at their foulest, The Ravager, is sooooooooooo malignantly mean-spirited that, paradoxically, it becomes something of a truly twisted laugh-fest. In fact, this may be the ultimate party film for perverts. Lost in Vietnam, demolition expert Joe Salkow (PIERE GOSTIN) stumbles upon a Vietnamese woman being tortured by two (apparently Vietcong) men who strip her naked, tie her up, beat her with a belt till she's bloody, then rape and blow her up. Found "in a dazed condition," Joe is sent back to the states, hospitalized and released. He promptly buys a case of dynamite, rents a dingy room and goes to work...building bombs. As the narrator helpfully explains: "Joe was obsessed with one idea: to destroy people, particularly lovers. The scene of the Vietnamese girl and her two captors had triggered something in Joe's mind which could only be satisfied if he destroyed others!" And that, boys and girls, is the plot: Joe runs around either blowing up people or raping women. Or both. This may be the only motion picture ever made to have a narrator casually state that the main character's "ultimate dream was to find a pretty girl to rape and to put his dynamite to use." Sure enough, Joe sees a couple having sex in a car...both go ka-boom. He sneaks up on a couple having sex on an island...the guy goes boom, the gal gets raped. Also on the island are two lesbians...one goes boom, the other is set on fire: "Even though Joe is loaded with hang-ups, one thing which bugs him are girls who make love to each other!" By mistake, he even puts a bomb in a car driven by a mother and her six-year old son but, hey, what the hell, he blows them up anyway. And so on and so forth. Even when he runs out of dynamite, "there are other ways this ravager can satisfy his distorted mind..." Hoooooly crap...Simplistic in the extreme, this is pure, cinematic illness. Of the many movies about veterans bringing the war back home, The Ravager (not to be confused with The Ravagers, plural, a Filipino war flick) is also probably the first of the Vietnam-flavored horrors, predating such sick-soldier sagas as Deathdream, Cannibal Apocalypse, and the notorious porno Forced Entry. With his bugged-out eyes and a perpetual expression indicating either shock, pain, or both, leading man Gostin looks like he himself is ready to explode. Director CHARLES NIZET's eclectic resume' also includes the horror oddity The Possessed and the ultra-obscure Voodoo Heartbeat. From a bruised, battered, and banged-up 35mm theatrical print that looks...well, appropriately ravaged."

Satan's Children (1974)
Movieinfo:2.9/10 (28 votes)

Seeding of a Ghost (1983)
ed2k: Seeding.of.a.Ghost.1983.DVDRip.XviD-SBunite.avi
Codec:XviD 1.0.3 951 kbps
Size:734,038,016 bytes; 1:30:19
Resolution:512x384; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 120 kbps
Subtitle Language:Mandarin and English Hardcoded
Release Thread:Thanks to me and kgs2
Movieinfo:4.6/10 (29 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Zhong gui ;
Other rips: SeedingOfAGhost.1985.XVID.PiMPRiPPaZ.avi SeedingOfAGhost.1985.DVDRrip.XviD-PiMPRiPPAZ.nfo
Review: A Hong Kong taxi driver suffers after being cursed by a sorcerer he accidentally hit with his cab. After the driver's wife is raped and killed by teenage hooligans, he pleads with the sorcerer to lift the hex and restore his wife to the land of the living. Otherworldly zombie chaos ensues.

Severely Rape
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes
Additional Information:Aka: Gik dou keung gaan; Ji du qiang jian
Review: Newer Hong Kong Category III (NC-17) film about 2 women who attempt to use a man from Hong Kong for financial gain. As with most other HK films, this one also has some interesting sub-plot and twists going for it. Contains lots of nudity and sexual situations.

Sleazy Rider (1972)
ed2k: Sleazy.Rider.1972.VHSRip.XviD.WhaleD.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 3696 kbps
Size:733,988,864 bytes; 0:09.360
Resolution:688x512; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.344
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 98 kbps
Subtitle Language:Dutch Hardcoded
Movieinfo:6.1/10 (7 votes)
Review: Near hardcore porn outing lives up to its name as members of the Conchos Motorcycle Club exact revenge on a disrespectful countie mountie by raping his wife and daughter in their home. And don’t miss the desert initiation scene where a 17-year old runaway begins her new life by (among other things) cleaning a biker mama’s greasy oil pan... with her tongue! Entertaining, but grungy hard-to-find biker flick. You'll need a shower after this one!

Snake Girl, The
Review: VERY RARE and OBSCURE Hong Kong/South-East Asian horror about a woman who is thrown into a snake pit and is then raped and killed by a giant snake. Before she dies she gives birth to a half-human/half-snake girl who soon comes out into the world to avenge her mother’s death! And this is just the beginning! You get gore, violence, mond-type footage where a rabbit is cut open, knives and needles pierces people, nudity, exorcisims and lots of WEIRDNESS that only an Asian film could deliver!

Snuff 2 : Evolution of Snuff (1978)
Movieinfo:5.7/10 (13 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Confessions of a Blue Movie Star; Snuff; The Evolution of Snuff
Review: Pornographer Robert Furch makes a movie inspired by "Lysistrata," he says. A documentary crew films the casting call, Furch's 14-day shoot, a lighting technician's becoming an actor, and the aftermath of the suicide (before filming ends) of Claudia Fielers, the film's leading lady. Comments by Roman Polanski, Carl Amery, and an unseen narrator connect the possibility of snuff films to the process of a commercial enterprise such as this and Fielers' suicide. Furch pleads innocent, cloaking his work in Protestant virtues. His posturings and his direction are comical; the commentary may be tongue in cheek. What about the appended snuff footage? Is this documentary for real?

Subway Rape (1985)
Additional Information:Aka: Chikatetsu renzoku rape; Subway Serial Rape
Review: "I've never seen a more frank and disturbing portrayal of twisted human sexuality," says critic Graham Lewis about these movies, "A well-made series... a terrific example of Japanese exploitation art. It isn't often that such movies actually deliver more than is promised by their lurid titles." A young bar hostess is raped on a subway by a gang of thugs. None of the passengers make any attempt to help her, but a yakuza hitman reluctantly finds himself mixed up in the ugly affair

Subway Rape 2: OL Hunting (1986)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Subway Serial Rape - OL Hunting; Chikatetsu renzoku rape: OL-gari
Review: After a gangster boss is released from prison, he attempts to woo his old girlfriend away from her new boyfriend, a police detective. Tensions escalate and he arranges for the woman to be viciously raped on a subway

Subway Rape 3: Uniform Hunting (1987)
Additional Information:Aka: Subway Serial Rape - Uniform Hunting;
Review: A school girl gets sexually attacked by a group of delinquents on a subway. No one makes any effort to help. However, her older sister decides to make matters into her own hands after learning how to handle a gun

Subway Rape 4 : Lover Hunting (1988)
Additional Information:Aka: Subway Serial Rape - Lover Hunting
Review: A TV news program tries to increase ratings by exposing a rash of subway rapes but the female newscaster finds herself the next victim.

Sweet Savior (1971)
Movieinfo:3.1/10 (38 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Sweet Saviour; The Love Thrill Murders; Messie du mal, Le
Review: Tagline: Six states wanted them jailed. Eight torture victims wanted them dead. All the blood freaks wanted was one more night... of the most brutal orgy in history! Sandra Barlow is a 70's girl looking for kicks in the form of sex and drugs. One day, she decides to have an orgy drug party and invite some "freaks" led by Moon to entertain her and her rich friends. Moon has other things in mind as his friends are looking for an orgy of sex and gore.

Toriko: Eyes of a Rapist (1995)

Torturer, The (2005)
ed2k: The.Torturer.2005.Dubbed.Dvdrip.Xvid-Thewretched.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Final 905 kbps
Size:733,939,712 bytes; 1:34:02
Resolution:512x288; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.778
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 122 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to ^Rogue^
Movieinfo:3.9/10 (47 votes)
Review: "Hoping to become famous, Ginette, a young actress, auditions for Alex Scerba, a rather eccentric director notorious for his outrageous, unrestrained films and his constant search for the ultimate shock effect. During the auditions Ginette falls for Alex and the two start going out together. >From certain unequivocal clues, Ginette comes to realize that her best friend Marzia, who disappeared several days before without leaving a trace, also auditioned for Scerba. ¶ In the same place, other young women are auditioning for a mysterious personage whose face and identity are both concealed. Three of these girls, desperate to become actresses, are subjected to a crazy screening process characterized by insane, depraved tortures. ¶ These two very modern tales, linked by the story line of a delirious, troubled mind, play themselves out over a brief period of time only to end up entwined one with the other in the grand finale. ¶ Ginette investigates her friend's disappearance and sneaks into the Scerba villa, where Alex's elderly, mentally disturbed mother, stepfather and taciturn foreign maid live. Could Marzia have been in the villa before disappearing? And who is the mysterious Torturer who delights in provoking young women, in placing them in extreme situations and then in filming the agony of their death throes and the subsequent decomposition of their bodies? ¶ Terrified, Ginette attempts to escape from Alex's villa only to fall into the hands of the Torturer."

Unpublicized Case: The Human Sausages (1994)
Review: VERY VERY hard to find cheap-o Hong Kong Category III horror/trash film from 1994 that’s a rip off of THE BBQ PORK BUN MURDERS: THE UNTOLD STORY with a few twists. In this one you get more gore, more nudity and more sleaze so what more could you ask for? A definite cult item! This low-budget oddity is only of fair picture quality but is fun viewing nonetheless as it has this creepy, SLEAZY, DIRTY “FEEL” to it!

Vigilante (1983)
ed2k: Vigilante.1983.DVDRip.XviD-SUMO.avi
Codec:XviD 1.1.0 Beta 1 842 kbps
Size:735,508,480 bytes; 1:29:28
Resolution:672x272; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.471
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 177 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to Bonnie Parker
Movieinfo:6.0/10 (276 votes)
Other rips: William.Lustig.Vigilante.1983.Xvid.EN.mp3.[Bonnie&Clyde].avi William.Lustig.Vigilante.1983.Xvid.EN.mp3.[Bonnie&Clyde]-FR.srt
Review: Eddie Marino is a factory worker in New York City. He has a wife named Vickie and a son named Scott. Eddie's friend and co-worker Nick and some of the factory's other workers have formed a vigilante group because Nick and the group are fed up with the pimps, gangs, and drug dealers who keep taking over the neighborhoods. Nick and his group are also sick and tired of the police, because the police always fail to protect people who become victims. Eddie goes home from work one night, only to discover that Vickie has been stabbed, and Scott has been shot dead. Frederico "Rico" Melendez, the leader of a Puerto Rican street gang, is arrested for Vickie's stabbing and Scott's murder. Assistant District Attorney Mary Fletcher plans to put Rico away for as long as possible, since New York doesn't have the death penalty. Nick tries to convince Eddie to join the vigilante group, but Eddie turns Nick down, preferring to let the courts handle Rico. Nick makes it clear that he has no faith whatsoever in the police and the judicial system. The case against Rico doesn't make it past the arraignment. Corrupt judge Sinclair sets Rico free with a two year suspended sentence. Eddie goes crazy and tries to strangle judge Sinclair, who sentences Eddie to spend 30 days in jail for that. It was Rico's right hand man, Prago, who had fired the shot that killed Scott while Rico stabbed Vickie. Prago also paid judge Sinclair to set Rico free. In jail, Eddie befriends an inmate named Rake. As soon as Eddie is released from jail, he changes his mind about Nick's vigilante group. Eddie joins the group so he can go after Rico, Prago and judge Sinclair.

Whirlpool (1969)
Movieinfo:3.2/10 (15 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Perversion Flash; She Died with Her Boots On
Review: She died with her boots on... and not much else.

Wrath of Silence (1994)
Movieinfo:5.9/10 (8 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: The Worth of Silence; Chen mo de gu niang
Review: Basically, a violent and disturbing film. A psychopathic killer is on the lose. A couple of girls get murdered and raped. Our main character sets out on a quest to catch the murderer for personal reasons. As the genre suggests, it's a horror. And believe me, it's a horror. What the killer does is not nice. This film should really be rated R since there's implications of sodomy and sadism. Though I can't say this is a lousy film, but the humorous parts just ruin the whole seriousness of the film which is really a pity. Takeshiro Kaneshi (the Japanese hunk) makes a surprise appearance in the film as the doctor.

Bijo kenshi: futari seppuku (1990)
ed2k: Rb-10.Bijo.Kenshi.Futari.Seppuku.1990.DVDRip.XviD.PHRENiAC.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 2156 kbps
Size:782,452,736 bytes; 42:00.043
Resolution:560x416; 29.970 fps; AR: 1.346
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 320 kbps
Subtitle Language:NO SUBS!!!
Additional Files: Rb-10.Bijo.Kenshi.Futari.Seppuku.1990.DVDRip.XviD.PHRENiAC.nfo
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo:3.3/10 (8 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Onna harakiri sakuhinshuu III; Zankoku-bi: onna harakiri 06
Review: In a wooded forest, two female warriors carrying large swords hobble down an embankment. Noticeably battered from battling each another, they rest by a rock. After a while the two travel further in the woods, using their swords as walking staffs. They both struggle to keep their strength, and carry one another up along the way. We fade to white. We return, with one of the two (obviously the more injured warrior) sitting on an orange sheet, which has magically appeared to merely advance the seppuku plot. The less injured warrior persuades the one sitting to commit ritual suicide so she may die an honorable death, thus following the code of the samurai. The woman strips off all but her sumo wrestler fundoshi undies and headband. She continues with her honorable journey. Once the other girl bears witness to this, she repeats the process on herself. Next thing we know there are two female feudal warriors stripped down to their fundoshi, groveling in their own blood. They romantically complete their respectable seppuku passage as they death-squirm collectively.

Jogakusei Harakiri (1990)
ed2k: Jogakusei.Harakiri.avi
Codec:XviD ISO MPEG-4 658 kbps
Size:393,728,000 bytes; 56:57.600
Resolution:560x416; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.346
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 256 kbps
Subtitle Language:[b]NO SUBS!!![/]
Release Thread:Thanks to me
Movieinfo:3.5/10 (7 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Onna harakiri sakuhinshuu I; Zankoku-bi: onna harakiri 02
Review: Rb-04: Jogakusei: Harakiri starts with a pigtailed woman sitting in a traditional Japanese Sailor Moon getup. The woman sits quietly looking through a black book featuring images of ritual suicide. Obviously turned on by the images she rubs her face and body (in a ridiculous manor). We cut to her reaching for the knife, and in true Rb-01 spirit she also puts the knife away, I guess to rationalize her actions further (or to drag out the runtime for another 45 minutes). When she finally disrobes her upper apparel -- being pleased with herself -- she considers “should I, or shouldn’t I”, as if to bring the viewer suspense (tedium). This time the woman wraps the knife with paper rather than a white cloth. After more waiting, she finally commits ritual suicide. Rb-04: Jogakusei: Harakiri cares not for such trivial symbolism, instead punching straight for perversion. This story’s purpose is to showcase a more prominent arousal in the character. Her purpose of committing seppuku is for sheer twisted, morbid pleasure. While Rb-01 shied away from a more gory demise, this time we bare witness to a more gruesome death. As our female character abdominally digs in, we see the stomach open and close with every slice, this time completed with the forthcoming of entrails.

Cagliostro (1974)
Additional Information:AKA: El Brujo del Infierno

Christina, the Devil Nun (1972)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:AKA: Loves of a Nympho; Cristiana Monaca Indemoniata; Georgina, La Nonne Perverse; Our Lady Of Lust

Confessioni segrete di un convento di clausura (1972)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:AKA: Secret Confessions from a Cloistered Convent...

Damned If You Don't (1987)
Movieinfo:9.4/10 (5 votes)
Review: A nun discovers her sexuality.

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Deadly Sins (1995)
Movieinfo:4.1/10 (173 votes)
Additional Information:AKA: Peccati mortali
Review: New area deputy Jack Gales arrives on the island to find that a girl at the local Catholic girls school has been found dead. After investigating, he finds that students have been disappearing regularly for five years, about the time Mother Bernadette passed away. Gales and the Mother Superior's secretary Cristina work together to try and unravel the mystery, and discover that the students and faculty all seem to have some secrets.

Death of a Nun (1980)
Movieinfo:3.3/10 (9 votes)
Additional Information:AKA: Blood Bride

Die Versuchung
Additional Information:AKA: Temptation

Encrucijada para una monja (1967)
Additional Information:AKA: A Nun at the Crossroads, Violenza per una monaca

End of the World (1977)
Additional Information:AKA: Operation Fin du Monde, Das Ende der Welt

Additional Information:AKA: Prayer Sisters

Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1973)
Additional Information:AKA: Successive Slidings of Pleasure

Il Cavaliere inesistente (1971)
Additional Information:AKA: The Nonexistent Knight

Im Namen des Teufels (1999)
Additional Information:AKA: Die Klosterschulerin,In the Name of the Devil

La Novizia (1975)
Additional Information:AKA: Verfuhrung Einer Nonne, La Novice Se Devoile

Le Moine (1972)
Additional Information:AKA: The Monk, Confessions of a Female Monk, Il Monaco, El Fraile, Satan no Yuwaku

Les Novices (1970)
Additional Information:AKA: The Novices, Le Novizie

Love Letters of a Nun (1978)
Movieinfo:1.1/10 (7 votes)
Additional Information:AKA: Cartas de amor de una monja
Review: Spain 1640, the reverend superior nun of an ambiguous foundation of Carmelites, attended the death of her smaller sister's husband and, who and caresses the cadaver. This tosses impresses the nun who writes to her confessor to manifest him her doubts near the sin. These doubts increase with the case of a diabolical novice that is transferred in Madrid to be judged by a tribunal of the inquisition. So there is an attraction between the nun and her confessor, and then, an open relationship. The priest has to go to Madrid to declare in the process of the diabolical novice, and the superior nun writes long letters of love who conserves waiting for her lover's turn. This ultrarare movie was realized by excellent director Jorge Grau on many 70s Italian "nuns-exploitation", in full "transicion" Spanish period. With Jesus Franco's fetish actress Lina Romay.

Misterio del Convento (1993)
Additional Information:AKA: Secret of a Nun, Geheimnisse einer Nonne

Monastery of Sin, The (2003)
Additional Information:AKA: Das Kloster der Sunde

Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
Additional Information:AKA: Matka Joanna od Aniolow, The Devil and the Nun, Joan of the Angels

Not Just Another Woman (1974)

Nun Story: Frustration in Black (1980)
Additional Information:AKA:Shudojo: kokui no naka no uzuzi

Orgies in the Convent (2000)
Additional Information:AKA: Orgias no Convento

Peeping Nun (2001)

Racconti romani di una ex-novizia (1972)
Additional Information:AKA: I Racconti romani di Pietro L'Aretino

Schien-heilig Pervers
Additional Information:AKA: Hypocritically Perverse

Sundige Kloster Schulerinner (2004)

Valerie (1969)
Additional Information:AKA: Nicole

Feast for the Devil (1971)
Additional Information:A.k.a. THE DEVIL'S LOVERS
Review: Krista Nell and Espartaco Santoni star in this giallo about a mad doctor who puts an occult spell on a woman who is involved in the search for her lost sister.Also stars Teresa Gimpera and Carla Conti. Directed by Joe Lacy (Jose Maria Elorietta)

Iodo (1977)
ed2k: Iodo.1977.allzine.CD1.avi Iodo.1977.allzine.CD2.avi
Codec:XviD 1.2 SMP CD 1: 1667 kbps CD 2: 1463 kbps
Size:CD 1: 732,739,584 bytes; 52:20.738 CD 2: 735,836,160 bytes; 59:02.344
Resolution:720x320; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.250
Audio:0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 CBR 192 kbps
Subtitles: Iodo.1977.allzine.CD1.srt Iodo.1977.allzine.CD2.srt Iodo.1977.allzine.subs.rar
Subtitle Language:English

A Young Emmanuelle (1976)
Movieinfo:5.5/10 (34 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Néa; Nea - Ein Mädchen entdeckt die Liebe; Nea: A New Woman; Lettere a Emanuelle; Nea - niin nuori... niin utelias
Review: In Genève, bookseller and publisher Axel Thorpe catches willful, rich 16-year old Sibylle Ashby shop lifting. She brags about her writing, so he challenges her to produce a book. She writes an erotic novel that Thorpe publishes anonymously, and it becomes a best seller. She also tries to capture the love of this 40-year old publisher. When he drops her for her older sister, should she seek revenge or recapture? In subplots, she gets along badly with her sister and her father, and she encourages her mother's affair with dad's sister. Axel has problems too besides the determined Sibylle: he must come to terms with the drowning death of his mother years ago.

Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle (1976)
Movieinfo:4.4/10 (15 votes)
Additional Information:AkA: Due Emanuelle, Le; Emmanuelle Black and White; Emanuelle bianca e nera; Passion Plantation
Review: In the pre-civil war American south, Emanuelle, a plantation owner's daughter, while outwardly a dainty southern belle, brutally abuses the slaves in her charge. When her fiance is bitten by a snake, he falls for Emanuelle's beautiful African-American maid who's kindness and skill saved his life. Insanely jealous, Emanuelle continues her sadistic behaviour towards her charges, and when her fiance announces he plans to wed the maid, Emanuelle "gives" her to her even more brutal hired men, and her fiance is powerless to stop them. Can Emanuelle learn an important lesson in love before it's too late for everyone?

Brown Emmanuelle (1982)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.

Daughter of Emmanuelle, The (1978)
Additional Information:Aka: Fille d'Emmanuelle, La; Ragazzina parigina, La; Femmes vicieuses, Les
Review: Emmanuelle is left at the alter as her fiancée is called off to war. 20 years later, as a successful executive, he is still suffering from the amnesia sustained during the fighting. He falls in love with a beautiful young model, only to discover she is the daughter of Emmanuelle…and he is her father.

Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers (1973)
Movieinfo:1.4/10 (6 votes)
Additional Information:aka: Liebesmarkt; Matratzen-Horchdienst; Swap Meat at the Love Market

Emanuelle and Joanna (1978)
Movieinfo:1.6/10 (15 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Mondo porno di due sorelle, Il
Review: An unhappy housewife desperately seeks to free herself from the brutal sexual excesses forced upon her by her husband. She attempts to find solice in an affair with a younger man, but is abused by him as well. In desperation she turns to her sister Giovanna (Joanna), who runs a brothel, specializing in sado-masochistic games. With Giovanna's help, our heroine plots her revenge upon the men who have mistreated her with a display of sexual excess.

Emanuelle e Lolita (1978)
Movieinfo:6.4/10 (11 votes)

Emanuelle in Oberbayern (1977)
Additional Information:aka:Nackt und keß am Königssee; Sweet Playgirls; Triebe und Gelüste

Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst (1983)
Additional Information:Aka:Unleashed Perversions of Emanuelle; Déchaînement pervers de Manuela, Le
Review: This film is composed entirely of clips from other films, redubbed to created a new film. Clips are from Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali (1977), Eva nera, _Via della prostituzione, La (1977)_ , and possibly others. Hardcore inserts were also added.

Emmanuelle 2000 (2001)
Movieinfo:2.6/10 (14 votes)

Emmanuelle 2000: Being Emmanuelle (2000)
Movieinfo:1.4/10 (14 votes)

Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2000)

Emmanuelle 2001: Emmanuelle's Sensual Pleasures (2001)
Movieinfo:2.1/10 (17 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle's Sensual Encounters
Review: Holly Sampson, beautiful, blonde and extraordinarily sexy, carries this zero budget, poorly edited, dirtbag of a "movie". Somehow, three different movies were crammed into less than ninety minutes. To make things worse, the women in the roles, excluding Holly and Mia, are hot *for women on the street only*!!!!!! Seriously, the one thing that should make men like me watch stuff like this is to see perfection in the actresses who choose to be nekkid. The "plot" is something that is ideal, where Emmanuelle used a "Mind Control Device" as a sexual whatever. But due to the casting choices, nothing, not even the sex scenes, not even a lesbian liplock between Holly and another blonde, was remotely steamy. Holly is the one woman you'd truly want to see au natural, but the very last scene shows her perfection, and even that scene is a major disappointment. Avoid it at all costs, unless you'd like to wade through average stuff.

Emmanuelle 3 (1980)
Movieinfo:3.3/10 (16 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Journal érotique d'une Thailandaise, Le; Carnet intime d'une Thailandaise; Clitò petalo del sesso; Emmanuelle - Im Teufelskreis der Leidenschaft
Review: Looking for inspiration a fashion photographer and his French models travel to Bangkok. There they experience the wonders of the Orient and at the same time experiencing each other. A classic from the Emmanuelle stable.

Emmanuelle Forever (1993)
Movieinfo:3.1/10 (43 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Emmanuelle pour toujours; Éternelle Emmanuelle; Emmanuelle in Afrika; Emmanuelle: Ikuinen Emmanuelle; Para Sempre Emmanuelle
Review: While aboard a long distance flight, both young and old Emmanuelle regale a businessman with tales of their sexual prowess.

Emmanuelle Goes Greek (1976)
Additional Information:Aka:Erotic Odyssey; Roxani, i odeysseia tou sex
Review: Eddie is impotent in marriage with Roxanne arranged by his father, who earlier was Roxanne's lover.

Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes (1985)
Movieinfo:1.4/10 (15 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: The Elementary Stud
Review: Striptease-girl Emmanuelle goes to Cannes. Relying on the irresistable appearance, she hopes to become the movie star. She punches a way to the screen by magnificent bust and other seductive parts of a body. Absolutely featureless and weak film parasitizing on similarity Olinka Hardiman with Marilyn Monroe. I would recommend this movie only for Olinka's most fanatical admirers.

Emmanuelle in Hollywood (1991)
Movieinfo:3.7/10 (48 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Bad Girls From Mars - Die verdorbenen Mädchen vom Mars; Bad Girls from Mars
Review: Someone is killing off the female leads of the movie production "Bad Girls from Mars." The producers feel they should try to finish the film, even though they're making a lucrative amount from insurance payoffs, so they fly in European sex bomb Emanuelle as the new lead. Emanuelle immediately begins embarrassing the producers by leading a wild party life around town. Meanwhile the killings continue, and detectives try to stop the fiend responsible.

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)
Movieinfo:3.0/10 (17 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Funeral in Soho; Emmanuelle ja Sohon kuumat yöt; Sohon kuumat yöt
Review: The first portion of this film is a documentary on the adults-only entertainment industry prevelent in London's Soho District. The second details the trials and tribulations of a struggling photographer, his unsatisfied wife, and their friend Emmanuelle, as they try to make it big in Soho. They decide their ticket to success will come by blackmailing a wealthy adult film tycoon.

Emmanuelle in Tokyo (1976)
Movieinfo:8.5/10 (6 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Tokyo Emmanuelle; Tokyo Emmanuelle; Emmanuelle w Tokio; Torbidi desideri di una ninfomane; Wilde Emmanuelle im Paradies der Lust; Wilde Emmanuelle im Paradies der Lust

Emmanuelle in the Orient (1976)
Movieinfo:4.0/10 (16 votes)
Additional Information:Aka:Mondo dei sensi di Emy Wong, Il; Emanuelle gialla; Hong Kong Emanuelle; Lady of the Rising Sun; The Kingdom of Eroticism; Xianggang ai man nui; Yellow Emanuelle
Review: After a wild night on the town, a dashing British airline pilot is attacked by thugs, and when he wakes in hospital he finds himself being cared for by a beautiful Doctor, Emy Wong. He falls in love with her, but Emy gravely informs him that, in the ancient Asian custom, she is betrothed to a man that she has never met.

Emmanuelle's Daughter (1977)

Emmanuelle: A Hard Look (2000)
Movieinfo:6.0/10 (5 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: A Hard Look
Review: Documentary about the Emmanuelle movies, looking at their making as well as their social and cultural impact.

Kung Fu Emanuelle (1982)
Additional Information:Aka:Kung Fu Leung Strikes Emanuelle; Ninja in the Claws of the CIA; Ai Man Niu Huo bing Gong Fu Liang
Review: Kung fu champ John is given the chance to train CIA agents in martial arts by using self-hypnosis. But when he discovers the reason he escapes and the CIA go after him. John must fight for his life all over Europe as he flees the CIA.

Lady Emanuelle (1989)
Movieinfo:2.3/10 (14 votes)

Seoul Emmanuelle (1993)

Storia di Emmanuelle O: il trionfo dell'erotismo (1974)
Additional Information:Aka: When Girls Trumpet for Manoeuvres; Miehet aseisiin, tytöt asemiin; Wenn Mädchen zum Manöver blasen

Tokyo Emmanuelle fujin: kojin kyoju (1975)

Arena, The (1973)
ed2k: The.Arena.1974.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1045 kb/s
Size:697 MB; 01:22:05
Resolution:640x480; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333 (4:3)
Audio:48000Hz 134 kb/s total (2 chnls) LAME3.96r VBR MP3
Additional Files: The.Arena.1974.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(DvD.ExtrA.Interview.With.Roger.Corman.by.Leonard Malton).avi  [64.78 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Knocking.on.Death's.Door.1999.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [14.96 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Humanoids.from.the.Deep.1980.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [14.96 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Eat.My.Dust.1976.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [9.98 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Death.Race.2000.1975.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [9.93 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Big.Bad.Mama.1974.DvDRiP.XviD(Trailer).avi  [9.94 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: The.Arena.1974.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi|26122240|0a132e20a74d81debed2d4b3bb666a65|" class="postlink">The.Big.Doll.House.1971.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [21.94 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: The.Arena.1974.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(DvD.ExtrA.Interview.With.Roger.Corman.by.Leonard Malton).avi  [64.78 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Knocking.on.Death's.Door.1999.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [14.96 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Humanoids.from.the.Deep.1980.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [14.96 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Eat.My.Dust.1976.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [9.98 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Death.Race.2000.1975.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi  [9.93 Mb] [Stats] ed2k: Big.Bad.Mama.1974.DvDRiP.XviD(Trailer).avi  [9.94 Mb] [Stats] ed2k://|file|The.Big.Doll.House.1971.DvDRiP.XviD.=STR=(Trailer).avi
Release Thread:Thanks to STR
Movieinfo:5.0/10 (138 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Naked Warriors; Rivolta delle gladiatrici, La; A Arena; Amatsonien areena; Révolte des gladiatrices, La
Review: Two thousand years ago, the people of Rome are so blasée, so used to violence, that entertaining them becomes a political problem. Someone suggests, after a hectic girl fight in a kitchen between a Nubian and a Viking slave, as a joke, that they should fight in the arena, instead of male gladiators. The idea is approved, though - and a female "Spartacus" theme follows.

Caligula (1979)
ed2k: Caligula.avi
Codec:XviD 1015 kbps
Size:1,422,786,560 bytes; 02:35:58
Resolution:720x392; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.837
Audio:0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 142 kbps
Additional Files: The.Making.Of.Caligula.1980.NR.DivX-Imagica.avi
Release Thread:Thanks to BadBugs
Movieinfo:4.7/10 (4,536 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Caligola; Caligula, My Son; Caligvla; Gore Vidal's Caligola; Io, Caligola; Calígula; Kaligula; Karigyura ***OTHER INFO*** Comparison guide Fan Site Dedicated to the film
Other rips: Eng;Uncut;Low BR;Wrong AR;-->DivX4;563 kbps;672x384;AR: 1.750 ---->: Io,Caligula(Uncut)-(1979).avi Eng;Uncut;Wrong AR-->DivX3LowMo;765 kbps;640x320;AR: 2.000 ----->: Tinto.Brass-Caligula(Uncutplete.155.58-Min).avi Eng;Uncut;Oversized@2.26GB;MPG-1;--->576x272;29.970 fps;AR:2.118;1810kb/s; ---->: Caligula(1980)C.mpg
Review: Tagline: What would you have done if you had been given absolute power of life and death over everybody else in the whole world? The rise and fall of the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula, showing the violent methods that he employs to gain the throne, and the subsequent insanity of his reign - he gives his horse political office and humiliates and executes anyone who even slightly displeases him. He also sleeps with his sister, organises elaborate orgies and embarks on a fruitless invasion of England before meeting an appropriate end. There are various versions of the film, ranging from the heavily- truncated 90-minute version to the legendary 160-minute hardcore version which leaves nothing to the imagination (though the hardcore scenes were inserted later and do not involve the main cast members).

Caligula - Madness Of Power (1997)
Additional Information:Aka: CALIGULA - FOLLIA DEL POTERE

Caligula Erotica (1977)
Movieinfo:3.4/10 (9 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Calde notti di Caligola, Le; Caligula's Hot Nights; The Hot Nights of Caligula; Caligula osa 2 - Kuumat yöt; Caligulan kuumat yöt; Heißen Nächte des Caligula, Die

Caligula II - The Untold Story (1981)
ed2k: Caligula-II.The.Untold.Story.Uncut.1981.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.Disc.1-ThEdEaDLiVe.avi Caligula-II.The.Untold.Story.Uncut.1981.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.Disc.2-ThEdEaDLiVe.avi
Codec:XviD CD 1: 1457 kbps CD 2: 1280 kbps
Size:CD 1: 733,796,352 bytes; 00:59:06 CD 2: 730,970,112 bytes; 01:05:54
Resolution:608x368; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.652
Audio:0x2000(AC3, Dolby Laboratories, Inc) AC3 CBR 192 kbps
Subtitles: Caligula-II.The.Untold.Story.Uncut.1981.Dvdrip.Xvid.Ac3-Thedeadlive.Subtitles.rar
Subtitle Language:English
Additional Files: Caligula-II.The.Untold.Story.Uncut.1981.Dvdrip.Xvid.Ac3-Thedeadlive.nfo
Movieinfo:4.5/10 (121 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Caligula: The Untold Story; Emperor Caligula; Emperor Caligula: The Garden of Taboo; Imperatore Caligula, L'; The Emperor Caligula: The Untold Story; Caligula II; Caligula II: The Forbidden Story; Caligula: la véritable histoire; Caligola: La storia mai raccontata
Other rips: Caligula.-.The.Untold.Story.(Erotik70.com).avi
Review: The deranged Roman emperor Gainus 'Caligula' (Little Boots) Caesar (12-41 A.D.) rules Rome with an iron fist and has anyone tortured and exectued for even the slightest insubordination. Mostly set during his last year of his reign, as Caligula loses support due to his brutal and crazed excess, a young Moor woman, named Miriam, becomes his lover while ploting to kill him to avenge the murder of a friend which Caligula was responsible for. But Miriam is torn between her personal vandeda against Caligula and her own personal feelings towards him despite his madness and debauched lifestyle of orgies and bloody torture murders.

Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina (1977)
ed2k: Caligula.II-Messalina.Messalina.1977.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1076 Kbps
Size:700.49 Mb; 80 mins
Resolution:576x432; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:48000Hz 124 kb/s VBR MP3
Additional Files: Caligula.II.Messalina.Messalina.1977.DVDRip.Xvid-STR.nfo|6083
Release Thread:Thanks to STR
Movieinfo:4.0/10 (38 votes)
Review: Rome, capitol of the greatest empire the world had ever seen, during the emperor Caligula's era, became a city of unrivaled lust and erotic indulgence- a place where nothing was taboo. Made in the wake of Bob Guccione's notorious 1980 epic.

Caligula III (1984)
ed2k: [XviD-Eng]Caligula's.Slaves.[L.Onorati.1984].RPX23.DvdRip.avi
Movieinfo:3.1/10 (36 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Caligula's Slaves; Orgies of Caligula; Caligula III - Imperator des Schreckens; Orgias de Caligula, As; Roma. L'antica chiave dei sensi
Other rips: Caligula%203%20German%20Dvd%20Rip%20Vcd%20(By%20Jogi).mpg" class="postlink">Caligula%203%20German%20Dvd%20Rip%20Vcd%20(By%20Jogi).mpg  [731.55 Mb] [Stats]
Review: Roman emperor Caligula leaves the last days of glory amidst orgies of food and sex. During a show by two nude slaves, the emperor is particularly attracted to one of them, Lysia, ignoring that she had been planted close to him with orders to murder him. Only, the young man makes her feel for him, passion and motherly love, and she'll protect him rather then fulfill her mission. Drama ensues.

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Caligula and Messalina (1982)
ed2k: Caligula.and.Messalina.1982.DVDRip.XviD-STR.avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1789 kb/s
Size:1,565,294,592 bytes; 1:48:10
Resolution:640x272; 23.976 fps; AR: 2.353
Audio:48000Hz 128 kb/s VBR MP3
Additional Files: Caligula.and.Messalina.1982.DVDRip.XviD-STR EXTRA-(Trailer).avi Caligula.and.Messalina.1982.DVDRip.XviD-STR EXTRA-German.Audio.mp3
Movieinfo:2.7/10 (54 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Caligola e Messalina; Caligula et Messaline; Caligula's Perversions; Caligula II: Dekadensen fortsätter; Caligula ja Messalina; Caligula und Messalina; Caligula et Messaline
Other rips: Caligula.And.Messalina.1982.DVDRip.DivX-ASOFi.avi
Review: One of several films following the release of Tinto Brass' unbelievable 'Caligula', 'Caligula and Messalina' stars John Turner this time as the deranged Roman Emperor, who is having an affair with his sister, makes his beloved horse a Senate and gruesomely tortures conspirators to death. His other lover Agrippina wants her son Nero to eventually become Emperor - and starts plotting his death. Meanwhile, Messalina (played by the sexy Betty Roland) is also plotting away with her Mother, in order to become Empress of Rome, and brings herself to Caligula's attention as a gladiator. Caligula falls in love with Messalina, who Agrippina describes as "a cheap little trollop", but when she over hears a new plot to get rid of the deranged Emperor, she sets her lustful sights on Claudius instead, the next in line to rule. With Caligula dead and Claudius in power, Messalina becomes Empress and starts sleeping with everyone in Rome, including Salvatore Boccaro, aka Sal Boris, the pubic hair munching caged sex machine from 'SS Hell Camp' and other Italian exploitation classicks (e.g. 'Salon Kitty'). Messalina gets all excited at the sight of this grotesque looking tubby man: "Quickly, I'm anxious to hoist your mast and sail to paradise!" she says, before Sal jumps on top of her...still wearing his sandals and socks! What a guy! Agrippina meanwhile is still plotting away, in order to become Empress of Rome herself, and when Messalina meets up with her child hood sweet heart things start leading to a predictably unhappy (well, for Messalina, anyway) and gruesome climax. Not nearly as sexually graphic or violent as either the original 'Caligula' or D'Amato's film, this is strictly soft core all the way - bar two scenes involving mating horses (taken from 'The Beast') and donkeys (filmed specifically for this film). I wouldn't call this historically accurate exactly (there's an understatement!), but I'll let that pass as the film at least tries to pile on the sleaze to make up for its other shortcomings: even though everything that goes on here is too cheesy to be offensive. For instance, during a torture sequence, a man is seen chained upside down and hacked between the legs with a sword, causing him to bleed to death. This could have been disturbing, if not for the fact the victim has been stripped down to a ghastly pair of black pants, which just made me smile with amusement. The rape of a bride and groom, also seen in the Penthouse version, is re-played here, only Caligula rapes the guy with his penis this time and not his fist. There is also a threesome involving a midget and scenes of incest. What really lets 'Caligula and Messalina' down though are the number of scenes borrowed from other films that have been spliced in to the movie. When ever the screenplay calls upon the need for sequences involving large crowds, battles or moments of mass destruction, the film switches to borrowed footage that doesn't fit well with what was actually shot by Pass, who simply cuts back and forth between this stock footage and his actors looking on from a far (and occasionally waving their hands). It looks goofy...about the only positive thing you can say about these scenes are that they provide some kind of comedy value. As roman history exploitation flicks go, 'Caligula and Messalina' is more like 'Caligula's Slaves' as opposed to D'Amato's excellent 'Caligula...The Untold Story'. Watchable, but unmemorable. In fact, I also prefer the comedy sex flick 'Messalina! Messalina!' (starring the unbelievably sexy Anneka De Lorenzo), which was filmed using the sets of the original Penthouse masterpiece. A Japanese Laserdisc release of 'Caligula and Messalina' clocked in at around 75 minutes, shorn of all its pubic hair shots and some of the violence. More recently, a German disc (Laser Paradise) has surfaced with a running time of 108m, which appears to be uncut. The DVD is presented in widescreen (2.35:1) with German or English audio options. The image looks quite nice though some sequences on the English track appear in German audio only, and are of inferior picture quality.

Messalina orgasmo imperiale (1981)
ed2k: Messalina-Kaiserin.Und.Hure(Vhsrip.Alte.Ufa.Fassung).mpg
Codec:MPEG-1 1150 kbps
Size:814,113,468 bytes; 01:23:24
Resolution:352x288; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:MPEG-1 Layer 2 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Review: the story of an empress' search for the ultimate orgasm; this film was made during Massaccesi's most prolific period (one of 17 movies made in 1981); it's the second in his Roman Empire Trilogy- preceded by CALIGULA THE UNTOLD STORY and VIRGIN FOR THE ROMAN EMPIRE

Poppea Una Prostituta Al Servizio Dell'impero (1972)
ed2k: Poppea.Una.Prostituta.Al.Servizio.Dell'impero.avi
Codec:DivX 5.2.0 1499 kbps
Size:1,087,549,440 bytes; 1:30:20
Resolution:720x378; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.905
Audio:0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 96 kbps
Subtitle Language:NO SUBS!!!!
Movieinfo:4.5/10 (16 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Poppea, la puttana di Roma; Poppea: A Prostitute in Service of the Emperor
Review: In Italian only. Femi Benussi stars as Poppea, the most popular prostitute in Rome. When Nero wants to have her exclusive services, well, the citizens ain't too happy! Eva Czemerys also stars and supplies nudity along with plenty by Benussi! Al Brescia directs.

Virgin for the Roman Empire (1981)
Movieinfo:awaiting 5 votes.
Additional Information:Aka: Vergine per l'impero romano, Una
Review: the story of female wrestlers in ancient Rome

Warrior Queen (1987)
ed2k: Warrior.Queen.(1987).VHSRiP.=STR=..(Unrated).avi
Codec:XviD 2-pass 1119 Kbps 29.971 fps
Size:699 MB (733,100,032 bytes) 01:19:28
Resolution:704x528; AR:1.333 (4:3); Qf:0.100
Audio:48hz 101 kb/s VBR MP3
Additional Files: Warrior.Queen.(1987).VHSRiP.=STR=..(Unrated).nfo
Release Thread:Thanks =STR=
Movieinfo:3.3/10 out of 83 votes
Review: In ancient Pompeii, slaves are bought and sold for household chores and sex. A mysterious queen moves among the elite, meantime secretly helping the slaves to escape. Eventually her life is also in jeopardy, and as the volcano erupts she and the slaves attempt to escape while being chased by the military...

Fritz the Cat

I Married A Strange Person! (1997)
ed2k: Bill.Plympton-I.Married.A.Strange.Person.avi
Codec:DivX 5.0 1081 kbps GMC ENABLED
Size:653,250,560 bytes; 01:12:18
Resolution:640x384; 25.000 fps; AR: 1.667
Audio:0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR 115 kbps
Release Thread:Thanks to jimnealer
Movieinfo:6.8/10 (486 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Gnadenlose Flitterwochen; Impitoyable lune de miel!, L'; Me casé con un extraño
Review: A newlywed develops a strange lump on his neck that gives him the ability to transform people or objects at will. His wife is very upset. Meanwhile, the CEO of Smilecorp learns of this man and his ability and sees a way to achieve world domination if only the man can be taken alive.

Nine lives of Fritz the Cat, The (1974)
ed2k: The.Nine.Lives.Of.Fritz.The.Cat(1974).avi
Codec:DivX 5.0 1135 kbps
Size:728,723,812 bytes; 01:16:31
Resolution:320x240; 23.976 fps; AR: 1.333
Audio:0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR 128 kbps
Movieinfo:4.9/10 (282 votes)
Additional Information:Aka: Fritz-kollin pornoretket; Fritzin yhdeksän elämää; Katten Fritz' nio liv; Nove Vidas do Gato Fritz, As; Nove vite di Fritz il gatto, Le; Nueve vidas de Fritz el gato, Las
Review: Fritz, now married and with a son, is desperate to escape from the domestic hell he now finds himself in. Lighting up a joint, he begins to dream about his eight other lives, hoping to find one that will provide a pleasant distraction. The drug-induced journeys he takes include spells as an astronaut, Hitler's psychiatrist, a courier travelling in hostile territory during a race war, and as a pupil of an Indian guru living in the sewers of New York.

Sailor Moon and the Seven Ballz
ed2k: Sailor.Moon.and.the.Seven.Balls.Gowenna.avi
Review: Fans of hentai will LOVE this hilarious erotic and highly sought after parady of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z (including many other special guests appearances!) Don't miss your chance to see the Sailor Scouts hard at work at...saving the world!

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